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Chapter 271 - Spoiling his wife rotten (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 271: Spoiling his wife rotten (1)

    Stunned, Xu Weilai gazed at the red packet in her hands. On the red packet were two little cartoons donned in pink.

    It was shocking enough that Gu Yu had prepared a gift for her. She didn't expect him to do something like this. Even the red packet looked rather cutesy… she couldn't tell whether or not he was being serious.

    This red packet was likely prepared by Assistant Lin. Gu Yu would never buy this kind of red packet! Even so, the two little cartoons on the red packet looked rather nice. They looked to be a couple, with one of the people being a man and the other being a woman.

    As he watched the situation unfold, a pleased look flashed past Grandpa Gu's eyes. In the next second, he smugly taunted, "No originality. Gifting her a red packet as I did! How much did you give? Definitely not as much as me!"

    Grandpa Gu then shifted his gaze over to Xu Weilai. The look in his eyes softened, and even the tone of his voice sounded as if he was coaxing her. "Little Weilai, open it up and take a look. If the money's not enough for you, he'd need to make it up to you with a large sum!"

    Xu Weilai subconsciously glanced over at Gu Yu. Because, the red packet in her hands was quite light, likely because Gu Yu had just gifted her a red packet just for the sake of it, and so there wasn't much money in it. If she were to open it up now, it would surely embarrass him.

    However, that wasn't to say she cared about that. She was just afraid that his embarrassment would turn to anger. She didn't wish to face that icy demeanor of his while celebrating the new year.

    Gu Yu's inky gaze met hers. As if he had sensed her thoughts, he raised his chin and calmly said, "Open it up."

    "Aiyo, how confident!" Grandpa Gu began to grow curious about the amount Gu Yu gave her. His eyes settled on that red packet as he said, "Little Weilai, take a look inside…"

    Since she had already gotten permission to do so, Xu Weilai chucked the emotional burden off herself and opened the red packet, She pulled out the money inside… Hm, it isn't money. Instead, it was a card.

    With just a glance at that card, Xu Weilai's breath hitched in an instant.

    If she wasn't mistaken, this was a bank card that private banks made especially for the greatest VIP. It was a black card, the card of the highest class. Even the words imprinted on it were of pure gold.

    She initially thought that the red packet was light as a feather, but now it felt like a thousand catty!

    Even Grandpa Gu, who had been calling the shots in the industry for all these years and seen all sorts of happenings, was shocked by the black card. Normally, his grandson wouldn't have done anything. He never thought that he would come up with something so impressive once he took action!

    Good going, little rascal! Seems like Mrs. Lin's reports were true! He has got to raise her pay!

    Grandpa Gu broke into a smile so wide that wrinkles appeared on his face. This was the first time he was so pleased with his grandson. He nodded repeatedly, "Alright, very good, very good. This new year gift is indeed a good one! Little Weilai, you must keep it well; it's a token of appreciation from Yu."

    Stunned, Xu Weilai stood dazed for a solid minute. She felt like she was in a trance as if this wasn't reality. Only after hearing Grandpa Gu's words did she manage to pull herself out of her thoughts.

    She wasn't sure if Gu Yu had prepared this card just to please Grandpa, or if he was genuinely giving it to her. At that moment, however, she could only go along with Grandpa's words and plaster a "coy" smile on her face.

    Assistant Lin walked over to help his mother, Mrs. Lin, with the fruit platter. Once he saw the black card in Xu Weilai's hands, he was so shocked that he had almost dropped the fruit platter.

    Since Assistant Lin was the one who prepared it, he knew that the Boss was gifting the Young Mistress a black card. Even the red packet was specially customized, made with the most premium paper. They even purchased copyright over the two little cartoons. There was only one such red packet in the entire world!

    What he didn't expect was that the card Young Mistress was holding was not the one he had prepared. Instead, it was…