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Chapter 285 - Instructor Tang has been Conquered by My Beauty

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 285: Instructor Tang has been Conquered by My Beauty

    Tang Jinyu scoffed coldly, “Jian Qi, enough is enough!”

    Jian Qi smiled even brighter than before. “Instructor Tang, are you going to torture me again?”

    The doctor was speechless.

    She did it again!

    This girl knew what was ahead of her.

    Tang Jinyu’s eyes were sunken. “Even though your arm is broken but your leg isn’t, right?”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “Little Tang Tang, my chest hurts. I was kicked a few times…” Jian Qi immediately clutched her chest in pain.

    The doctor was horrified looking at Jian Qi. He knew what would happen to her in the end.

    She provoked the boss publicly and even teased him by calling him Little Tang Tang!

    ‘Girl, have you thought about how you would like to die?’

    Tang Jinyu glared at her. “Rest well. We’ll talk about this matter when your chest is not in pain and your limbs are feeling better.”

    He turned around and left after saying so.

    The doctor was stunned. This was completely different from what he had in mind!

    It was not just the doctor who was stunned, even Jian Qi herself was stunned.

    She thought that he would ask her to run a few kilometres.

    She did not think that she would escape torture this time around!

    Jian Qi smiled brightly.

    That smile seemed creepy in the eyes of the doctor.

    The doctor started complaining, “Is it because our boss hasn’t gotten enough sleep for the past two days, that is why he can’t make any decisions properly?”

    Jian Qi replied, ” It is because Instructor Tang has been conquered by my beauty!”

    The doctor looked at her, that face was indeed exquisite, but beauty?

    Beauty would be a slight exaggeration to describe the face that was covered in bruises and mud.

    This girl must have mistaken the meaning of beauty.

    The infirmary has all the equipment needed. Jian Qi took a CT scan and it showed that there was quite a number of injuries, and they were not light either!

    The doctor was confused since Jian Qi still seemed to be doing fine and he assumed that she was alright.

    But there were a lot of injuries and they were not light.

    At first, the doctor thought that this girl was just a little rogue but after her report was out, he was impressed by her endurance.

    After Jian Qi had completed her check-up, she took her medicine and went back to her hostel.

    The doctor took the report to Tang Jinyu. “She had a few major injuries. But the girl appeared to be fine. She’s tough!”

    The doctor teased, “I would suggest giving her less training for the time being.”

    Tang Jinyu looked at the report. “Alright. You can go back to work!”

    After the doctor left, Tang Jinyu put down the report. He frowned.

    This was very worrying!

    The next morning, everyone was gathered together.

    Among the final six, Jian Qi was the only one with bandages on her arm.

    Lightning teased her, “Big Sister Qi, your new look is cool!”

    “Your tone sounds sour!” Jian Qi said calmly, “There is no use even if you’re jealous. Since not everyone can carry this look!”

    Lightning’s lips quivered. “Big Sister Qi, I really wouldn’t want this look!”

    “Don’t say that the grapes are sour when you can’t eat them!” Jian Qi sneered.

    Everyone. “…”

    ‘Big Sister Qi, you’re really confident in yourself!’