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Chapter 337 – Three Way Confrontation

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     Endless waves were set off in Ming Siyuan’s heart. Although it had only been a guess before, now he didn’t have any suspicions. It had to be known that even he needed to be careful against Yuan Tiangang’s soul murder arts. However, Ning Qin, with his mere Nascent Soul cultivation, was able to break himself free in the blink of an eye and even initiate a backlash…reincarnated Deva, he was absolutely a reincarnated Deva! Otherwise, how could Ning Qin possess such a powerful soul?

    At this time, Revered Ming’s heart was blazing. This was the reincarnated body of a Calamity Immortal realm supreme elder. If he could join the Great Desolate Lake, that would be an indescribably lucky chance. In the future, the Southshine Nation and even the broader world beyond that would become their stage.

    Ming Siyuan’s eyes fell on White Fengfeng and revealed an expectant look. Young master, you must try harder to grab hold of that fellow daoist Baoyu! The future of our Great Desolate Lake is all depending on you!

    As Ming Siyuan’s thoughts were in a chaotic jumble, Qin Yu’s back was drenched in a cold sweat. This was the first time he had felt the terrifying might of a Blue Sea realm master.

    He could feel his soul be grabbed by an invisible strength. Without any ability to resist, he could be broken apart and forcefully smashed to pieces.

    Luckily, Qin Yu possessed a Partner Soul. In the critical moment it had stopped the attack for a breath of time, delaying until the little blue lamp could respond. Then, within his dantian sea, a bright light lit up. It was like a great star shining in the dark night sky.

    That deep blue light seemed to span across the endless river of space and time, shining upon Qin Yu’s soul space. Then, that invisible strength which invaded his soul vanished like snow in the blazing sun.

    But in that moment, Qin Yu could feel his field of vision darkening. He was completely isolated from the outside world, as if he had suddenly fallen into the coldest place in the world.

    A cold chill completely disregarded his formidable body and cultivation, piercing right through him and reaching his soul…then, it was like it had clearly seen him!

    That’s right. It was clearly looking at him. This was because Qin Yu could feel an icy cold gaze, and within it, he could sense a completely exposed annihilating intent.

    All of this happened suddenly and without warning, and disappeared equally as fast. His surroundings reappeared as if nothing occurred at all. But, Qin Yu knew that it really did happen. And all of this was because the little blue lamp just erupted with light. To instill such a terrifying feeling within him, like an ant facing a Blue Sea without any ability to resist at all, and was also aimed at the little blue lamp, this could only be…the world’s will!

    Only the world’s will could accomplish this. With just a look, it had placed him in a near hopeless position. Qin Yu was still shaking within. He finally understood why the little blue lamp had fallen silent ever since entering the Land of Divinity and Demons. The aura of the world’s will was far more powerful than within the land of exiles. It was far, far, far more formidable, so great that there was simply no comparing them.

    Finally, the gaze of the world’s will had disappeared. But, Qin Yu knew that there was still a blade hanging above his head, ready to cut down before long. And with his current cultivation, there was simply no chance of him surviving!

    Because Qin Yu was gazed upon by the world’s will, that annihilating aura had left him frozen in place, his face and body completely stiff. As he was standing straight to begin with, no one noticed anything different, and because he was frozen, he didn’t have any expression either. When this expression fell into Yuan Tiangang’s eyes, it appeared like a ruthless and confident appearance.

    Obviously, if he didn’t have absolute faith in himself, how could Ning Qin maintain his current condition?

    Moreover, what left Yuan Tiangang shaken the most was that just now, he had faintly felt an aura coming from Ning Qin that left him shaking.

    That aura seemed as if it were its own heaven and earth…a Blue Sea realm master had incomparably sharp senses and it was because of this that any danger was magnified in their eyes. While Yuan Tiangang’s eyes were shaken and revealed a bit of dread, at the same time he couldn’t hide the fire growing within them.

    The strength that Qin Yu displayed now had aroused his interest. If he could capture Qin Yu and carefully probe the secrets on his body, he might find some unexpected harvests.

    As for whether or not he could suppress Qin Yu? Yuan Tiangang had no doubt about this at all. In the end, he was still a Blue Sea realm super powerhouse. Even if Qin Yu was a little by mystical, how could a boy like him contend with his strength?

    Brilliance erupted from his eyes. Yuan Tiangang lifted his hand and grasped out. Thunder seemed to echo in the void. Invisible walls seemed to form, locking down every inch of Qin Yu’s body.

    There was no way to run!

    That imprisoning strength reached an incomprehensibly formidable level. Qin Yu didn’t have any expression, but his heart was alarmed. If that person didn’t make a move, he would really be miserable!

    The one he referred to wasn’t Ming Siyuan.

    With a cold humph, a towering figure appeared. A finger lifted and touched down upon the void. Then, like a mountain crashing into a lake, massive waves were stirred up, smashing that imprisoning strength into pieces.

    Qin Yu drew back several steps, his face pale and his eyes gloomy. That finger might have shattered the imprisoning strength around him but it didn’t protect him too much. Thus, even if the shockwaves of both sides collided against each other, his blood energy still tumbled in his body, causing him to suffer some injuries.

    This was a warning that Yun Yilan sent him for the methods he used. Really, to these old men who had become wise with age, his methods were far too naïve; they had instantly seen through him. Qin Yu bitterly smiled within, but he didn’t regret his actions at all. He respectfully bowed, “Thank you Revered Yun for saving me!”

    Yun Yilan swept his eyes across the room until they landed on Yuan Tiangang. “Revered Yuan, Ning Qin is this champion of this competition. Your actions have been too excessive.”

    These words were heavy and dire. In particular, if they came from Yun Yilan’s mouth, that indicated the displeasure of every official within the Southshine Nation.

    In reality, this was indeed the truth.

    Yun Yilan had already received a secret letter from the capital saying ‘that person’ was extremely interested in Ning Qin. Thus, nothing could happen to him. While Yuan Tiangang’s actions couldn’t be objectively considered too excessive, they had already touched Yun Yilan’s nerve. Right now, he could not allow any destabilizing factors in such a critical moment that would affect the following arrangements.

    Yuan Tiangang’s face darkened. He could feel a threat from these words. From the first time he had met Yun Yilan, this was the first time this had ever appeared. It was clear that the Southshine Nation’s Exalted One was truly moved to anger. But it was also because of this that the calculating Yuan Tiangang couldn’t help but think of other things.

    His first thought was that Yun Yilan had discovered whatever secrets Ning Qin was hiding on his body and was planning to take it for himself. While this might have just been a guess, Yun Yilan’s appearance only served to strengthen his original assumption.

    He took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes. “Revered Yun, I must admit I am confused by your words. Ning Qin has gravely offended me, and yet I cannot deal with him? Even if he is the champion of the competition, how can that compare to the dignity of a Blue Sea realm master?”

    This response was completely unlike Yuan Tiangang’s normally smooth and eloquent way of handling affairs. This was no different from coming into direct confrontation with Yun Yilan.

    The meaning was simple: although the Southshine is called the Southshine Nation, my Cleansing Temple doesn’t necessarily fear you!

    A gloomy intent gushed out from Yun Yilan’s complexion. He really wasn’t thinking too much about things, but Yuan Tiangang’s unexpected answer caused him to reconsider the situation.

    Could it be that Cleansing Temple was prepared to steal away that pill furnace which even the Southshine Nation had yet to fully understand?

    As soon as this thought appeared, Yun Yilan’s aura turned dense and cold. Cleansing Temple? What wonderful eyes you have. But, aren’t you afraid of breaking your own teeth? The atmosphere began to shiver with a cold wind, but Yun Yilan’s complexion remained calm. He slowly said, “And how does Revered Yuan plan on dealing with Ning Qin?”

    Yuan Tiangang said, “I will take him away. His life or death is not your problem.”

    Yun Yilan shook his head. “No.”

    A single word caused the entire space to fall deathly silent. It seemed as if time was stretched to infinity, every moment incomparably long. Space swayed about and small distortions appeared.

    Everything seemed tranquil, but beneath this tranquility was a brewing volcano. Once it erupted, it would destroy everything in the surroundings.

    Without thinking, Ming Siyuan grabbed the clueless White Fengfeng and pulled her behind him. He looked at the scene around him and his thoughts raced.

    Yuan Tiangang and Yun Yilan were engaged in a face-to-face confrontation with Qin Yu at the center of it. When this scene fell into the eyes of Revered Ming, who assumed he knew everything, it actually held an entirely different meaning: Yuan and Yun, those two people must have realized Qin Yu’s secret – that he was a reincarnated Deva!

    This was the only possible explanation for why two Blue Sea realm super powerhouses were willing to confront each other without any consideration for face. A Deva’s soul…to any Blue Sea, this was a great temptation. Because this contained the chance to break into the Calamity Immortal realm.

    If it weren’t for certain reasons that the high level cultivators of the Great Desolate Lake knew that the chances of capturing a Deva’s soul was incomprehensibly low, then they might have already made their move.

    But returning to the main topic.

    With this judgment in mind, Ming Siyuan felt that he needed to make a decision. Ning Qin or Baoyu or whatever his name was, it was already without a doubt that he was the reincarnation of a Deva. If he could earn a favor today, then even if the miss didn’t end up with him in the end, the Great Desolate Lake could still form a friendship with this transcendent existence that would become a Calamity Immortal in the future.

    With these thoughts in heart, he firmed his resolve. He waved his arm with a bit of effort and White Fengfeng was sent flying out without any time to react at all. Then, he stepped forwards like a falling mountain, entering into the invisible confrontation between Yuan Tiangang and Yun Yilan.

    The complexions of the two Blue Sea realm super powerhouses immediately changed and they coldly glanced over.

    Ming Siyuan lightly said, “My Great Desolate Lake has always firmly divided our grudges and gratitude. Little friend Ning Qin helped my young master and is thus a friend of my Great Desolate Lake. Today, I came here prepared to invite him to the Great Desolate Lake as a guest.”

    No matter what his reasoning was, his attitude was made clear to everyone. Thus, Yuan Tiangang’s pupils shrank and Yun Yilan was also left furious. One of them wanted to obtain Qin Yu even more, and the other was most enraged that both Cleansing Temple and the Great Desolate Lake would show such hostility to the Southshine Nation.

    Qin Yu originally only hoped to provoke Yuan Tiangang and mess up the situation so he could find an opening somewhere. But with the situation having developed to such a point, as the person who created it, even he hadn’t expected this.

    The air seemed to freeze over. There was not a single sound more between the heavens and earth. The auras of the three Blue Sea realm masters were like an invisible hand plunging into the heavens, stirring up winds and clouds.

    Thus, thunder roared.

    Thus, strong winds whipped up.

    The skies turned dark, as if eternal night had arrived.

    At this time, countless cultivators looked up with astonishment, endless fear in their eyes.