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Chapter 264 - Explanation

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 264: Explanation

    Jiang Yao had a busy schedule filled to the brim with school and work, but she did not feel tired at all.

    Time passed by and soon it was National Day. Everyone spent their evenings back at the dorm discussing how they wanted to spend their holiday.

    Both Chen Siyang and Jiang Yao came from the same province. Knowing that Jiang Yao planned to spend National Day with her husband, Chen Siyang felt slightly bummed out since she would be all alone on the train ride back home.

    “You are not going back home this time, how about winter break? Does your husband get time off for New Years? You should be celebrating it back home, right?”

    “Right, I will be returning home for winter break.” Plans for winter break were fixed earlier on. She knew that Lu Xingzhi did not get to have a break during New Years, so she planned to travel to his platoon instead.

    Hearing that, Chen Siyang smiled. “Let us take the train ride home together during winter break then! It sure is lonely traveling for several hours without a companion.”

    “We’ll see.” Jiang Yao did not give her a firm reply. She had been busy with many things; plans might change in the future and she dared not commit now.

    Her cell phone rang right at this moment. Excusing herself, she went out to the balcony to answer the call.

    She took the call without even looking at who the caller was, not expecting to hear Lu Xingzhi’s voice.

    “Dear, it’s me.” The first thing Lu Xingzhi did after returning to his platoon was to turn on his cell phone. However, it had run out of juice. He charged his phone and immediately received a text message from Jiang Yao. He panicked after reading it.

    Jiang Yao called him, but he was away so he did not answer the call. She then sent him a text message, coincidentally, right after his phone died. Unfortunately, she called because she needed money urgently.

    Lu Xingzhi was afraid that Jiang Yao would misunderstand, thinking that he had turned off his phone because she called wanting to ask for money.

    Once the call got through, the first thing Lu Xingzhi did was to explain why he could not answer her phone call in the first place.

    “I was on an emergency mission these past few days and I did not manage to inform you before I left. Leaving you on voicemail was not intentional.”

    Lu Xingzhi paused for a few seconds, then asked carefully, “Are you angry?”

    How could she be angry hearing Lu Xingzhi’s voice? Plus, she knew he was on a mission and was worried senseless about his safety. She had no time to even think about money matters at that point.

    “I contacted Zhou Weiqi when I could not get to you. He told me you went on a mission.” Jiang Yao sighed. “I am not an unreasonable person after all. How was the mission? Were you hurt?

    Carefully analyzing Jiang Yao’s tone of voice, Lu Xingzhi breathed a sigh of relief after concluding that she was not angry at all. He broke into a faint smile, knowing that Jiang Yao was worried about his well-being.