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Chapter 377 - Bloody Footprints

Let Me Game in Peace
     377 Bloody Footprints























    Zhou Wen hesitated when he saw Li Xuan losing so much blood. One step took enough blood for plenty of games.

    However, this yard was relatively small and it wouldn't take too many steps to cover the entire distance. At most, it was about ten steps. For the sake of the White Immortal Companion Egg, Zhou Wen decided to give it a try.

    Gu Dian, Feng Qiuyan, and Ah Lai followed Li Xuan inside. The expressions on everyone's faces changed the moment they walked in. It was easy to imagine how it felt to be stabbed in the soles by needles. Feng Qiuyan and company were considered people who had a high tolerance level, but they couldn't help but grimace.

    Gu Dian had a small disadvantage. His feet were big and the blood footprints he left behind were much larger.

    Zhou Wen was the last to step in. He was already mentally prepared to suffer the pain of the needles pricks, but when he stepped down on the ground, he didn't feel any pain at all. Instead, a warm current rose from the soles of his feet and directly entered his body. It was actually Primordial Energy that surged into his body.

    Truth Listener! Zhou Wen felt the power coming from the earring. It was the feeling he had when resisting the lightning in Dragon Gate Grotto. He felt pleasantly surprised.

    He attempted a few more steps and indeed, he didn't have his sole pierced like Li Xuan and company. Nor did he feel any pain. Instead, plenty of Primordial Energy seeped into his body from the soles of his feet.

    Truth Listener's Evil Nullification Life Soul is really strange. Under what kind of situations can it be used? It was lightning previously, but now it's the power of the White Immortal Temple. The two don't seem to match at all. What similarities do they have? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

    The yard was tiny, so Li Xuan and company only took about ten steps before arriving in front of the incense burner.

    However, those ten steps weren't a breeze. Every step they took meant one bloody footprint. The further they walked in, the more bloody footprints. The pain of 10,000 needles piercing through the bottom of their feet was something that could be endured once or twice. But to take about ten steps wasn't something ordinary people could endure.

    Li Xuan was the first to walk to the incense burner. Then, he respectfully lit the three sticks of incense. After bowing three times, he inserted the incense sticks into the incense burner.

    After doing all of this, Li Xuan looked in anticipation.

    Zhou Wen looked in from behind and saw that there wasn't a statue inside. On the single offering table was a wooden plaque with the words "Old Madam White" written on it.


    The three incense sticks that Li Xuan inserted in the incense burner suddenly tilted, snapping from the middle.

    "This trip was for nothing. You guys give it a try." Li Xuan gloomily retreated to the side.

    Being able to walk in to offer incense was one thing, but to be able to obtain the White Immortal Companion Egg was another matter. The immediate snapping of the three incense sticks indicated that the Old Madam White hadn't accepted Li Xuan's incense offerings, so she naturally wouldn't give a White Immortal Companion Egg to him.

    Ah Lai walked forward and mimicked Li Xuan by bowing three times before inserting the incense sticks.

    All five of them were focused on the three incense sticks, wondering if they would snap like Li Xuan's incense.

    The three incense sticks didn't break, but they burned very quickly. What should have taken almost an hour to finish burning took only minutes.

    The smoke from the three incense sticks didn't dissipate. Instead, it gathered above them. After the three incense sticks were completely burned, the smoke turned into a white egg and landed in the incense burner.

    "Ah Lai, your luck is in. Quick, take the Companion Egg," Li Xuan said.

    Ah Lai picked up the Companion Egg from the ash. It was the size of a fist, crystalline-white like porcelain.

    Following that, Feng Qiuyan went to offer incense as well, but his results were the same as Li Xuan's. The incense stick snapped just as it was inserted. Clearly, he wasn't able to obtain Old Madam White's favor.

    Gu Dian walked over to light the incense, but this fellow didn't bow. Instead, he lit the incense sticks and inserted them into the incense burner. This sight left Li Xuan and company shaking their heads, believing that it would be odd if such an attitude gave him a Companion Egg.

    However, what astonished them was that the three crooked incense sticks that Gu Dian had placed in the incense burner, didn't snap. They burned as quickly as before and before long, they were done burning. The smoke also turned into a Companion Egg.

    "I wouldn't have bowed if I had known." Li Xuan felt even more depressed when he saw that.

    "Old Zhou, it's your turn," Li Xuan said as he looked at Zhou Wen, who was in the rear. However, he immediately felt that something was amiss.

    Behind the three of them were two rows of bloody footprints. However, where Zhou Wen was standing, there was nothing. Li Xuan took a careful look and realized that from the entrance to the incense burner, there were only six rows of footprints. Indeed, there were no signs of Zhou Wen's.

    Zhou Wen was just about to offer some incense when he heard Li Xuan say, "Old Zhou, what's wrong with you?"

    "Coach hasn't offered the incense yet. What do you mean what's wrong?" Feng Qiuyan asked.

    Li Xuan pointed at the bloody footprints on the ground and said, "I'm not talking about the incense. I'm referring to the bloody footprints. All of us left bloody footprints. Why doesn't Zhou Wen have any?"

    Feng Qiuyan and company hadn't noticed Zhou Wen who was in the rear. Now that Li Xuan had said so, they looked back, and indeed, they didn't see Zhou Wen's bloody footprints.

    Zhou Wen said, "I happen to have a Companion Beast that can restrain the power here, so I didn't suffer the needle-pricking."

    "Seriously? Where did you get your Companion Beast from? I'll go get one too." Li Xuan widened his eyes. He had never heard of any Companion Beast being able to ward off the needle-pricking in White Immortal Temple.

    "Small Buddha Temple, you can try it if you want," Zhou Wen said.

    Li Xuan's eyes widened. "You actually went to Small Buddha Temple. I heard that many people died there. They died for no reason after entering. You didn't die and even got a Companion Egg from there?"

    "I read a strategy on the Internet before. The strategy guide said that as long as you cultivate in the Heart Meditation Primordial Energy Skill, you can safely enter Small Buddha Temple. However, in the main hall, you have to first learn a Primordial Energy Art on a stone monument in the monastery. Otherwise, entering means death. I tried it, and the strategy was right." Zhou Wen made it clear. If Li Xuan and company had a chance to enter, it would be best if they could obtain the Companion Egg inside. After all, Zhou Wen wasn't able to obtain it.

    Be it in-game or in reality, he had already been there. After receiving Truth Listener, the three-faced Buddha had no reaction to him at all.

    "You dare believe in a strategy on the Internet? Count yourself lucky that you aren't dead. I think I'll forget it." Li Xuan shook his head. If he were to train in other Primordial Energy Arts again, it was a question whether he could master it, but if it had a conflict with the Invincible Connate Divine Art, it wouldn't be worth the loss.

    "Coach, you cultivate multiple Primordial Energy Arts on the side?" Feng Qiuyan asked in surprise.

    "Just for fun. I still mainly cultivate my Primordial Energy Art," Zhou Wen said.

    Feng Qiuyan praised, "It's said that a Primordial Energy Art in a dimensional zone needs special physiques to master them. Coach, you were able to gain entry on a minor cultivation even though you didn't cultivate it deeply. Your talent is too astonishing."

    "Let's not talk about anything else. In terms of talent, no one is better than Old Zhou. He's still this strong despite gaming all day, if he focused on cultivation, I don't think anyone could even come close," Li Xuan said.