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Chapter 382 - Fist of Steel

Let Me Game in Peace
     382 Fist of Steel























    After Wei Feng finished his lesson, he led Zhou Wen to the training grounds. However, he took him to one meant especially for tutors, not students.

    Students couldn't usually come here. Only tutors could train here.

    Wei Feng used a single training room, changed into combat attire before asking Zhou Wen, "How do you want to train?"

    "Sparring with just boxing," Zhou Wen said.

    "It's possible to spar, but you're only at the Legendary stage. All I can do is suppress my strength…" Before Wei Feng could finish his sentence, he saw a humanoid figure appear on Zhou Wen's body. Then, the humanoid figure fused into Zhou Wen's body, causing his entire body to emit a glow.

    "You have advanced to the Epic stage by condensing a Life Soul?" Wei Feng looked at Zhou Wen in surprise. Back when he was Zhou Wen's age, he was only at the Mortal stage, yet Zhou Wen had already condensed a Life Soul. That was just too fast.

    Although Wei Feng had seen quite a number of geniuses in his career as a tutor in the past few years, this was the first time he had seen someone who had advanced to the Epic stage at Zhou Wen's age.

    "Yes, so Tutor, you have to use all your strength. There's no need to show any mercy," Zhou Wen said.

    "Don't worry, I won't show any mercy." Wei Feng laughed as he thought to himself. To be able to advance to the Epic stage at such a young age, you can be said to be an unparalleled genius. However, you are still too young, so your level doesn't represent your true combat power. Let me teach you a good lesson and let you know how important combat experience is in battle.

    Wei Feng looked at Zhou Wen's clothes and asked, "Do you have an armor-type Companion Beast?"


    "Put it on. It's inevitable that I won't be able to hold back during actual combat. It won't be nice if you get hurt," said Wei Feng.

    "Alright." Zhou Wen felt that there was nothing wrong with that. He summoned the Mutated Stone Chi armor and put it on to ensure his safety.

    "Then, let's begin now." Wei Feng wasn't like the other tutors. Without waiting for Zhou Wen to strike first, he directly threw a punch, but he didn't use his Life Soul.

    Wei Feng's punches were fast and powerful, but it was just boxing without the use of any Primordial Energy Skills. With the augmentation of the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul, Zhou Wen used his Seven Distribution Palm.

    This seven-palm technique was distilled by Wang Mingyuan from seven different palm techniques. Each move had his own unique feature. With seven different concepts, Zhou Wen had already become very adept at it and could well deliver the seven moves' traits. However, when it came to understanding the concept, he still fell a little short.

    It wasn't that Zhou Wen wasn't perceptive enough and wasn't able to grasp the concept of the Seven Distribution Palm. It was just that he usually didn't have the chance to use palm techniques.

    With Overlord Sword and Bamboo Blade as weapons, he naturally wouldn't go empty-handed to kill monsters with palm skills. He rarely had the chance to use palm skills against dimensional creatures.

    Wei Feng wanted to use his experience and boxing techniques to teach Zhou Wen in the beginning, but after fighting for a while, he realized that his boxing techniques didn't have the upper hand against Zhou Wen.

    Zhou Wen's palm techniques seemed to undergo a wide variety of changes, allowing him to deal with all kinds of situations. What was even more frightening was that this fellow didn't look like a student at all. He resembled a wily old fox who had fought and survived countless battles on the battlefield. He had rich combat experience and was in no way inferior to him at all.

    Wei Feng fought Zhou Wen for more than ten minutes without finding any flaws. Not only was Zhou Wen very experienced in combat, but he was also extremely stable. There weren't any signs of impetuousness in his palm skills. Wei Feng had attempted to set up a trap several times to lure Zhou Wen into taking the risk to attack him, but Zhou Wen was completely unfazed.

    Is this fellow really sixteen? Wei Feng found it unbelievable. Firstly, Zhou Wen had rich combat experience, and secondly, with such a calm personality, it was not something a sixteen-year-old youth should have.

    He had once "educated" other talented youths. Even though those talented youths who appeared calm and dignified on the surface would become hot-blooded in actual combat. This allowed him to seize the opportunity to teach them a good lesson.

    However, Zhou Wen was completely different. He was calm like a mountain that was extremely stable. No matter how much Wei Feng tried to entice him, he remained unmoved.

    Unbeknown to Wei Feng was that although Zhou Wen was young, he had rich combat experience in-game. One reason why he was so calm and composed was partly that his character was straightforward. However, the main reason was that he had experienced too many deaths in-game and had experienced all sorts of trials of death. It made him think more than the typical youth and gradually developed the habit of being cautious.

    Seeing Zhou Wen's appearance, Wei Feng knew that if he continued fighting him like this, there would probably be no outcome even if the apocalypse dawned.

    I really can't underestimate these young adults. Since he has already used his Life Soul, there's no need for me to be too polite. After some thought, Wei Feng summoned his Life Soul.

    His Life Soul was a boxing glove that appeared on his right hand. It looked like it was made of steel, one that wrapped his entire right fist and the forearm. It looked like a mechanical arm.

    "You have to be careful. My Life Soul is called the Fist of Steel. Although it's not very eye-catching, it has potent powers," Wei Feng said as he threw his right hand which was wrapped in the Fist of Steel at Zhou Wen.

    Wei Feng's boxing style seemed to be open, but hidden in it were fine details. In addition to Wei Feng's rich combat experience, Zhou Wen had to go out of his way to barely fend off his attack. He was temporarily unable to find a chance to counterattack.

    Now that Wei Feng had used a Life Soul, Zhou Wen wasn't astonished. Instead, he was delighted. This was because the pressure Wei Feng had given him wasn't enough. Now that he had used the Life Soul, it meant that he was going all out.

    Zhou Wen originally wondered what abilities Wei Feng's Fist of Steel Life Soul had, but with Wei Feng's punch coming at him, he saw a hole spewing out steam around the Fist of Steel. This boosted Wei Feng's punch to produce unparalleled speed that instantly doubled.

    As he was sparring, Zhou Wen didn't use his movement technique to dodge and forcefully received Wei Feng's punch with his palm.


    As the fist and palm clashed, Zhou Wen felt a tremendous force that numbed his arm. His body involuntarily rose up and flew backward.

    Zhou Wen spun in midair for a few moments before he wore out the immense force. When he landed on the ground, his arm was still numb as his palm trembled slightly.

    "I told you to be careful. The Fist of Still greatly boosts my Speed and Strength. I only used 30% of my strength just now," Wei Feng said smugly.

    "Again." Zhou Wen took a step forward and attacked again. He could sense the stirring of the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul, and his heart was beating rapidly.