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Chapter 926 - Horse Betting

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 926: Horse Betting

    Instead of answering Avrora, Wen Xinya said nonchalantly, “Everyone knows that I’m wearing the matriarchal token of Lucifer on my right earlobe. It represents the immeasurable power, authority, status and wealth that Lucifer possesses. Not everyone can hold their value.”

    She spoke calmly in an unhurried manner, her voice as clear as a lake.

    Compared to her calmness, Avrora was much more impatient and eager. She barked. “Just get straight to the point. You have your eyes on something in the residence, don’t you!?!”

    Avrora thought to herself, She must be superficial and shallow, so much that she has never seen things of superior quality before. She’s just making use of the opportunity to reap some benefits. However, only the capable ones can reap the benefits.

    Duke Moville was the one who taught her how to ride horses and she had never lost an equestrian competition within the upper-class society before. She had a good reputation, also because of her impeccable equestrian skills.

    She did not think that Wen Xinya, whom she found to be a country bumpkin, could be good at horse-riding.

    Wen Xinya chuckled and said, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to pay the price I’m interested in, Miss Avrora.”

    She chuckled in a derisive manner, and her laughter was amplified in the silent environment.

    As an aristocrat who had been the center of attention and adoration ever since she was a child, Avrora obviously couldn’t take the mockery and contempt that she was subjected to. She flew into a rage and retorted. “Miss Bella, you’re just intentionally trying to avoid competing with me. Haha… what a joke. How could you still have the cheek to call yourself Lucifer’s matriarch? I feel so ashamed for Rex.”

    Her constant refusal made Avrora feel more confident in her own equestrian skills, and she was even more bent on competing with Wen Xinya.

    Infuriated by her words, Wen Xinya screeched sternly in a higher-pitched voice. “Does that mean that you’re bent on competing with me, Miss Avrora?”

    Avrora sneered. “So what?”

    In her eyes, Wen Xinya had been enraged and provoked by her words, but was not willing to step up to compete with her. She viewed Wen Xinya with greater disdain.

    Glowering at her, Wen Xinya taunted. “Do you dare say in front of everyone that you’re willing to compete with me regardless of the stake?”

    “Why not?” Staring at Wen Xinya, Avrora found her to be blowing her own trumpet, for she felt that Wen Xinya would have agreed straightforwardly if she really had what it took, instead of dragging it on. She continued loudly, “Today, I’m going to have a horse-riding competition with Miss Bella. I seek all of you here to be my witness.”

    Flabbergasted, the wealthy heiresses exclaimed, “Miss Avrora, show this yellow-skinned chicken what you’re made of!”

    Everyone’s cheering made Avrora feel extremely confident.

    Wen Xinya sneered. “Sure, bring the document about the transfer and aristocratic privileges that Duke Moville has signed. We’ll take that as a stake and begin the competition immediately.”

    Wen Xinya shot Liu Yanhua a glance and she left sneakily.

    Everyone was astonished, especially Avrora, who stared at Wen Xinya in disbelief. “I bet you just don’t want to compete with me. That’s why you’re making such an unreasonable request! Disgusting chicken skin, you’re too sly and cunning.”

    The aristocrats wouldn’t take those documents out casually and currently, the only people who had access to the document were Duke Moville and the Ivanov Family.

    Avrora thought to herself, This bitch Bella must be too afraid to compete with me. That’s why she made such an unreasonable request, just so she can avoid the competition.

    Wen Xinya giggled and said, “The matriarchal token that represents Lucifer’s high status and power can only be compared to the document that has been sealed by Duke Moville himself. In that case… does that mean that you’re going to go back on your word about competing with me regardless of the stake, Miss Avrora?”

    It was not up to her to back out at this point.