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Chapter 104 - Opening Act 1

Second Life Ranker
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    “My strength?”

    His brother’s journal didn’t contain anything about the high rankers’ skills.

    But Yeon-woo wanted to check with his own eyes. Especially the strength of the Martial King, who was at peak of the Nine Kings.

    “Geez. Being a teacher really isn’t easy. Hm. What should I show you?”

    Rather than thinking Yeon-woo was annoying for asking so many things of him, he thought Yeon-woo was quite confident.

    The Martial King decided to show something very fancy and first-rate while he was at it.

    Once upon a time, he was called a ‘Walking Archive’ because he knew many different Mugongs and mastered quite a few of them.

    Then the Martial King thought. Since the Mugong he was planning on teaching Yeon-woo was the Eight Extreme Fists, he would show him a part of it.

    “I don’t usually show this to other people. Today, I’m doing this just for you, so watch closely. This is a part of the Eight Extreme Fists called Break Heaven.”

    The Martial King started to get in position. Suddenly, the atmosphere around the King changed and became heavier.


    Yeon-woo’s eyes were fixed on the Martial King to see everything with his Draconic Eyes.

    His breathing, mana circulation, muscle movement, and the angles of his actions. A goal that he had for the future was right in front of him.

    And during this time, the beast that was lying dormant inside the Martial King started to show itself.

    His fighting spirit crashed like a storm.

    The presence of the Martial King grew like a giant, and it was as if the Martial King was the only thing to exist in this world.

    Edora grew pale and stepped back. She planted her sword in the ground to somehow protect herself.

    Even for Yeon-woo, it was hard to stay steady. The Magic Circuit spun in his body like crazy, but he was only barely able to keep his balance.

    His gaze was still on the Martial King amidst all this. Everything that the Martial King saw appeared to him like an illusion.

    It was more than what he felt when looking at the Martial King so far.

    It was an entirely new world.