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Chapter 259 - Day to mee

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 259: Day to meet

    Time flew by, and before they knew it, D-day had arrived. It was time for the reunion.

    As Zhang Dashan was very conscious about his image, he planned to wear a formal suit and even groomed his hair with styling pomade. He then sprayed some cologne on his underarms, and struck a pose for Xiao Luo, excitedly asking, “Old Xiao, look at me, what do you think?”

    His brows quivered as he spoke.

    “I only have one word for you.”

    “Handsome, right? As I’ve said, I can be pretty handsome if I take the trouble to dress up.” Zhang Dashan was in good humor, admiring himself.

    Xiao Luo only shook his head.

    “Then, it’s cool?”

    “Neither, you look like a pimp!” Xiao Luo answered tongue-in-cheek.

    Zhang Dashan frowned and looked a little hurt with that comment, he yelled back, “What absolute nonsense, don’t let me make you sh*t your pants okay!”

    Xiao Luo shrugged indifferently, then made to the door to put on his shoes. Compared to Zhang Dashan, his dressing was casual, and he had on a pair of dark slacks and a plain shirt. As Jiangcheng’s weather was slightly chilly, he had only put on an undershirt for some insulation and pulled over a black sweater to complete an understated but smart look.



    Zhang Dashan had a different personality altogether, and unlike Xiao Luo, he was a little showy. He looked forward to driving up in his brand new Range Rover so that his former classmates would know he owned one. He could already imagine how they would be admiring him, and that pleased him to no end. Walking towards the SUV, he was already in a dopamine-induced state and was humming tunes while grooving to the beat.

    Xiao Luo had gotten used to this behavior, Zhang Dashan would not be his true self if he did not show off every chance he got.

    “It definitely feels good to drive a car like this, such sensation and acceleration, it’s orgasmic!”

    As Zhang Dashan was driving, his hands caressed the steering wheel like stroking a woman’s soft skin. He was totally in his own world when he suddenly said, “Old Xiao, since I’m taking care of the headquarter, I’ll definitely have to purchase a house here next year. With our net worth, we could have moved out of Gong Village a long time ago. It’s so rural!”

    “Don’t get too arrogant, and don’t forget what your primary mission is.” Xiao Luo cautioned him with a serious look on his face.

    “What the heck are you saying. It’s totally reasonable that I, as the CEO of the company, need to purchase a house. You can’t be too stingy, just handing out donkey’s ration, if you want the business to go far, right?”

    Xiao Luo smiled and quipped, “Comparing yourself to a donkey, hmm, a very nice metaphor.”

    “What the heck, can you be more serious? Cos’ I’m serious about what I’ve just said,” Zhang Dashan retorted in his usual bluster.

    “You can make the call without my approval.” Xiao Luo replied. He was always generous to his brothers.

    Zhang Dashan picked his nose as he replied nonchalantly, “You regard yourself too highly, I’m not seeking your approval, just reporting it to you.”

    Xiao Luo rolled his eyes and didn’t bother to reply.

    All of a sudden, a van appeared speedily from an alley and turned dangerously into the main road, right in front of them.


    Zhang Dashan was shocked and immediately hit the brakes hard and swerved past the van to avoid hitting it.

    Coming from just behind Zhang Dashan, the van then sped past the Range Rover with barely 10cm between both vehicles, almost crashing.

    Zhang Dashan wound down his car window and screamed toward the van, “F*ck you, can you drive? Don’t you even know that you need to slow down at a junction?”

    This was his brand new Range Rover, and it was as beautiful and expensive as a new wife to him. If it had been scratched or knocked, his heart would have bled with sorrow.

    The people in that van had evidently heard Zhang Dashan, so the driver slammed on the brakes and pulled over. Four burly men alighted from the vehicle, and they had rebars in their hands.

    They walked up aggressively with ferocious looks on their faces. One of them, a square-faced man, laughed nastily and roared at Zhang Dashan, “You think you’re awesome because of your Range Rover? Try swearing one more time, and I’ll smash your car!”

    Zhang Dashan was equally enraged, and he stared back angrily at the man. He thought to himself, “You’ve almost scratched my car, yet you’re still being arrogant and looking for trouble? This is f*cking interesting.”

    “Stay in the car. I’ll deal with them.”

    Xiao Luo did not wish to see Zhang Dashan’s car getting smashed up, so he hopped out of the vehicle immediately.

    He went to the roadside and taunted the guy with the crazy laugh, gesturing with his index finger, he called out, “You. Come over.”

    It riled them up, but suddenly the four burst into a peal of loud laughter instead. The man with a square face said, “Hahaha, that’s weird, did we run into two airheads?”

    They all stepped toward Xiao Luo even as the square-faced man spoke.

    “Were you threatening to smash my friend’s car up?”

    Xiao Luo looked at the squared-face man calmly, as if he no threat at all. The fact was, the moment the men had alighted the van and threatened Zhang Dashan with their rebars, he had already made up his mind that he would deal with them.

    The four of them suddenly looked at each other awkwardly, wondering if they might have run into a trap. How could this man remain so calm when he saw that every one of them was armed with a bar?”

    “F*ck you, don’t you dare to be mysterious with us. Brothers, bash these b*stards to death, then smash their Range Rover!” The squared-face man bellowed.

    Three of the men rushed at Xiao Luo intending to teach him a good lesson. They looked like the bold type who would always settle issues with violence. This time, however, they were destined to fail.

    One of them was already swinging his rebar into Xiao Luo’s flank when it was suddenly snatched away forcefully. Before he knew it, the rebar was already in Xiao Luo’s hand.

    Xiao Luo’s face was cold and expressionless, and with a flick of his wrist, he slammed the rebar directly into the man’s head.


    He was momentarily blinded by a flashing light in his brain as pain exploded from the blow to his head. Blood gushed from the wound and streamed down his forehead.

    His friends quickly gathered around to check on him, and their expressions changed suddenly.

    The man held his hands to his head, his eyes were wide open in shock, he never saw the blow coming. Then as he looked down at his hands, he realized that he was bleeding profusely.


    The man screamed like a pig before slaughter and quickly backed off, staggering until he fell and sat by the roadside, staring at Xiao Luo in fear.

    The other two men who had also rushed at Xiao Luo were stunned and stopped in their tracks.

    “You’re shocked just by this? Didn’t you want to hit me with your rebars? Come, let’s continue!” Xiao Luo smirked.

    He abhorred hoodlums who thrived on bullying the weak. These men were clearly at fault, yet behaved with such haughtiness. Had he not controlled his rage, he would have easily killed the man with that blow.

    “You die!”

    The squared-face man rushed up, swinging the rebar in his hand ferociously, aiming to bludgeon Xiao Luo’s head.

    Xiao Luo evaded him easily and shifted outside the swinging arch in a flash as he grabbed the man’s forearm in a smooth motion and pulled his arm over his shoulder and jerked downward.


    He screamed in pain as his elbow joint snapped against Xiao Luo’s shoulder, the rebar in his hand falling with a metallic thud on the road.

    “Let’s make your head blossom too!”

    Xiao Luo smirked, and with the rebar in his hand, he smacked the squared-face man on his head.


    Blood streamed down his face as he screamed dreadfully in terrible pain, holding on to his throbbing head.

    The two remaining men looked at each other, then at Xiao Luo in abject fear, they would be foolish to think that they could take this man on.

    When Xiao Luo glared hard at them, they succumbed to their instincts and quickly turned around to flee.

    “They actually abandoned their friends just like that, surely they have no sense of loyalty.”

    Xiao Luo frowned with a shake of his head, then he dropped the rebar. In a quick dash, he caught up with the two men, grabbed them by their collars, and smashed their heads together forcefully.


    Their heads collided like two bumper cars, throwing both off their feet. They hit the ground hard, bleeding profusely, and after a few moans, both fell unconscious.