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Chapter 214 - Wash Her Eyes

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 214: Wash Her Eyes

    Su Cha moved fast as she had to get to the Imperial Capital quickly.

    Bai Kun had also given Su Cha a useful message that Yu Siqing’s lover was the president of Wasteland Global. He had a bossy wife, who had known about their affair but tried to ignore it.

    Su Cha had done her a favor. She copied the video and sent it to the wife and a tabloid which had an interest in shocking news.

    She did not say who she was.

    Although Yu Siqing was not a superstar and unpopular on the Internet, the tabloid still reported the news within an hour.

    Netizens were very happy to see such news coming with a video these days.

    Although Su Cha had sent it anonymously, she just hid her identity from the public and would let Yu Siqing know she was the one who sent it.

    She wanted to teach Yu Siqing a lesson in this way that she had to pay for whatever she had done.

    When she came to Yu Siqing last night, she did not plan to end her career. But Yu Siqing had asked for it by saying those words.

    She had tried to destroy Su Cha just because she was a little jealous. Su Cha would not let her get away from it.

    She would make her pay more dearly than if she had killed her.

    The video spread quickly online as someone was also pushing it backstage.

    Although the Cyberspace Administration deleted the video timely, many netizens had downloaded it and spread it up in various ways. Yu Siqing did become popular in an infamous way.

    She was fired by the television station. The president of Wasteland Global did not come back to her, but his wife did and taught her a good lesson.

    Yu Siqing did not call the police for Su Cha’s breaking-in since she had no evidence.

    She found no evidence showing that Su Cha had come to her. The president of Wasteland Global even suspected her for setting him up and hated her.


    “Aya! Nasty!”

    Su Cha could not hide it from Bai Kun. But Bai Kun did not expect Su Cha to be such a ruthless person.

    He saw the original video as he could recover it from Su Cha’s edition, and he also heard Yu Siqing saying that she would give Su Cha to the president as a gift.

    Bai Kun dared not show Bo Muyi this video but played the audio for him.

    And he saw the bad-tempered man who seldom showed his anger by movements—smashed an art piece which worthed over a million yuan.

    Bai Kun: “…”

    Don’t hurt your hands, Young Master.

    The unhappy man was so angry that he pressed his lips. His face lost color. His hands clasped tightly. His hatred could almost throw people into hell. And he called, “Bai Kun…”

    His clear voice turned into a cursing note that would take people’s lives.

    Each of his words landed on Bai Kun like a giant rock. Bai Kun bowed respectfully, “Yes, Young Master.”

    Then he was going to leave.

    But the man suddenly changed his look, “Did Cha Cha see this video?”

    Bai Kun paused and nodded, “Yes.”

    He felt sorry for Miss Su as the video was really nauseating.

    How could she not see it? She was the one filming it!

    Bo Muyi became sullen. Bai Kun retreated cautiously.

    How could she see such a nauseating video? How?!

    Bo Muyi clutched to his fists.

    When she came, he would wash her eyes.