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Chapter 217 - : Cha Cha, This Is Where We’re Staying From Now On

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 217: Cha Cha, This Is Where We’re Staying From Now On

    Su Cha got out of the car and looked quietly at the compound in front of her.

    The main gate had upturned eaves, making it look like a building from generations back, adding to its luxurious atmosphere.

    Seeing the huge garden area behind at a glance, it was unimaginable that such a place existed within the city.

    Because of the surrounding tall buildings, the garden was completely surrounded. It was like an oasis in the city, the one precious pearl.

    ‘Wang Ge’!

    “Cha Cha, this is our home.”

    The man slid his warm hand into the girl’s. Together with his sweet voice, it brought a strange sense of satisfaction.

    Beside was Bai Kun, whose eyes flashed with surprise, when he heard the phrase “our”.

    He then sighed gently. This time, the young master really can’t be helped out.

    Su Cha turned to look at Bo Muyi, her eyes twinkling with light. She laughed, “Yes, our home.”

    The knowledge she accumulated from her previous life allowed her to deduce from the looks of the building in front of her, that Bo Muyi’s background might not be as simple as a rich young master on the surface. For one to own such a building in the Imperial Capital, it was a reality that others simply could not imagine.

    She was even more astonished. How did her past self know Bo Muyi?

    Hearing her approval, Bo Muyi also became increasingly elated in his heart. Holding Su Cha’s hand, he brought her into Wang Ge.

    Since then, in the eyes of outsiders, the mysterious forbidden area Wang Ge finally had another person step in.


    The atmosphere of Wang Ge was magnificent, full of rockery and flowing water, leaning towards subtle natural scenery.

    There were many roads in Wang Ge. Entering from the main gate, whether it was on the corridors or the gravel roads, there were no signs of cars driving.

    But at every intersection, Su Cha could see at least two men in black guarding. From the strength of their footsteps on the ground, Su Cha concluded that everyone here was no novice.

    They were definitely not the kind of bodyguard that ordinary people imagined.

    In addition to the secret guards, there was a feeling of being watched from every corner. Su Cha knew that it was from surveillance cameras.

    Walking through some places, Bo Muyi also gently reminded her, “Cha Cha, there is an infrared stealth device, you should pay attention not to touch it in the future, otherwise it will trigger some mechanisms.”

    Mechanisms, in modern society, was almost a strange and ancient term.

    Su Cha, of course, nodded honestly.

    Even mosquitoes could hardly bypass such stringent defence mechanisms.

    To live here, the privacy was absolute. Su Cha would not have to worry about the curtains being drawn tightly like celebrities did.

    After walking for about ten minutes, they came to the courtyard. There was only one room here. On the surface, it was a simple and ordinary courtyard, but there were more people in black around. Even in the shadows, it felt like someone was there.

    Such tight protection…

    Su Cha’s eyes deepened. Bo Muyi’s identity seemed to be really amazing.

    Entering the house, there were still more modern facilities. It was perfectly complementary with the ancient bookshelf and some antique furniture around it.

    Returning to where he lived, Bo Muyi was obviously excited. “Cha Cha, this is where we’re staying from now on.”

    His tone was excited, like a child who had gotten his wish.