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Chapter 286 - Soon…

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 286: Soon…

    It was rare that Jian Qi was bandaged. Lightning grabbed that chance to make fun of her. However, he never thought that she would be such a narcissistic person. He failed in making fun of her.

    Lightning was about to say something else but Tang Jinyu walked toward them at that moment. As such, he came to his senses and kept quiet.

    He was not as stupid as Crocodile. He knew how to behave himself.

    They stood up properly the moment Tang Jinyu came toward them.

    Tang Jingyu went straight to the main point without wasting any time as he said, “First, I want to congratulate the six of you. Next, I have some rather bad news for you.”

    The others soon became tense when they heard that.

    What kind of bad news?

    Were there any more chances for them to be disqualified?

    They were suspicious. On the contrary, Jian Qi was eager to hear the news.

    In fact, she hoped that the final result would not disappoint her given that she had fought her way through till the end.

    They were filled with a sense of doubt and tension. Then, Tang Jinyu spoke again with his calm voice. “Every year, the Special Fire Team will recruit new members. After that, the new members will compete with the senior members in another test. Those who are weak will be disqualified and only the best will be chosen to become the team members. In this way, we make sure that only the best soldiers will be recruited in the most outstanding and dangerous team!

    “However, the number of members chosen every year is different. The reason is because there will always be some members who are sacrificed when they carry out their missions every year. Actually, there were a total of thirteen members in this team. Only seven of them are left in the team now. Hence, the six of you will replace those who were sacrificed. I hope that we do not need to recruit six more members next year to replace you!”

    Jian Qi glanced at Tang Jinyu and asked, “Who are the remaining seven team members?”

    Tang Jingyu said to Feng Yi and the others, “Briefly introduce yourselves to them!”

    Then, Tang Jinyu moved aside.

    Feng Yi, Lightning, Crocodile and another two soldiers introduced themselves respectively.

    They have met each other before so they did not have to say much.

    However, Jian Qi was still curious. “There are only five of them. Where are the other two members?”

    Lightning smiled and said, “One of them is still carrying out the mission. You’ve never met each other. We’ll introduce the soldier to you when the mission is completed. Another member is the boss!”

    “Who is the soldier who is carrying out the mission now? Is the soldier a man or a woman?” The freshman, Zhao Yu, voiced out his question.

    All of the other soldiers in the team were men. Only one woman was seen among them and that woman was not a nice person. That was why Zhao Yu was slightly curious.

    Lightning smiled wickedly. “It’s a woman.”

    Zhao Yu laughed all of a sudden.

    Jian Qi was standing beside Zhao Yu at that particular moment. She peeked at his smile and asked him coldly, “Do you find me annoying?”

    “Of course not! I feel that she could accompany you in the team.”

    Zhao Yu smiled and said.

    “How could you lie? Don’t you have a conscience?” Jian Qi asked him coldly.

    Zhao Yu was speechless.

    ‘Why did I talk to her?’

    “You’ll start your training with the others from now on since you know each other. After one month, we need to cooperate with the FBI Anti-Terrorist Squad in a mission to rescue someone. I don’t want the three freshmen to die just like that in their first true mission!”

    Tang Jinyu sounded serious and solemn. The others soon understood how dangerous the upcoming mission would be.

    When they were listening to Tang Jinyu attentively, Jian Qi lowered her eyes slightly. She seemed to have lost herself in her thoughts.

    She thought that she still had a long way to go. But, soon…