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Chapter 270 - A New Year’s Present (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 270: A New Year’s Present (2)

    Did her Big Boss accidentally send her the wrong amount? Well… even if that was the case, she wasn't about to return the money!

    Ahem! It was fine to her! She had to admit that she had the heart of a thief, but not the guts of one.

    It was a million, after all. If she allowed herself to get greedy over it, she could very well end up in jail!

    With a trembling hand, Xu Weilai opened her email and typed a message to her Big Boss as she held back her tears.

    [Big Boss, you accidentally transferred a million to me. I… I'll transfer it back to you.]

    A minute later, her Big Boss replied.

    With a dejected expression on her face, Xu Weilai opened the message. When she read the contents, her back stiffened as her dark round eyes widened. After the initial wave of disbelief, her mind blanked out. Eventually, she started jumping for joy.

    Her Big Boss had told her that the million was her year-end bonus…

    Therefore, he didn't accidentally enter the wrong amount. The million truly was for her!

    With her hands trembling, Xu Weilai composed a new message and typed out an email with over 3000 words of gratitude. Everything she could think of to convey her respect, appreciation, and admiration was detailed in that email.

    When Xu Weilai was done typing, she heard Mrs. Lin calling for her to help out with something. Without having sent the message, she got up and went out to help Mrs. Lin.

    Gu Yu walked into the bedroom, about to head into the dressing room to retrieve a change of clothes for his shower. When he caught sight of the computer screen as he passed the couch, he abruptly froze.

    He sat on the couch and placed the computer on his lap.

    As his eyes scanned the 3000 words, his face gradually darkened. Xu Weilai was so good at complimenting others! With that being said, why was she unable to say a single nice word to him?

    He saw another document out the corner of his eye and swiftly moved the mouse over to click on it. When he read it, his face turned as cold as ice.

    Very well.

    Both documents had 3000 words. One was praising her boss to the high heavens, while the other was cursing Gu Yu out to the deepest depths of hell.

    Was a million all it took to make her so happy?

    Gu Yu stared intently at the screen as a look flashed across his eyes. Immediately after, he moved the laptop away and placed it back on the table before getting up and going out into the balcony. He retrieved his cell phone and dialed a call to Assistant Lin.

    The moment the call was answered, he promptly barked out, "Prepare something for me."


    When Xu Weilai returned to the room and was about to send the message to her Big Boss, the document was nowhere to be found…

    Where was her draft? Had it flown off into thin air?

    Then, she realized that her 3000-word rant dissing Gu Yu was gone too!

    What was going on? How did this happen? Did the documents grow a pair of legs and run off on their own?


    Recently, Xu Weilai was occupied with her investigation on Rong Wang. Now that it was finally over, she suddenly realized that the New Year had crept up on her again. Today was New Year's Eve.

    As she was already married, she naturally couldn't return home to spend the New Year's Eve reunion dinner with her family. She needed to return to the Gu family manor with Gu Yu.

    Mrs. Lin had gone back in advance because she had to prepare the New Year's eve dinner. Xu Weilai waited for Gu Yu to return from the office, and Assistant Lin drove them there together.

    Mr. Gu Sr. was already waiting for them with his neck craned. When he saw Gu Yu and Xu Weilai walking in together, he grinned at the sight of the perfectly-matched couple.

    He waited for Xu Weilai to walk over before tugging her hand and pulling her over to sit beside him. He retrieved a large red packet from his pocket and placed it in her hand. "Happy New Year, Little Weilai."

    "Thank you, Grandpa."

    Grandpa Gu suddenly turned to his silent grandson. Without an ounce of sympathy, he demanded, "What about you? You'd better not tell me that you didn't prepare a New Year's present for your wife!"

    Worried that a conflict would break out between the grandfather and grandson, Xu Weilai hurriedly interjected, "That won't be necessary…"

    Before she could finish her sentence, Gu Yu sat beside her and held her hand up. He placed something into the palm of her hand.