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Chapter 261 - Beibei

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 261: Beibei

    Not long after, the police arrived. The square-jawed man and four others were handcuffed. Their expressions were desperate. Had they known earlier that Xiao Luo and Zhang Dashan were not people they could mess with, they would have held their tempers in. However, there were no what-ifs in the world. Everything was too late. Karma had caught up with them.

    “We don’t have time to give a statement, and we have told you everything necessary.” Zhang Dashan declined the police’s invitation. He pointed at the young girl beside Xiao Luo and said, “Oh yeah, this little girl is the one they kidnapped. Please help her find her family.”


    There was basically no cop in Jiangcheng that didn’t know who Xiao Luo was. His name was like a religion, instilling wariness, fear, and respect in them. How could they dare force Xiao Luo and his companion to give their statements at the police station?

    A policewoman walked up to Xiao Luo. After nodding at Xiao Luo as an acknowledgment, she bent down and waved at the girl. She gave the girl a friendly smile and said, “Little girl, I’ll take you to your parents, alright?”

    The little girl wrapped her arms around Xiao Luo’s thighs and shook her head forcefully. She hid behind Xiao Luo and warily looked at the policewoman.

    Xiao Luo smiled resignedly and looked down to persuade her. “They are the police, and the police are the good guys. They will help you find your parents. You can go ahead and follow her.”

    “You are Beibei’s father.”

    The young girl lifted her head as she seriously spoke. Her big, shining, onyx-like eyes blinked.


    The look in the eyes of the policewoman and the other cops immediately became contemplative. Xiao Luo the devil cop has a daughter? How could they not know?

    Xiao Luo quickly explained, “I am not your father.”

    “You are Beibei’s father.”

    The little girl spoke in a very sure tone. Her childish voice was very pleasant to the ears.

    “Little girl, you have recognized him wrong. Maybe he just looks like your father, but he definitely isn’t your father. He doesn’t even have a wife yet.” Zhang Dashan spoke up and agreed with Xiao Luo. What is happening? He’s even getting pestered by a little girl?

    The little girl looked at him sheepishly but didn’t reply to him. Her tiny hands were still holding on tightly to Xiao Luo’s thighs. She pressed her porcelain-doll-like face closely to Xiao Luo’s thigh. Her face looked flat as the muscles were being compressed. She pouted and looked very cute.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that the man before her was Xiao Luo the devil cop, even the policewoman would have failed to suppress her liking of the girl and go forward to pat the girl on the head. She was too cute. She made one feel an impulse to hug her and show her some love.

    Xiao Luo didn’t argue with the little girl any further, but he said to the policewoman, “Take her.”

    Regardless of whether the cops were able to coax her away or take her forcefully, they had to take the little girl with them. It had nothing to do with him.

    At Xiao Luo’s behest, the policewoman walked up and tried to coax or trick the girl. “Little girl, do you want to have some cotton candy? How about I bring you to buy some fluffy and sweet cotton candy?”

    The little girl was slightly tempted, but she thought of Xiao Luo, so she shook her head.

    The policewoman took out her phone. “Then, do you want to watch clips of Logger Vick, Briar, and Bramble? I have some here.”

    As she spoke, she directly clicked on the video clips of Boonie Bears and played it for the little girl.

    The little girl was tempted. Most kids were unable to resist cartoons. She walked out from behind Xiao Luo and took the phone from the policewoman. She stood where she was looking down and started watching the show with pleasure.

    “Is it nice?” The policewoman tried to get the girl to trust her more.

    The little girl nodded. Not shifting her eyes off the phone, she replied, “It’s nice!”

    “How about you come with me? I still have a lot of nice cartoons at my place.” The policewoman smiled.

    Unexpectedly, the little girl immediately exited the state of being completely focused on the cartoon. After warily glancing at the policewoman, she once again hugged Xiao Luo’s thighs tightly. “Beibei doesn’t want to leave Dad!”


    The policewoman was momentarily shocked. Obviously, her tactics of coaxing and tricking had failed.

    There was no other way but to take her by force. She grabbed the little girl’s hand. “Little girl, he isn’t your father. I will help you find your actual parents.”

    The little girl began wailing. “I won’t go! My dad is here! He is my dad, boohoo…”