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Chapter 297 - Mr. Huo Returns Home Every Nigh

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 297: Mr. Huo Returns Home Every Night

    Ning Meng was holding onto her toilet paper. After taking two more steps forward, she paused in her tracks and abruptly turned back with her eyes widened.

    "What did you just say?"

    Huo Beichen had not stayed at her place and they had not met for a few days, what was this security guard talking about?

    The security guard did not feel like he was leaking any information, so he replied, "Mr. Huo has been coming here at midnight every day this week, only leaving at five in the morning. Does he only need five hours of rest every day?"

    Ning Meng was shocked to the core.

    "How could this be!"

    Huo Beichen knew the passcode to her apartment, but she had never heard a single sound at midnight.

    When the security guard saw her in this state, he became stubborn as well.

    "How is it not possible? I monitor this area every day. Do you want to take a look for yourself if you don't believe me?"

    Ning Meng went into the security room. "Sure, show it to me."

    The security guard pulled out the CCTV footage reels and let her search through. Ever since she had come back from Jingdu five days ago, his car had entered the community area at midnight every day. When he wound down his car window, the person sat in the driver's seat looked exactly like him.


    When the security guard saw her in a daze, he too, was at a loss.

    "I mean, aren't you both married? Um… Or does Mr. Huo have another apartment here?"


    How would she know!

    Ning Meng went back with light footsteps and a heavy head leaving the security guard looking at her from behind wondering if the husband was scheming revenge against her.


    When she returned home, Ning Meng tossed the toilet paper to one side and sat on the sofa to reflect. Huo Beichen had said that he did not know how to drive, but he had driven all the way to this area.

    Could it be…

    Ning Meng's eyes brightened and she quickly took her phone to send Huo Beichen a text: [Brother, do you have an identical twin brother?]

    There could only be this explanation, right?

    Huo Beichen immediately replied: [Nope.]


    Ning Meng's anxiousness skyrocketed.

    After she had taken her shower and lay down on her bed, she kept mulling over the matter until midnight. She pricked up her ears but could not pick up any foreign sounds. She dully waited until three or four in the morning, but no one had entered her apartment. Before she knew it, she fell asleep.

    The next day when she had woken up, it was already afternoon. She went out to have a meal, and when she came back and passed by the security area, she asked the security guard, "Mr. Huo did not come by yesterday, right?"

    "He did!"


    Hence, she decided not to sleep that night!

    She waited until night came, turned off the lights, and waited in the living room. Ning Meng was bold and brave as she was used to be being alone. However, when it reached two in the morning and there were still no movements in the apartment, Ning Meng felt that the security guard was playing tricks on her. Either that or the person she had seen in the CCTV footage just happened to look like Huo Beichen.

    Just as she was about to draw the curtains in her bedroom, she glanced outside and noticed that there were some lights in the carpark area. Ning Meng stopped dead in her tracks. A moment of realization dawned upon her as she rushed out of her apartment. When she entered the lift, a chill ran down her spine.

    As she arrived at the first floor, she rushed out and saw a man clad in a black overcoat leaning against his car. His slender fingers holding onto a cigarette, he took in a drag and slowly puffed out a smoke ring. Amidst the smoke surrounding him, his eyes looked distant, an air of loneliness shrouding him.

    Ning Meng's heart ached when she saw this, and her eyes were filled with compassion.