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Chapter 296 - Would You Like to Join the Group Chat?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 296: Would You Like to Join the Group Chat?

    ‘Finished? Why am I finished?’

    How low could Qi Shan’s EQ go!

    Zhen Shanmei seemed to not know how to answer him. After two whole minutes, she replied: [I’m asking if you’ve finished eating your dinner.]

    Qi Shan: [And?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [Do you eat beef jerky?]

    Qi Shan: [??]

    Qi Shan: [Why would I not eat beef jerky?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [… I’m asking if you eat beef jerky! My mum made some, so I’ve packed up a bit for you to bring it home tomorrow.]

    Qi Shan: [Oh, oh, I don’t really eat junk food, but since your mum made it, I’ll eat it.]

    Zhen Shanmei: [Argh, you sound so reluctant. Forget about it.]

    Qi Shan: [Hey, no, I’m not feeling reluctant at all!]

    Ning Meng kept chuckling upon reading their conversation. It was not easy for her to finally stop laughing until she noticed that Huo Beichen was looking at her. She passed her phone over to Huo Beichen.

    “Brother Chen, their conversation really cracks me up! Wanna take a look?”

    Huo Beichen nodded, so Ning Meng handed him her phone. Huo Beichen skimmed through the group name. Was he not in the group because he had left the group twice when she had attempted to add him into the group? Why had she not tried to add him again for the third time?

    After reading through the chat for the day, Huo Beichen sat in a daze. Were his three stooges normally this happy when living their private lives?

    Especially Qi Shan!

    He had managed to find a girlfriend this soon and was even about to pay his respects to her family! Then, looking at Fei Bai, the man was willing to put away his current job and become Little Queen’s assistant manager all for the sake of chasing a girl. Although he had a wife, he felt as though he was living a bitter life.

    Lord Chen showed that he was dissatisfied and tossed Ning Meng’s phone back to her.

    Coughing lightly, he asked, “Is it normally this…” He carefully pondered on ending his sentence before continuing, “…happy?”

    Ning Men nodded and laughed. “Yes! Qi Shan is my daily fountain of happiness, hahaha! Oh yeah, Lord Chen, would you like to be added into the group?”

    Huo Beichen coughed again. “I’m not the type who likes rowdiness, but if you…”

    “Then forget about it.”

    Ning Meng had cut in before he could finish what he had intended to say which was “If you pull me into the group, I will reluctantly oblige”.


    He paused for a while and began debating whether his reputation was more important or being added into the group was more important. After making his decision, he immediately said, “Actually, could you add me…”

    “We’re here!”

    The car took a turn and entered Yuxiu Garden. Ning Meng picked up her bag happily and turned back to look at Huo Beichen.

    “Brother Chen, I’m going back now. Goodnight~ Remember to sleep early.”


    He could only look at Ning Meng walking into the apartment, playing with her phone as she walked. He had wanted to continue talking to her but he stopped himself. In the end, he could only blurt out a “Goodnight”.

    When Ning Meng arrived at her apartment, she suddenly remembered that she had run out of toilet paper, so she went out again without changing her clothes. Conveniently, there was a supermarket just outside the community gate which she walked over to and bought what she needed. When she came back, she greeted the security guard and he smiled at her.

    “Mrs. Huo, your relationship with Mr. Huo is really good.”

    Ning Meng waved at him and smiled back. Just as she was about to leave, she heard the security guard continue, “But for Mr. Huo to come here so late every day and leave so early in the morning, I really pity him.”