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Chapter 385 - Inverse Ancient Sovereign

Let Me Game in Peace
     Chapter 385 Inverse Ancient Sovereign

    Wei Feng only felt his Steel of Fist arm tremble and his legs turn weak. He looked at Zhou Wen, feeling an inexplicable shock.

    Despite using his Primordial Energy Skill, he had only come to a draw with Zhou Wen without gaining the upper hand. The power that exploded from Zhou Wen's body was shocking.

    Looking at Zhou Wen who was emitting light and heat like a sun, Wei Feng suddenly felt that he had truly aged. This world was truly a world of young people. Their youth and vitality were something that he lacked now.

    Zhou Wen felt his heart boom as all his strength surged with his blood flow, pushing him to deliver another strike.

    Wei Feng could only raise his fist to meet his attack. He released his Primordial Energy Skill and clashed with Zhou Wen's repeated punches.

    This was going to cost him his life. Zhou Wen purely relied on the power of his erupting Life Soul and didn't need to use his Primordial Energy. However, Wei Feng had to rely on his Primordial Energy Skills to fend off Zhou Wen.

    Primordial Energy Skills were unleashed with the use of Primordial Energy. Wei Feng didn't have a Slaughterer Life Soul that provided him infinite Primordial Energy; therefore, it was impossible for him to constantly release Primordial Energy Skills. After striking more than ten Explosive Fists, he felt that his Primordial Energy was almost depleted.

    Wei Feng originally believed that Zhou Wen's explosive strength couldn't be too stable or his body wouldn't have been able to withstand it. But to his surprise, Zhou Wen remained brimming with energy despite unleashing dozens of punches. It was as though he had an endless amount of energy.

    Most terrifying of all was that the explosive strength of an ordinary person fluctuated. It was impossible for one to maintain peak strength. However, Zhou Wen's release in strength maintained a straight line at peak strength.

    Wei Feng felt his arm go numb and he almost couldn't lift it up. If this continued, his arm would probably fracture.

    Zhou Wen was completely immersed in the eruption of the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul as he delivered punch after punch. He could sense that the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul had advanced to an Evolved Body.

    Zhou Wen threw another punch at Wei Feng excitedly when he suddenly saw Wei Feng stop. Wei Feng looked in the direction of the training room door and said in surprise, "We are using the training room. Come back later."

    Zhou Wen couldn't help but stop his punch and turn to look at the door. However, he saw that the door to the training room was still closed and there was no one there.


    In the next second, Zhou Wen felt a heavy blow to his face which was covered by a helm. His head warped to the side as his body flew out and he slammed into the rubber buffers on the training room's wall.

    The punch wasn't very heavy as Wei Feng didn't use all his strength. Zhou Wen quickly stood up and looked at Wei Feng with a puzzled look.

    Wei Feng said in all seriousness, "Zhou Wen, it looks like you lack actual combat experience. You can't even defend against such a simple scheme. If you were on the real battlefield, you would already be dead. I've given you an important lesson today. Remember, you can't make the same mistake again. Alright, let's end the training today."

    "Tutor, I'll remember. Let's continue sparring a little longer?" Zhou Wen went forward and said.

    "Let's end it here for today. You've trained for so long, and I think you're tired. Let's continue another day," said Wei Feng as he walked.

    "Tutor, I'm not tired. Let's continue a little while," Zhou Wen said.

    "Another day… Another day…" Wei Feng took out his phone and placed it to his ear as he walked. "Hello… Ah, my dear daughter… Why are you looking for me… What… Something happened at home… Okay, okay, okay… I'll rush back now…"

    "I'm sorry. Although I really want to continue sparring with you, something urgent has cropped up at home. Let's spar again another day." As Wei Feng spoke, he quickly left the training room and disappeared without a trace.

    Zhou Wen was somewhat regretful. He hadn't completely vented all his excessive strength, so he felt somewhat uncomfortable.

    However, since he no longer had an opponent, Zhou Wen could only get the Ancient Sovereign Life Soul to leave his body and float in front of him.

    The Ancient Sovereign Life Soul was still in the form of light, but the figure became clearer, as though it was about to condense into something corporeal.