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Chapter 101

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 101

    Yeon-woo’s eyes suddenly became bigger.

    ‘The gods and demons of the 98th floor are interested in me?’

    The 98th floor was an unknown territory that many players targeted for thousands of years to no avail.

    After Allforone settled on the 77th floor for unknown reasons, no one has ever been able to climb higher than that floor. the Red Dragon Clan endlessly gathered on the 76th floor to bring

    Allforone down from his position, but they never succeeded…however, although the floors above the 77th remained a mystery, there were clues to guess what was on those floors.

    One of these clues was the 98th floor. The masters of the apostles who were a large portion of the rankers. The base where gods and demons resided.

    Gods and demons used a secret method to see what happened beneath the 77th floor. And if there was a player that caught their eye, they would present the player with more power, or the position of an apostle.

    But none of these higher beings completely left the 98th floor.

    Players thought it was because if they descended, their spiritual pressure would destroy the lower floors, so the gods and demons stayed on the 98th floor.

    Nevertheless, these gods and demons would use various methods to manifest their power in the lower floors to demonstrate their presence.

    A good example was Hermes, who showed interest in Yeon-woo. And another method was by messages, like right now.

    ‘But even if they do contact players in the lower floor, it’s very rare. At most, two people have ever been contacted. Even Jeong-woo never received this kind of message.’

    Is this how unique the theory of Cores is?

    All he had done was combine the knowledge of the One-horned tribe with his Magic Circuit to create a new theory.

    But the message didn’t pop up again, and Yeon-woo no longer had any clues to make new guesses as to why they were interested in him.

    However, he was sure of one thing.

    ‘The path I found. it’s the right one.’

    Even the gods were shocked that he had found this path.

    The theory of natural flow of mana using Cores. It fit exactly with the hypothesis that Magic Circuit wasn’t fit for humans.

    ‘If so..’

    Yeon-woo smirked.

    Since he had found the path, he only had to continue forward. Yeon-woo organized the piled information inside his head.

    He finished interpreting the important sections, determined what other information he needed, and forgot about the sections he didn’t need.

    The Draconic species were one that sought the truth.

    They would obviously have a colossal amount of knowledge gathered throughout the duration of their existence and no human could ever catch up to their uses of the brain.

    Yeon-woo collected these characteristics from his Draconic Eyes and poured all his concentration on thinking.

    His head heated up. It felt as if his brain was burning from all the work. [Combat Will’s skill proficiency is rapidly increasing. 27%, 28% … 35%, 36%]

    [New knowledge has been obtained. The application of Magic Circuit is being created.] [Your vessel has grown.]

    [The acquisition of new knowledge and growth of your soul has been confirmed. The paused progress of succession has continued. 99.5%, 99.6%.]

    Yeon-woo focused like there was no tomorrow. How much time had passed?

    When Yeon-woo opened his eyes, he could see that the sun had already set after looking out the window.


    Edora thought she might be a nuisance to Yeon-woo, so she had been quietly looking on for several hours. She followed him up as he stood up. He seemed to be in a dangerous state, like he would collapse any moment.


    ‘His eyes…’

    Edora held her breath the moment she looked into Yeon-woo’s eyes. Right now, Yeon-woo didn’t seem like Yeon-woo. She felt she would get hurt if she got closer.

    As Edora wondered why she was feeling so anxious, she realized where she had seen those eyes before.

    ‘When father saw his enemies…that’s how his eyes were like.’

    When Edora was younger, she was almost kidnapped by the One-horned tribe’s enemies.

    The Martial King hurried to save her, and his eyes in front of those enemies were so intense that she could still remember that look. She hadn’t known she would see those eyes again.

    Yeon-woo walked over to the next section like he didn’t notice Edora.

    So far, Yeon-woo had only been in a small part of the huge archives. Yeon-woo once again grabbed all the books he could find and read just enough to get the gist of it. It was like he was possessed by something. His eyes continued to have that intense look.

    * * *

    With the new theory, Yeon-woo received three different items. The trait, Mana-friendly

    The title, Blessed By Mana The skill, Mana Control

    [Trait: Mana-friendly (氣人)]

    Provides easier access to the mana stream in the atmosphere. The amount able to be used at once increases from Inner Cultivation, and the recharging speed is faster as well.

    Every player wanted to accumulate more magic power in their body since the power of the skill differed greatly depending on the amount of magic power. The physique would also get stronger.

    Yeon-woo’s amount of magic power suddenly grew to a huge amount thanks to his new trait. And as if that wasn’t enough, the amount of time for it to recharge decreased as well.

    Yeon-woo received a trait that any player would kill for. The same went for the title. [Title: Blessed by Mana]

    A title earned by understanding a new method to use the Magic Circuit.

    As the tier of Magic Circuit increased the detachment of mana stream with the body has been connected. However, there is still a limit as it hasn’t reached the level of a Draconic species blessed by mana.

    Effects: Magic Power +15

    Magic Circuit skill proficiency +9%.

    The amount of magic power able to be used at once increases dramatically. You can use magic power of different kinds freely.

    These new abilities were what Yeon-woo needed the most. Not only did his magic power increase by 15 points, the proficiency of skills increased as well.

    But Yeon-woo’s attention was on something else – the fact that he could deal with all kinds of magic power.

    ‘This means that I can deal with opposite kinds of magic power at the same time.’

    Incompatibilities existed between the kinds of magic power. Fire was weak against water, water against wood, wood against earth, and so on. Like divine power clashing against evil energy.

    Because of this, players chose one kind of magic power that they used the most, and added other kinds that wouldn’t interfere with their main kind. And if they didn’t do this, they had to be

    careful so the incompatible kinds wouldn’t clash.

    This was why Yeon-woo used Aegis and the Black Bracelet separately. The divine power in Aegis was poison for the bracelet.

    But the moment he got this title, those limits completely disappeared. Of course, he would have to confirm this ability, but he was confident that he was right.

    This was the power of being blessed by magic power.

    The Draconic species could do this. They weren’t limited in the different kinds of magic power and could bend the forces of nature to their will. They touched the truth and moved the world. Yeon-woo wasn’t this powerful yet, but he could now step into the territory of being free from the limits of mana.

    And lastly, the skill.

    [ Mana Control (氣功)] Rank: DDD- ~SSS+

    Proficiency: 0.0%

    Summary: Pulls in mana from the atmosphere and turns it into magic power. Greater proficiency leads to a faster converting process. The newly manufactured magic power is very pure.

    *Cloud Formula

    Through meditation and breathing exercises, purer mana is taken from the atmosphere and absorbed as magic power.

    *Mana Manifestation

    Increases output of converted magic power. The efficiency of the output vastly differs with the proficiency of the skill.

    **The current skill has a rank of DDD-. Please raise the rank through Inner Cultivation. Mana Control was a skill that could make Magic Power productive.

    Although the current rank of the skill was low, with the creation of Cores and new Inner Cultivation, he wouldn’t have to worry about that.

    Now, he tried to find ways he could use his abilities best

    He already had the basic infrastructure down. He only needed to finish adding more materials.

    And those materials…

    ‘There’s plenty here. I can find information I need to in here.’

    This Skill Archive had a lot of stuff. It only had Mugong books that were iron-level, but this was actually good for him. The stronger the basics of Inner Cultivation, the better the materials would be.

    There was only one thing Yeon-woo was worried about. ‘Something just for Magic Circuit.’

    All he had to do was get information with his Draconic Eyes and interpret that information in a way that was beneficial to him.

    ‘In a sense, the Tendon Transformation Scripture was perfect for Magic Circuit. Almost like it was a set.’

    The first book he picked up, the Tendon Transformation Scripture, played a big role in setting up the foundation for his new theory of mana.

    He guessed it was because out of the many to learn from, the Tendon Transformation Scripture specifically taught how to increase purer magic power.

    [Currently, you have learned 312 different Inner Cultivations. The creation of Inner Cultivation based on the Tendon Transformation Scripture is being made.]

    [The trait ‘Dragon’s Knowledge’ of the hidden Draconic species has been partly applied, and the creation process has sped up.]


    This was how Yeon-woo spent his days and nights in the Skill Archive, not even coming out. He focused solely on reading the theory books.

    And so one day passed, two days passed, and the third day arrived.

    During this time, Yeon-woo didn’t leave the Skill Archive. And Edora stayed right by Yeon-woo’s side.

    He didn’t eat nor drink, and everyone outside was worried sick about Yeon-woo.

    They couldn’t convince him to leave even for a small break and thought he would die from overexertion.

    Yeon-woo’s black circles came all the way down to his feet, but his eyes were burning up with passion.

    Edora thought she would be burnt to a crisp from his fiery eyes. A new development occurred after three days had passed.

    It was after he had come full circle around the entire Skill Archive.

    He had read so many books by this time that he had lost count of how many he had read, and each of these books were enough to be acknowledged by Edora.


    Suddenly, the atmosphere around Yeon-Woo changed. It was heavy and unpleasant.

    Edora knew in an instant that a change had taken place within Yeon-woo.

    It was something that had happened to her, Phante, and some of the tribe members. Enlightenment.

    Like when you grab hold of something while walking through a lurking and unpredictable fog. When you completely make Mugong yours.

    Her thoughts were confirmed when a storm following Yeon-woo was made. As the wind got stronger, the bookshelves nearby shook and books fell like dominoes.

    The Iron-level Skill Archive trembled side to side.

    Wondering what was happening inside, the guards outside quickly rushed inside, but one look at Edora’s face told them to quietly stay in their places.

    And a shocked expression spread from face to face as they saw Yeon-woo.

    They knew that he had already overwhelmingly defeated Jang who had climbed 30 floors, but this strength was one that was only able to be seen from the strongest of their tribe.

    No, even with all that aside, they were stunned that they could feel a certain depth of Mugong from someone who had just started studying it.

    ‘Isn’t this on the level of Yang Kwang Yi Hyun?’ ‘This is crazy…!’



    When Yeon-woo opened his eyes again, a sharp beam of light split his surroundings. The gusts of winds around him settled down.

    And a horrid stench spread all around. The clothes Yeon-woo were wearing turned dark like the abyss of a black hole.

    This was because as his body conformed to his new enlightenment, all the waste inside his body had been emitted outside.

    ‘His mana vein and twelve meridians have been opened…!’

    ‘Huh! It’s only been three days and already…the Eliminal Cleanse?’

    And while a quiet shock was spreading throughout the onlookers.

    Yeonwoo’s gaze slowly became subdued. After he pulled in his aura, he almost looked relieved.

    It was impossible to see his face because of his mask, but his eyes that were once overflowing with fire were now extremely calm.



    His voice was raspy after speaking for the first time in a long while.

    Edora gazed at Yeon-woo with a surprised face. It was like the person she had looked at for three days had turned into someone else.

    Although there was a vile stench in the air and her surroundings were a mess with all the bookshelves on the floor, she could only see him.

    For some reason, the air was hot. The bridge of her nose was slightly red. And in the midst of this strange atmosphere.

    Yeon-woo calmly asked.

    “I’m really hungry. Is there anything to eat?” “. ”


    The sound from Yeon-woo’s stomach harshly brought her to reality.