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Chapter 384 - My Life, My Blood, My Soul

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 384 My Life, My Blood, My Soul

    Zhou Wen's bracer shattered. Wei Feng was alarmed as he hurriedly stopped his attack. He couldn't help but regret it greatly. He had been too serious while sparring with a student. If Zhou Wen's Companion Beast died because of that, Wei Feng wouldn't know what to do.

    If news of a tutor killing his student's Companion Beast got out, he would probably be treated as a representative of violent educators.

    Wei Feng looked at Zhou Wen and wanted to ask if he was alright. Companion Beasts were secondary. The fact that Zhou Wen wasn't injured was of greatest importance.

    However, when Wei Feng's gaze landed on Zhou Wen, he was alarmed. He saw that Zhou Wen's body was emitting a scorching hot aura. The heat seemed to distort the air around his body. It was as though his body was burning with transparent flames.

    Alarm bells began to sound in Wei Feng's heart. This was Wei Feng's intuition gained from years on the battlefield. Only when he encountered extremely dangerous creatures would he have such a feeling. And now, Zhou Wen had made Wei Feng smell a sense of danger.

    "Tutor, please continue." Zhou Wen's body trembled slightly, not because of his pain or fear, but because of the immense power brought about by the rapid flow of blood from his powerful heartbeats. This influenced his body in a way that he couldn't control, and with every beat of his heart, his entire body trembled. And now, the frequency of his heart beating was as fast as a piston. That's why it made Zhou Wen's body appear to be trembling.

    This didn't affect Zhou Wen's control of himself. To be precise, he had never felt this good. His entire body was filled with explosive strength. It was as though he was revving at the starting point, his engine roaring non-stop. He was like a powerful racing car that had the slight inclination to charge forward.

    Without waiting for Wei Feng to deliver the punch, Zhou Wen clenched his fists and threw a punch at Wei Feng. This was a subconscious act. Although he knew the Seven Distribution Palm, he subconsciously felt that clenching his palm into a fist would make his blood-filled hand, at the point of explosion, feel better.

    When he threw a punch, the surrounding air seemed to be distorted by the heat, leaving a blurry and distorted afterimage—Zhou Wen and fist had already arrived in front of Wei Feng.

    Wei Feng's expression turned solemn as steam spewed out from his Fist of Steel vent. It caused his fist to quickly strike out and meet Zhou Wen's fist.


    When the fists collided, Zhou Wen's figure took four to five steps back before he stopped. As for Wei Feng, he only staggered for a moment without taking half a step back.

    However, Wei Feng wore a look of surprise as he sized up Zhou Wen in disbelief.

    After fighting Zhou Wen for so long, he had a general understanding of him. He knew that Zhou Wen's Strength wasn't weak, with its number ranging in the thirties. This Strength was already very close to his, but with the augmentation of the Steel of Fist, his fist's Strength increased significantly, something that Zhou Wen's Strength was unable to withstand.

    Back when Zhou Wen was able to fight him, he had mainly relied on the defense of the Mutated Stone Chi armor. However, the fist Zhou Wen had used was from the one beneath the shattered bracer. Without the protection of his armor, Zhou Wen had only retreated four to five steps. His Strength had clearly been boosted significantly in such a short time.

    However, without using stat crystals, his Strength stat couldn't increase unless he used a Strength-enhancing Primordial Energy Skill. However, Zhou Wen didn't use one. It was still the same as before. All he did was use a fist technique to fight him.

    Could it be… the Life Soul… Wei Feng looked at Zhou Wen who seemed to be burning with an invisible flame and felt that his entire body was emitting light and heat. The warning bells in him became more obvious.

    Without giving Wei Feng time to think, Zhou Wen threw another punch. This was followed by a barrage of punches as if he had gone mad.

    Wei Feng's fighting spirit was triggered as he clenched his fists and clashed with Zhou Wen. The Fist of Steel unleashed all its might, producing unparalleled speed and strength. It was like steel meteors that sent Zhou Wen retreating again and again.

    However, Wei Feng could sense that Zhou Wen's strength was getting stronger and his speed was also increasing. His actions seemed more and more fluid.


    Wei Feng felt as though there was a flame burning in Zhou Wen's body. It wasn't a real flame, but Wei Feng had this feeling that as the flame burned, Zhou Wen's body—no, it should be said that his entire life—was combusting to produce light and heat. It would become more and more blinding and it made his heart tremble.

    "My life… My blood… My soul… Live for life… Born for the living… Even if I spill my blood… Bury all my bones… I will fight for a chance for life to survive in this dark and cold land…" The Ancient Sovereign Life Soul seemed to be emitting an ancient will that bordered on a roar.

    His blood was boiling!

    This wasn't an adjective. Zhou Wen really felt as though all his blood was igniting. It was as though he had infinite power. It increased his strength and his speed. Every inch of his cells seemed to emit light and heat.