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Chapter 927 - Shooting Herself in the Foo

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 927: Shooting Herself in the Foot

    Wen Xinya guffawed sarcastically, her rosy lips and pearly whites making her look cold and menacing. “Miss Avrora, you’re really forgetful. Pardon me for reminding you this, but why did you forget to call yourself a bully when you tried to snatch my token away from me?”

    Her polite tone was extremely sarcastic and it made Avrora grit her teeth in anger. Yet, she was at a loss for words.

    Holding the document in hand, Wen Xinya guffawed and said, “Miss Avrora, is the competition on or not?”

    Avrora moved her lips, seemingly at a loss for words.

    Wen Xinya laughed before gibing. “I can understand your difficulties, Miss Avrora. Hence, I won’t force you to compete with me. However… you were the one who provoked me first. Isn’t it time you apologize to me?”

    Upon hearing her words, Avrora stomped her feet angrily and said, “Disgusting Chinese chicken skin. How dare you make me apologize. Who do you think you are? What rights do you have to make me apologize to you? I’m a Russian aristocrat.”

    Avrora finally understood what it meant to have her plans backfire. She initially wanted to embarrass Wen Xinya but ended up shooting herself in the foot. She could sense the look of disdain on everyone’s faces and she found them to be extremely piercing.

    A sullen expression formed on Wen Xinya’s face and her lips appeared menacing. “Miss Avrora, you’re truly amusing. You were so insistent on competing with me at first, but then you chickened out in the end and yet, you still sound so self-righteous. Ah… Miss Avrora, you’re actually such a sore loser!”

    You’re just too afraid to compete because you can’t afford to lose… Wen Xinya murmured in her head.

    Her words ran through Avrora’s mind repeatedly like a curse. Wen Xinya’s lips and teeth were full of contempt, nonchalance, derisiveness, and disdain towards her! The sounds of the ladies who used to curry her favor and suck up to her, gossiping and whispering about her made her feel like she was going deaf.

    Avrora flew into a rage and snatched the document away from her. She barked. “Since when did I say that I don’t want to compete with you anymore?”

    Avrora had already scurried away with the document before anyone else could react.

    Avrora’s actions were beyond her expectations, for she did not think that the haughty and prideful Avrora would give in after being provoked.

    However, she did not think that Avrora would be able to convince Duke Moville!

    By then, Avrora would be the one who truly gets embarrassed. The embarrassment would be much worse than that of backing out of the competition.

    Even Duke Moville would be implicated as well.

    She was the only one who knew how terrible it would feel.

    Liu Yanhua was in utmost awe and respect towards Wen Xinya, finding her to be impeccably formidable and shrewd for teaching Anatoli a lesson and shaming him before cooperating with Si Yiyan seamlessly to embarrass Duke Moville and Duke Mo. On top of that, she even retaliated against the heiresses and socialites who mocked her before making Avrora lose her pride. She gave Avrora a taste of her own medicine!

    About ten minutes later, Avrora scrambled towards her anxiously with her hair messy and unkempt. Gripping the envelope tightly in her hand, she exclaimed in a shaky voice, “I’ve brought it here. We can compete now, can’t we!?!”

    Greatly taken aback, Wen Xinya asked apprehensively, “Did Duke Moville really stamp his signature on this?”

    Regardless of how much Duke Moville pampered Avrora, Wen Xinya was certain that he definitely wouldn’t allow her to use the important document as a stake in their bet. She scanned Avrora’s expression to see that there was an unnatural look in her gray eyes and she appeared extremely uneasy and nervous. Hence, Wen Xinya guessed that she must have stolen Duke Moville’s stamp to forge his signature.

    However, it did not matter who the person who stamped it on was, so long as there was an official stamp!

    Avrora immediately screeched. “Vicious yellow-skinned chicken. How dare you suspect me? This is real if I say so. Are you trying to find an excuse to avoid it again?”

    She had indeed sneaked into Duke Moville’s study to steal the stamp. She thought to herself that it should have been fine since she was not actually giving those rights to Wen Xinya, who would not be entitled to the terms stated in the agreement as long as she won the horseriding competition. Once she won, Duke Moville wouldn’t punish her.