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Chapter 215 - Muyi, Let’s Go

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 215: Muyi, Let’s Go

    Su Cha took a morning flight to the Imperial Capital.

    She had told Bo Muyi before so he would pick her up when she arrived.

    As an international airport, the Imperial Capital Airport was very busy.

    According to her memory, this was the first time Su Cha came here.

    She felt nothing but alien to this land, which set a sharp contrast with her wish to come to the Imperial Capital in her memory.

    She followed the signs and walked out of the airport. She received Bo Muyi’s call the minute she turned on her phone.

    “Cha Cha, where are you?”

    His clear voice was full of love and kindness to Su Cha. Su Cha was delighted by it and said, “I’m following the signs. Where are you?”

    Her first time flying had been when she took a flight to come back from the Water Capital. Although she had never been to this strange and busy airport before, she was not timid at all and said easily, “I don’t know which exit I will go to since I have only taken two flights.”

    “It’s Gate 7.”

    Su Cha raised her head and saw a big seven on the sign next to her.

    She curled her lips and took a glance. It did not take her long to see through the crowd and find the man standing at the center of the crowd.

    He was 1.9 meters tall, which was very remarkable. He wore an ink shirt and a pair of casual trousers and was the most stunning person among those ordinary people who either raised cardboard or held their heads high.

    With sunglasses on, his side profile was handsome enough to attract people.

    And he did not seem to belong here. He stood upright. His left hand with a Patek Philippe watch on was holding his phone. He looked gentle. People would feel jealous of the person he called.

    Bai Kun was his loyal assistant and had been stopping girls who came forward to ask for his number.

    He was just so handsome that many people would like to fancy him.

    There were also many people who dared not come forward and just took his pictures.

    Bai Kun did not stop them. But he also made sure that pictures and videos of Young Master would never be circulated.

    “I saw you.”

    Su Cha said and waived to Bo Muyi. The minute he raised his head outside the railings, time stopped. He looked very happy with delight all over his brows and eyes. He saw Su Cha walking to him. But Su Cha was not just a person. She was his whole world.


    Su Cha passed the check station and pushed her suitcase aside, then she ran into Bo Muyi’s arms and embraced his waist.

    The man also hugged her intimately as if no one was watching.

    Bai Kun took a look at the either jealous or shocked crowd and coughed slightly, but he dared not dissuade them.

    Luckily Su Cha was very refined. She soon got away from Bo Muyi’s arms. The minute her warmth left him, Bo Muyi’s smile froze.

    Then the girl caught his palm with her soft hand, “Muyi, let’s go.”