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Chapter 338 – Black Ligh

Refining the Mountains and Rivers
     A peak Nascent Soul had the strength of a thousand horses. A thousand horses was equal to one flood dragon.

    A Divine Soul had at most the strength of a thousand flood dragons. A thousand flood dragons was equal to one genuine dragon.

    As for the higher Blue Sea realm , they had at most the strength of a thousand dragons. That was the equivalent of one ancient.

    Although Yun Yilan, Ming Siyuan, and Yuan Tiangang were all within one ancient’s worth of strength, even they had differences amongst them.

    But as established and renowned Blue Sea realm super powerhouses, the three of them had a combat strength of around 300 dragons.

    By using these data points, one could have a straightforward understanding of what the Blue Sea realm was like!

    So, even though the three Blue Sea masters of Yun, Yuan, and Ming, had yet to truly fight, just their auras clashing with each other was enough to cause a world phenomenon.

    The cultivators that participated in the competition were the younger generation of elites from the Southshine Nation. Most of them were at the Golden Core or Nascent Soul realm. As these auras shrouded the surrounding area, it made them feel as fragile as ants. To only turn pale and not faint to the floor was already a considerable accomplishment.

    As for the small number of Southshine Nation officials, even if some of them were masters with a peak Divine Soul cultivation, they could only tremble in place before the prestige of these Blue Seas, unable to approach at all.

    This stretch of wilderness that had been cleared out fell completely silent. Besides the sounds of wind and thunder, there was no other noise. At this time, everyone fell into a deep abyss of fear. They had no idea whether or not their lives would end in the next moment.

    At this time, a ray of light appeared. It tore through the eternal night in the heavens, allowing warmth to sprinkle down upon the ground once more. That heavy oppression that left one panting for breath began to rapidly retreat like a falling tide. Countless cultivators felt as if they had been granted a new lease on life.

    They gasped for breath in great heaving gulps. Their eyes filled with absolute shock and locked onto the figure that appeared in the skies. Without anyone telling them, they knew that it was this person who had saved them from collapsing past the precipice of death.

    Unfortunately, a strength beyond comprehension surged around this figure, causing the space surrounding him to distort and blur, making it so that people couldn’t see his appearance.

    Qin Yu never realized how joyous it felt to breathe. As he looked at that figure up above, he also had an expression of gratitude.

    But in the next moment, that gratitude came to a halt.

    Yun Yilan drew back one step and restrained his aura. He bowed, “Greetings, Old Ancestor.”

    Yun Yilan was the Southshine Nation’s Exalted One. How impressive was his status? If there was someone that Yun Yilan would bow to in such a manner, it would only be the most honored and revered person of the entire Southshine Nation.

    Old Ancestor…the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor…

    Yun Yilan once mentioned that the royal family’s special envoy would be coming, and today the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor had arrived himself. If someone said that this wasn’t related…haha, are you trying to trick a ghost?

    Qin Yu discovered that he had underestimated the amount of attention that the Southshine Nation officials were placing on him.

    For others, this might be something they could only yearn for in their dreams. But Qin Yu possessed the little blue lamp. Once others discovered it, he would die without a doubt.

    At this time, within his mind that he was trying his best to keep calm, he unconsciously thought of some words he had heard from a network television drama before: If time could be repeated…only a bastard would participate in this competition!

    The pupils of Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang shrank at the same time. They bowed, “Greetings, Old Ancestor Hulun!”

    Within the Southshine Nation, Hulun was the surname of the nation’s ruling family. There was nothing wrong with this.

    Through the entire competition field, countless cultivators could hear the voices of these three Blue Sea realm super powerhouses. After a short period of silence, waves of voices rang out like a tsunami.

    “We greet the Old Ancestor!”

    The voices of the people soared to the heavens.

    From this point alone, one could witness the unsurpassed status and dignity of the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor.

    Beneath the vault of heaven, that blurry figure spoke up, “Rise.”

    The voice was warm and gentle like a warm spring, directly flowing into the spirit and causing one to feel even greater awe and reverence.

    When everyone looked up again, the figure of the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor had already vanished from sight.

    “The three of you, for better or worse you are Blue Sea cultivators and yet you cannot contain your anger. Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at by the juniors?” The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor smiled, not seeming angered by what had just occurred.

    Qin Yu could clearly see that person in the skies take a single step and then appear right in front of him. However, he exuded an extremely natural feeling, as if he should have been standing here all along.

    As if sensing Qin Yu’s gaze, the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor looked over.

    When Qin Yu met those eyes that seemed to see through everything, his heart shrank and he quickly lowered his head. The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor revealed a happy expression. He glanced over Qin Yu a few times and looked away; it was clear he was a bit interested in him.

    Yun Yilan bowed. “Old Ancestor, it was I who handled matters inappropriately. I ask that Old Ancestor punish me for my mistakes.”

    Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang each revealed a bit of awkwardness. They quickly apologized.

    The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor laughed and waved his hand. “Although I just arrived, I think I can guess what the reason was. It should be because of this little friend here.”

    Yun Yilan nodded. “He is Ning Qin.”

    The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor smiled. “He is truly a young and handsome talent. Not bad.” His eyes turned to Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang. “I believe that this competition played out wonderfully, and many incredible juniors have emerged. If they aren’t raised well, it would be too great a pity. So, I informed Exalted Yun to keep several juniors behind until I arrived so that I could take a good look at them before I make my decision.”

    After a short pause, the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor smiled and said, “I have decided to restart the refinement of the Revival Good Fortune Pill. I would like to ask Revered Yuan and Revered Ming to pass on the message for me.”

    Though his tone was polite, this wasn’t a discussion but a one-sided declaration. From this, one could see the strength of the Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor!

    Ming Siyuan and Yuan Tiangang’s complexions changed.

    Revival Good Fortune Pill…

    This was one the Southshine Nation’s greatest secrets. In over a thousand some years, it had only been opened up a few times, and those cultivators that participated in this event all obtained a monumental stroke of good fortune. Although this Revival Good Fortune Pill was a bit strange, up until now, nothing wrong or improper had ever occurred. As for those cultivators that obtained good fortune, unless they perished somewhere midway, they would all have considerable achievements.

    For instance, this Exalted Yun Yilan. 1700 years ago when the Revival Good Fortune Pill refinement had been opened, he had obtained a heaven-defying lucky chance. Because of that, he was able to become the Blue Sea supreme elder he was today.

    Ming Siyuan cupped his hands together. “Old Ancestor Hulun, I will return to report to you after I have informed my family’s two masters.”

    Yuan Tiangang nodded. “I also need to ask for guidance from the Temple Master.”

    Now that Old Ancestor Hulun had appeared, no one mentioned Qin Yu again. Moreover, it looked as though they had underestimated the situation.

    The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor smiled. “It’s no problem. I will give you two days to consider it. Three days from now, the top ten participants in the competition will be invited to refine the Revival Good Fortune Pill.” He turned, his gaze warm. “Ning Qin, I’m quite optimistic about you. I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together. Just as he was about to say something, fear gushed out from his eyes and his breath stopped for a tenth of a moment. He quickly walked to the Old Ancestor’s side and bowed deeply, “This junior will do everything in his power to not disappoint the Old Ancestor.”

    The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor was startled but immediately smiled. He nodded, thinking that this junior was considerably brave. But no matter what he thought, he would never have imagined that he had been tricked by Qin Yu.

    “It’s here!”

    At this moment, Qin Yu covered his face. All the blood drained from his face and his soul shivered and screamed in fear.

    A stretch of darkness appeared in the skies. This darkness wasn’t like the world phenomenon that occurred when the three Blue Sea masters confronted each other. Rather, it was like some unknown existence had opened its mouth and lightly took a bite, completely eating away this space and turning it into nothingness.

    That’s right; it was this empty feeling, a vacuum of nihility devoid of all matter. Just glancing at it caused a cold chill to shoot out from the depths of one’s soul.

    The Old Ancestor’s complexion changed. He fiercely reared back his head, his eyes locking onto that darkness in the skies. He paled. At this time, no one knew of the rage boiling in the Old Ancestor’s heart. He never thought that the annihilating tribulation he sensed on the horizon would arrive so suddenly!

    And all of this had occurred without him sensing anything at all. Had the world already resolved itself to erase this old man from existence? The Old Ancestor’s eyes gushed with craziness, repudiation, and a deep unwilling anger.

    You want to exterminate this old man? It won’t be that easy!

    Yes, that pitch black darkness that appeared in the skies had been directly assumed by the Old Ancestor to have been caused by himself. This could only be called an incomparably wonderful misunderstanding. No matter how the Old Ancestor thought about it, he would never have imagined that the darkness in the skies had not come for him, but instead the junior who was respectfully bowing in front of him!

    Without warning, a black light shot out from that pitch black nothingness. This move seemed to exhaust all the power within that nothingness. Thus, when the black light fell, that darkness in the skies shook and collapsed, rapidly fading from sight.

    The Old Ancestor roared out loud. An incomparably terrifying aura burst out from him like 100,000 volcanoes erupting together. It was hard to imagine how such a thin body was able to contain such a mind-boggling strength.

    Qin Yu tensed. He felt like a tall building toppling in a storm. Fear clenched his heart like a giant hand. He had no doubts at all that if this aura even brushed against him, he would immediately turn into a slurry of broken bones and shredded meat!

    His life and death hung on a single line.

    The Southshine Nation’s Old Ancestor frowned and his erupting aura separated a little, wrapping Qin Yu within. This junior might be useful…of course, if he couldn’t overcome this great disaster today, then this junior would suffer an even more pitiful death.

    It was unknown what that black light was, but as it passed through space it didn’t leave the slightest mark behind, as if it were nothing but an illusionary phantom. However, the Old Ancestor’s expression only became more dignified. He could clearly feel the annihilating strength contained within that black light.


    With a shout like a thunderclap, the Old Ancestor punched out. There was a rumble between the heavens and earth and a roar resounded. The strength of that fist instantly transformed into a fierce black dragon that mercilessly collided with the black light.

    Beneath his voluminous robes, the Old Ancestor’s fingers were already twisting together in a law formula. Once the situation devolved, even if his spell was realized he still needed to try and struggle. But in the next moment, his eyebrows furrowed together. This was because the moment his strength collided with that black light, he could feel its true power…it seemed to be far too weak.

    With this thing, it might be able to injure him. But exterminating him was impossible.

    Pa –

    The black light disintegrated, turning into countless motes of powder. The Old Ancestor’s complexion changed because he discovered that this powder didn’t disappear at all. Rather, it passed through the power of his fist and continued to rain down on him like a hail of black snow.

    As expected, it wasn’t as simple as he thought!

    The Old Ancestor coldly sneered. He had traveled far and wide in his life and had seen countless schemes and plots, so how could such trivial tricks fool him? However, a trace of surprise appeared on his sneer. This was because he discovered that the black snow’s target wasn’t him…but Ning Qin!

    That’s right, it was this panic-stricken junior right in front of him!