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Chapter 103 - Opening Act 1

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 103: Opening Act 1

    Translator: Springday4ever Editor: Springday4ever

    “Why are you smiling like a cat that ate the canary? What, did something good happen? You’re not planning on doing something crazy again, right?

    “Geez, old man. You make it seem like I always do crazy things.”

    “Humph! Are you saying you don’t?”

    The Martial King laughed at the elder who was looking at him suspiciously.

    Eh, after all, he did do a lot of crazy things when he was younger. And the elders always paid the price.

    “Today is the day.”

    “The day?”

    “To see how great our son-in-law is.”

    “Ah, that’s what you meant.”

    The elder nodded his head in understanding.

    The elders knew Yeon-woo had received permission to enter the skill archives for four days.

    And that he had the ridiculous quest to create a new Mugong in that time.

    “So then is Edora planning on giving the Yin Sword to that guy?”

    “Looks like it.”

    “Guess that was obvious. Defeating Jang who climbed up 30 floors right after finishing the tutorial at that age…I suppose it’ll be hard to find something like him again. It’s a shame that we can’t see his face behind the mask though.”

    “I’m sure he’s good looking.”

    “Hm? How do you know that?’

    The Martial King just smirked without giving him a response.

    The fact that the Martial King laughed like that meant he was hiding tricks in his sleeves again.

    No one was able to stop him when he did that.

    Even the Psychic Medium, whom the Martial King was supposed to submit to.

    “Anyways, just don’t go overboard. Finishing Mugong in four days? What kind of ridiculous quest is that? I know you were planning on making him feel weak, but if you go overboard, he’ll rebel.”

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