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Chapter 272 - Spoiling his wife rotten (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 272: Spoiling his wife rotten (2)

    The main card that the Boss always used for himself!

    That night, he got a call from the Boss telling him to prepare a supplementary card. He had originally thought that CEO Gu had prepared it for Young Mistress, but… it was actually for the Boss!

    Oh god…

    This means that the Boss had transferred all of the assets over to Young Mistress under his name. That's an absurd amount of money!

    One had to know that for someone like the Boss, the money in his bank account is consistently multiplying. That meant that he had an infinite amount of money in his account…

    He truly was spoiling his wife rotten!

    To be frank, he was envious; he also would like to marry the Boss!

    Before they returned, Xu Weilai had also prepared a new year gift for Grandpa Gu. She knew that he fancied Tang suits, so she purchased two sets for him. She had sewed on the little flowers on the Tang suits herself.

    Grandpa Gu seemed to have everything except for one's sincerity.

    She took it out and passed it over to Grandpa Gu. "Grandpa, Happy New Year. I hope you'll like it," she said sweetly.

    Grandpa Gu received the gift, smiling as he accepted it with appreciation. Then, he passed the gift over to the maid adoringly and instructed her to place it well. "I like anything gifted by you, Little Weilai. How thoughtful," he said.

    Seeing how happy he was, Xu Weilai couldn't help but smile, too.

    Gu Yu's inky gaze shifted over to those Tang suits for a while before his gaze settled on Xu Weilai's face, then to her empty hands as his brows knitted together.

    Where was his gift?

    The look that Gu Yu gave Xu Weilai sent shivers down her spine. She hadn't prepared a new year gift for Gu Yu because… she assumed that Gu Yu wouldn't prepare a gift for her. She was afraid that if she prepared a gift, Gu Yu would take it the wrong way and think that she had some ulterior motive again. If that were the case, wouldn't preparing a gift for him be akin to shooting herself in the foot then?

    Who would've known that plans would still change…

    Xu Weilai had no choice but to brazen it out and pretend that she couldn't feel Gu Yu's eyes on her. Putting up a brave front, she sat there with a guilty look in her eyes.

    Grandpa Gu's gaze shifted between the two. On the account that his grandson had already thought things out, he decided to help him out. Given the enigma Gu Yu was, he otherwise wouldn't have taken the initiative to ask for a gift himself!

    Grandpa Gu coughed softly and asked with feigned ignorance, "Little Weilai, what's the gift that you've prepared for Gu Yu?"

    Initially wanting to bluff it out, the smile on Xu Weilai's face stiffened.

    She could ignore the look Gu Yu was giving her. Now that Grandpa had mentioned it, however, she couldn't pretend to not have heard him.

    She didn't have anything with her now, so how could she come up with a gift for Gu Yu on the spot…? Xu Weilai frowned, hesitance clear in her eyes as she clasped her hands together tightly. After a few seconds, she finally made up her mind.

    Xu Weilai took in a deep breath and raised her head suddenly. Making her way over to Gu Yu's side, she quickly pecked a kiss onto his cheek and said, "Happy New Year, Gu Yu."

    Gu Yu stood stunned, with a dazed look briefly lingering in his eyes.

    This was the first time she had offered him a kiss without any ulterior motive…

    Xu Weilai immediately retreated after pecking a kiss onto his face. She didn't know if Gu Yu would get mad at her for suddenly kissing him, but she couldn't think of any other gift. A kiss would have to do for now.

    She glanced at Gu Yu's face. Seeing how he remained expressionless, the feeling of unease crept in.

    She felt the man's inky gaze slowly turn towards her with a look that was impossible to read. In the next second, he made his way over to her side.