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Chapter 77 - The Yin Family

Rebirth of an Idle Noblewoman
     Chapter 77: The Yin Family

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    He drove the Bugatti on what seemed like a familiar road, and Gu Xiqiao was stunned when she realized why it was so familiar—this was the road that led to the Gu family’s residence. She tilted her head slightly to look at Jiang Shuxuan. He was driving with a serious expression on his face, his lips tightly pursed as he looked at the road ahead of him. There wasn’t any other expression on his handsome, delicate features apart from that, and it looked quite noble and majestic.

    The car was indeed headed towards the Shanhe Manor Area, however, he drove right past number 16, and went further in.

    The Shanhe Manor area was an ancient legacy that had been handed down through the generations, and served as the gathering place of the influential and powerful people. There was an unspoken rule in place here, the more influential you were, the closer you were located near to the inside. There were a total of twenty manors in this area, and the Gu family were located on the outskirts.

    Jiang Shuxuan drove all the way in, seeming like he had no intentions of stopping anytime soon. The manors they passed were more luxurious and intimidating compared to each previous ones they passed.

    Night had fallen by the time the car finally came to a stop at the innermost manor. The manor was brightly lit, with beautifully preserved, rich, ornamented architecture. The carved dragons on the pillars were extremely life-like, as though it was about to rise up to the heavens.

    From the sight of the ancient buildings, Gu Xiqiao finally understood what it means to be magnificent beyond words and wealthy beyond means. As expected of the most influential family in N City, worthy of a family that could rise into the Imperial Capital. The Gu family couldn’t even match a pinky of the Yin family.

    “Go on in.” Seeing that Gu Xiqiao was just standing by the gate in a daze, Jiang Shuxuan stepped forward. “This is Shaoyuan’s home, he had initially planned on bringing you here to meet his family, so it was a good time as any today.”

    Behind the gate, there was a corridor. Yin Shaoyuan sitting in an armchair in that corridor, playing with his phone. Jiang Shuxuan had called out to him before he reacted to their presence.

    “You’re slow,” Yin Shaoyuan said as he led them inside. “I was getting bored to death.”

    They walked passed two more corridors before reaching the main part of the manor. There were four sentries at every corridor, which Gu Xiqiao was quite apprehensive at the sight of.

    “Have a seat, my mother heard that Qiao Qiao was coming and hurried out to buy some things. She blamed me for not letting her know earlier, so she should be back anytime soon,” Yin Shaoyuan said as he took out a bottle of milk to hand to Gu Xiqiao, and then he turned to Jiang Shuxuan, “That’s right, Grandfather is in his study, it seems he has something to discuss with you.”

    In regards to Grandfather Yin, Jiang Shuxuan still had some respect for him so he didn’t comment. He left to go upstairs after a few words of reassurance to Gu Xiqiao.

    Waiting until he was out of sight, only did Yin Shaoyuan huff to Gu Xiqiao. “Really, it’s not like he has anything to worry about while you’re in my house.”

    Gu Xiqiao glanced at him, not replying to his statement.

    Jiang Shuxuan hadn’t told her where he was taking her, just said that he was bringing her out to play. She didn’t expect him to bring her to the Yin family manor. Although Yin Shaoyuan had indeed acknowledged her as his sister, but coming to visit the Yin for the first time, empty-handed?

    She smiled bitterly, rubbing her temple with two fingers as she sighed. It was really impolite to do so.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Yin Shaoyuan said, after chattering on for what seemed like half a day. Seeing that Gu Xiqiao was ignoring him, he couldn’t help but reach out to poke her face, and his hand was slapped away by her.

    “Cousin!” As the two of them were bickering, a clear voice sounded out suddenly, making Gu Xiqiao turn to the source of the voice.

    A girl who looked to be seventeen, eighteen-year-old stood by the door, her gaze flitted over to Gu Xiqiao’s face, and then landed on Yin Shaoyuan’s face with a smile. “Cousin, you have a guest?”

    “Yeah.” Yin Shaoyuan grunted a response, not looking at the person. Seeing the slightly puzzled expression on Gu Xiqiao’s face, he leaned in to whisper in her ear. “I actually don’t know her, something about some distant relatives. I don’t even know how she came here.”

    Yin Feifei saw that Yin Shaoyuan was ignoring her and talking to the stranger, she couldn’t help but turn her gaze on her.

    In her impression, no matter how much Yin Shaoyuan fooled around, he had never brought any women back to the house. Everyone knew that he was just fooling around after all, never serious about any of it. But this time, he actually blatantly brought back one?

    That’s ridiculous, even the times she was allowed into the manor could be counted on one hand.

    Yin Feifei’s brow furrowed at the thought. She knew that she was just from a branch family, that’s why she was trying her best to curry favor with Mrs Yin. The Yin family so far were very accepting of her and love her, except Yin Shaoyuan.

    Yin Shaoyuan was someone who was hard to get close to. In his eyes, apart from being lovers, there were no women that he would have eyes on. Yin Feifei had tried everything in her power to make him look at her, but to no avail. So she could only continue to brown nose around with Mrs Yin.

    “I saw Aunt when I was at the mall, she brought me over and is talking to the housekeeper outside. I think she’s coming in soon, Cousin, look…” Yin Feifei said as she shot a glance at Gu Xiqiao.

    She was discreetly reminding Yin Shaoyuan that Mrs. Yin didn’t like to see him bringing girls home casually. You can fool around all you want outside, but bringing them home would be staining the honor of the Yin family.

    That’s why she was giving a reminder to Yin Shaoyuan, hinting at him to hurry up and send the girl away. She felt that even though Yin Shaoyuan didn’t accept her good intentions, maybe his impressions on her would be a little better.

    But she didn’t expect for Yin Shaoyuan to just glance at her for a moment before turning away, Yin Feifei felt like he had seen through her intentions, and made her feel ashamed and angry!

    ‘Don’t blame me for reminding you even if Aunt scolds you then!’

    Yin Feifei lowered her eyes, concealing the resentment in them.

    “Carry the lighter ones in.” A voice came faintly from outside, and Yin Feifei called out ‘Aunt’ before following the voice, turning around to shoot Gu Xiqiao a cold look before leaving.

    “What the hell was that!” Seeing the attitude that Yin Feifei gave, Yin Shaoyuan shattered the cup in his hand, seething in anger, his eyes narrowing.

    This Yin Feifei, it was already peculiar that she was in the house. Not only did she not greet Gu Xiqiao, she also discreetly dissed her!

    With those thoughts, Yin Shaoyuan turned to look at Gu Xiqiao, hoping she wouldn’t take Yin Feifei’s words personally.

    Gu Xiqiao got up nervously instead, softly asking, “Oh, your mother’s back?”

    She hadn’t taken Yin Feifei’s words to heart, but she was worrying about something that needn’t be worried about.

    “Such a big heart,” Yin Shaoyuan muttered under his breath.

    “What did you say?” Gu Xiqiao asked, not hearing what he had said. Her gaze shot to the door unconsciously. To be honest, she was feeling very anxious about this meeting. In the eyes of outsiders, for someone who had forced her elder sister into that position, wouldn’t be someone with a good reputation, right?

    “I say, you don’t have to be so nervous. She’s also considered to be your godmother, don’t worry, she won’t eat you.” Yin Shaoyuan had calmed down considerably. This was Gu Xiqiao’s first time here, so he couldn’t get angry over someone insignificant. Looking towards the door, he was curious as to what his mother had bought, being that there was so much fanfare outside.

    The one who entered the house at the next moment was an elegant, mature looking woman. The years had seemed to left no trace on her face, and she had a pair of stunning, bright eyes, which shone gently under the light.

    The woman made a beeline to Gu Xiqiao, sweeping her up in a hug which made Gu Xiqiao slightly stunned. Wait, wasn’t this development a little strange?

    “Qiao Qiao, right? Sigh, that wretched boy has finally brought you home. Oh, you’re such a radiant little thing,” Tang Yanling said, loosening her hold and squinting eyes that resembled Yin Shaoyuan as she studied Gu Xiqiao properly from head to toe.

    The girl before her eyes was radiant. Her pitch-black eyes resembled a deep whirlpool. Her lips were like peach blossoms, her dark hair glossy, and her face held the luster of a jade. This obedient-looking child’s appearance was too enchanting!