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Chapter 216 - Entering Lookout Pavilion

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 216: Entering Lookout Pavilion

    Amidst the large crowd, the girl took his hand so naturally, his heart quickly filled with a sense of joy. Tightly holding her tender palm, he left with Su Cha.

    Bai Kun quickly followed, pushing Su Cha’s suitcase along.

    As soon as they left, the crowds of people waiting around made an exclamation.

    “This is the legendary match made in heaven?”

    “The man is too handsome!! He even has bodyguards!!! He looks like the young master of an influential family.”

    “My, the man is too dashing, the girl is also pretty. Sigh, too envious, how could there be such a blessed couple?”

    “Fxxk, do you see his body? I dare not make comments about others, but he’s definitely wearing tailored clothes of luxury brands, they’re one of a kind. His pants seem to be of an old Italian brand, which is not a famous brand. However, it only serves the royal family and the extremely wealthy in the world, the standards are much higher compared to luxury brands like Armani. Heck, he is simply awesome!”

    “I dared not imagine that our great China still had such a handsome man with this face. His aura is so unique, his face could dominate the top of the entertainment industry, right? But I don’t know if it’ll be as stunning after he takes off those sunglasses.”

    “Have you taken it, have you taken a video?”

    “I have… Sigh, but why does it say that the video is illegal?”


    The car was in the parking lot, and Su Cha asked only after getting in, “Aren’t you delaying work by coming to pick me up today?”

    Bo Muyi also took off his sunglasses and stared at Su Cha, his eyes dazzling like the stars. He touched her hair and said, “I’m not going to work today, I especially made time for Cha Cha, I’ll take you to the place we’ll be living in first.”

    Su Cha was stunned to hear this, but quickly nodded. “Okay.”

    She agreed with Bo Muyi, anyway she couldn’t say anything now.

    Bo Muyi noted Su Cha’s slight pause and his expression fell a little. “Does Cha Cha have any objections?”

    If you listened carefully, you could probably hear the gloom in the man’s words.


    Su Cha replied directly, “Then can you take me for a walk around the Imperial Capital, it’s my first time here.”


    The man looked at the girl’s delicate and tender lips, his eyes becoming deeper.

    The Imperial Capital was huge, the journey from the airport to the city was very far. Su Cha talked to Bo Muyi along the way, and didn’t take the time to enjoy the scenery outside the car window.

    With just a few short glances, it was clear this place was one of the richest cities in the world. The scenery and prosperity was definitely not something Yonggu Town could compare with.

    In the days to come, she probably would have to live here for a long time. Su Cha suddenly felt amazed.

    She told Bo Muyi what happened in Yonggu Town. Regarding Yu Siqing, she thought for a while before deciding to tell Bo Muyi about it.

    She probably guessed that Bo Muyi already knew, otherwise Bai Kun would not have provided her with information.

    After Bo Muyi also finished listening, he tried to control his anger in front of Su Cha, even his movements became stiffened. “Cha Cha, they are very bad.”

    “I know.”

    Su Cha hugged Bo Muyi, and comfortingly patted his back twice. At this time, she felt the car come to a stop.

    Lifting her head and sweeping a gaze, she saw a magnificent courtyard.

    It was a little different from what she imagined.

    They had arrived at Wang Ge, the main house of the Bo family, the restricted area of the Imperial Capital’s upper social circle.