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Chapter 924 - You’re Insulting the Aristocrats!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 924: You’re Insulting the Aristocrats!

    Wen Xinya and Avrora left the room together while Liu Yanhua followed closely behind them.

    As soon as Avrora left the room, she put on an arrogant smirk like a proud peacock, glancing at Wen Xinya with beautiful eyes.

    Wen Xinya did not even bother glancing at her. Instead, she glanced at Si Yiyan’s figure until the doors closed.

    There was an ongoing battle in the room.

    There was no peace outside either.

    By brazenly making Liu Yanhua tag along with Wen Xinya, Si Yiyan was not just expressing his distrust towards the Duke’s residence. He was also giving them a warning, telling them that he definitely had his guard up.

    That was one.

    When they left, Si Yiyan wrote the Chinese character “Gu” in her palm. In order to keep her safe, he had already gotten Gu Yuehan to make all the arrangements to keep her safe.

    Hence, her life would not be threatened at all.

    Duke Moville’s Residence was slightly smaller than Si Yiyan’s mansion. It occupied only about 80-odd hectares and was not as lavish as Si Yiyan’s mansion which interior design had an elegant theme. Duke Moville’s Residence had a solemn, historic vibe to it.

    Avrora pulled Wen Xinya to the large green pasture at the back of the mansion. She asked, “The racecourse is right in front. Russian women enjoy horse riding. Miss Bella, can you ride a horse?”

    She sounded provoking and seemed to be challenging Wen Xinya with her raised brows and haughty attitude.

    Wen Xinya glanced at the direction that Avrora was looking in. The lights of the racecourse lit up the entire venue. The circular-shaped racecourse was not extremely spacious. There were a few Russian women riding horses while other wealthy women cheered them on. Some uninterested ones were also gathered together for a chat.

    Russian women enjoyed freedom and did not like being tied down. They enjoyed riding horses and taking part in winter sports and activities. Some of the wealthy families would also build their own stables and racecourses.

    Avrora did not hear her answer and barked in an unfriendly tone. “I’m asking you a question! Rude Chinese woman.”

    What’s so good about this woman? Rex is so obsessed with her and he defends her all the time.

    She scanned Wen Xinya from head to toe brazenly, looking as if she was assessing a product.

    Avrora sneered. “Grandpa may have told me to bring you out for a breather but Miss Bella, I’m sorry to inform you that I’ve already agreed to go for horse riding with those socialites. I can’t go back on my word, so I won’t be able to accompany you.”

    Wen Xinya said calmly, “Sure. Suit yourself, Miss Avrora.”

    Horse riding at night? That’s very strange.

    Avrora stomped her feet angrily at Wen Xinya’s stubbornness.

    At this moment, the heiresses glanced at Avrora and rushed forward to greet her. They surrounded Avrora and began chattering non-stop.

    Wen Xinya soon blended in with the crowd.

    Just as they were talking, a wealthy socialite who had heavy makeup on, began screeching. “Avrora, who’s that masked Chinese woman beside you!?!”

    Avrora exclaimed, “Oh! It’s Rex’s beau!”

    She’s just a last-minute option, no big deal!

    Her brief introduction made Wen Xinya seem extremely insignificant despite the fact that she was wearing Lucifer’s matriarchal token that not everyone could recognize. Clearly, those gossipy socialites had no idea what it was.

    After the introduction, Wen Xinya could sense the women staring at her with overwhelming animosity.

    Wen Xinya could not help but berate Si Yiyan for attracting women!

    “Exactly! Duke Moville was the one who organized this banquet, he definitely wouldn’t invite just any Tom, Dick or Harry. Turns out she got herself associated with Rex!”

    “I wonder what Rex sees in her. She looks just like a short pumpkin, as skinny as a bamboo. She’s so flat-chested and she doesn’t have a bosom either.”

    “Yeah! She has such a poor figure. How did she manage to even get together with Rex!?! Any woman of our country is better than her!”

    “She can’t compare to Miss Avrora.”

    The women brazenly mocked Wen Xinya and sucked up to Avrora with their sarcastic remarks.

    Avrora did not join in the conversation, though she smirked throughout. Since Duke Moville instructed her not to offend Wen Xinya, she had to abide by his instructions. However, she could use them to get back at Wen Xinya.

    She wanted Wen Xinya to know that it was tough being Rex’s woman!

    Liu Yanhua was fuming with anger. She stepped forward in a bid to reveal Wen Xinya’s identity as Lucifer’s matriarch who was not to be bullied by those heiresses.

    Wen Xinya gently grabbed her wrist and raised her brows at her before turning to look at those heiresses. “I obviously can’t compare to you guys. Well, you use breast pads to push your bosoms up and you wear girdles to make your waists appear more slender. You even wear bustles beneath your skirts to make yourselves look more elegant.”

    Wen Xinya stared at them with a look of contempt before taking a look at Avrora, whose waist was extremely slender. Clearly, she was wearing a girdle.

    All of the women turned pale.

    Avrora had used all three of those deceptive garments in order to make her figure appear better in front of Rex. “Miss Bella, you’re insulting the aristocrats!”

    Smiling calmly, Wen Xinya said, “Miss Avrora, aren’t I speaking the truth?”

    Avrora was at a loss for words and her exasperation made her turn as pale as a sheet.

    Wen Xinya’s rosy lips curled into a smirk and she exclaimed, “I’ms sorry! Miss Avrora, I almost forgot that you’re the most beautiful woman in Russia. You have a voluptuous and perfect figure. Why would you need those things?”

    Avrora appeared even more sullen. Women hated discussing their looks and figures.

    Pretending to be shocked, Wen Xinya stared at Avrora and gibed. “Miss Avrora, why do you have such an awful expression?”

    All of the other ladies initially wanted to berate Wen Xinya. However, they realized soon after staring at the expression on Avrora’s face, that Avrora also used those deceptive garments. The news was like a bolt out of the blue, and they shot glances of bewilderment at Avrora.