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Chapter 383 - Eruption

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 383 Eruption

    Wei Feng's boxing technique was stronger than Zhou Wen's to begin with. Together with the augmentation of the Fist of Steel, Zhou Wen was instantly placed at an absolute disadvantage.

    Wei Feng didn't keep using Fist of Steel; instead, he used it once in a while, accelerating the speed of his punches suddenly. This added some level of unexpected elements in the battle. It made his boxing techniques more varied and harder to deal with.

    Zhou Wen had already been forced to block Wei Feng's fist many times. Each time, he felt like he was struck by a sledgehammer. His arms felt numb from the impact.

    Thankfully, he was wearing the Mutated Stone Chi armor. Otherwise, the bones in his arm might have fractured from the impact.

    Although he had armor protecting him, Zhou Wen still felt his arms burn painfully amidst the numbness.

    When Wei Feng discovered that Zhou Wen's armor was extremely tough, to the point of being able to withstand his punches, he no longer had any qualms and freely released his might.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    Zhou Wen immediately lost all his ability to counterattack. He was like a sandbag and was completely suppressed by Wei Feng's punches. All he could do was raise his arm to block Wei Feng's barrage of attacks.

    It had been a long time since Wei Feng had felt this satisfaction. Back when he was on the battlefield, he could battle without any worries, fully unleashing his strength on the dimensional creatures.

    However, after joining the school, although he could kill dimensional creatures, it still felt somewhat different.

    The biggest difference was that he had detailed information about the dimensional creatures on campus. He only needed to attack the dimensional creatures' weaknesses to easily clinch victory.

    However, when he was in the military, they were mostly fighting unknown dimensional creatures. The thrill of life and death and the horror and excitement when challenging the unknown was something that the college couldn't compare with.

    In a battle with tutors, he was restrained in every way. He was unable to go all out.

    Wei Feng's battle with Zhou Wen made it seem as though he had returned to his time in the military. Zhou Wen was like an unknown dimensional creature. Wei Feng wanted to find his weakness and completely crush him. At that moment, Wei Feng was like a ferocious beast that kept unleashing terrifying attacks.

    From the beginning until now, although Zhou Wen had been completely suppressed, he wasn't in a fluster at all with his palm skills. He remained shockingly stable. Despite being suppressed, he blocked all of Wei Feng's attacks, making Wei Feng even more eager to break through Zhou Wen's defense.

    Wei Feng became more and more serious. He almost forgot that this was just a sparring match. It was as if he had completely immersed himself in it, pushing his ability to the limit.

    Bang! Bang!

    Zhou Wen's arms and palms suffered countless punches. Wei Feng's fists rained down like a storm, constantly bombarding him. Especially the right hand that was wearing a Fist of Steel—every time it struck Zhou Wen's arm, an explosive force could be felt through the stone armor. It nearly fractured his arm.

    Even the stone armor formed by the Mutated Stone Chi began to crack under the continuous attacks. If this continued, it would probably be smashed to pieces.

    Under such pressure, Zhou Wen still didn't use his movement techniques. He was still using his palm skills to fend against Wei Feng. He could vaguely sense that the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul was stirring. His heart was attached to the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul and was beating rapidly. It was becoming more and more erratic, and its speed became faster and faster like a race car engine that was starting.

    Zhou Wen was filled with energy as his desire for battle intensified. Under Wei Feng's powerful suppression, he didn't feel fear. Instead, he became more and more excited. The excitement was mostly from the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul.

    Under the intense beating of his heart, Zhou Wen felt as though all his blood vessels had turned into a highway. His blood was flowing at an extremely fast speed as it rubbed against the blood walls, causing the temperature to rise higher and higher, as though it was about to ignite.

    Badump! Badump! Badump!

    Under the effects of the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul, his heart beat more and more violently. It made Zhou Wen feel as though his body had become a volcano with a force about to erupt at any time.

    Wei Feng became more and more excited. Zhou Wen's stability and the sturdiness of the Mutated Stone Chi armor made him completely let loose himself. Apart from not using any Primordial Energy Skills, he had pushed his abilities to the limit.