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Chapter 113 - Legendary Beasts Successor (4)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 113: Legendary Beasts Successor (4)


    Didn’t the Void Dragon die?

    Yeon-woo’s eyes became bigger, and the same voice from earlier echoed in his head. It was the same way of communication as the Phoenix.

    It was definitely the Void Dragon.

    [Kehahat! I wondered what kind of guy the Phoenix had a fondness for. If you’re here, you also know what’s happening. Then you have quite the motivation, hm?]

    Yeon-woo felt wide-awake.

    “Are you really the Void Dragon?”

    [Kinda weird that the guy who woke me is saying that, isn’t ie? Kekekek.]


    Yeon-woo was going to ask what the Void Dragon meant, but trailed off because he had a thought. He didn’t have the qualification to collect a soul that he didn’t kill. Even if he could, the Void Dragon’s tier was too strong, so he didn’t know if it was possible.

    To be precise, this didn’t seem to be a soul. What if it was a remaining vestige of the Void Dragon?


    Then, Chirpy spread his wings, and confidently stood face to face with the Void Dragon.

    [I see. You’re the one that’s taking over the South instead of that arrogant bastard? I guess you’re her kid. This is amusing. A player that’s taking care of a Legendary Beast. I’ve never heard of this before. Well. I guess this is why I woke up.]

    The Void Dragon was busy snickering at Yeon-woo. How was he able to read the Phoenix’s energy on him?

    Yeon-woo let out a laugh in disbelief. Just his vestige was able to have this much will. Legendary Beasts were definitely different.

    Soul and vestiges were different. Soul was the existence that existed along with the physical body, and vestiges were the remains of the existence.

    Easily said, it was like the difference between the Sun and it’s shadow. Although there was that much of a gap in power.

    [When you’re as powerful as me, you don’t need to worry about that kind of stuff.]


    Yeon-woo tightly closed his mouth in front of the arrogant Void Dragon.

    ‘Was he always this talkative? The diary definitely said that he was a character that didn’t like to be bothered.’

    Maybe it was a new development after being attacked by the Saber God. The Void Dragon had fought the Saber God, so Yeon-woo would be able to learn new information from him.

    However. The Void Dragon spoke before Yeon-woo could.

    [Anyways. I’ve been watching you ever since you woke me up. It’s interesting that a fellow who handles death like you is loved by the Phoenix, but you seemed rushed. It was fun to watch.]

    The Legendary Beast’s were existences that lived off of dreams, so they could read the player’s thoughts somewhat. The Void Dragon was talking about Yeon-woo’s concern for the future.

    [You’re thinking of fighting the guy that rudely woke me up. Right?]

    There was no need to hide it. Yeon-woo nodded his head.

    “If possible. Yes.”

    [Even if you might get killed? I’m fine, since I can just be reborn in the Void, but you only have one life, eh?]

    “It’s a request from a friend.”

    Yeon-woo stroked Chirpy’s friend.

    Chirpy once again chirped proudly, as if bragging that this was how amazing his friend was.

    Edora just quietly watched them from behind.

    [But that’s reckless bravado?]

    The Void Dragon twisted his words like he was making fun of him.

    “But don’t you think I should at least try? There could always be variables.”

    The Void Dragon laughed like Yeon-woo was foolish.

    [So? That’s the path you’re taking?]


    But Yeon-woo firmly nodded his head again.

    “Right now, isn’t it the Void Dragon in front of me?”

    Yeon-woo used his Draconic Eyes to see the existence in front of him. There was a young boy. He seemed to be a 7 year old based on his appearance, but a dense Void was following him.

    It was the illusion made of the Void Dragon’s vestige.

    The illusion crossed his arms and lifted a corner of his mouth.

    At that moment.

    Yeon-woo’s surroundings turned pitch black. He was trapped in darkness. A lightless area that seemed like it would suck in everything. A place where life, death, and souls would disappear.

    Yeon-woo got shivers. This wasn’t the place anyone with a soul should be.

    The Void.

    Yeon-woo felt like his consciousness was spinning round and round the room. But on one hand, Yeon-woo felt a coziness despite his fear.

    He didn’t know why.

    However, one thing he was sure about was that this Void could erase him any second. It was the power of someone who was born from the Void, even though they had died.

    [So. I can interpret that as you’re willing to use me if needed?]

    The variables that Yeon-woo talked about. The Void Dragon sinisterly laughed. The Legendary Beast’s were haughty creatures. But to think that right after he had died, this guy was saying upfront that he would use him.

    Although the Void Dragon showed the will to kill if Yeon-woo made one tiny mistake, Yeon-woo nodded his head.

    “Then you wouldn’t have spoken to me first. There’s no reason for an existence that thinks everything is useless would have taken an interest in a human like me, right?”

    The reason why the Void Dragon suddenly became talkative. Yeon-woo thought it was because he was testing him.

    A drop of sweat slid down his face. As fear crept in, his body screamed like it was going to go crazy.

    And when the sweat dripped off his face disappeared into the Void.

    [Puhahahat! This guy is better than I thought.]

    The Void Dragon chortled.

    Yeon-woo’s thoughts were right. The Void around him went away like it had never been there, and he was back in the forest again.

    Yeon-woo let out a big breath. He felt like the Void that had been creeping against him was still there.

    Chirp chirp!

    Chirpy protested like he realized what the Void Dragon did.

    Of course, it wasn’t like the Void Dragon was gonna listen to him. He snorted and spoke to Yeon-woo.

    [Ok. Fine. You have to have at least that much confidence to get something done. I hate guys who bark and don’t bite.]

    The Void Dragon continued, twisting his lower lip.

    [I despise being woken up from my sleep. More than dying. That guy not only woke me up, but he took my Neidan and heart.]

    Anger could be heard in his voice.

    [I’m not strong enough to leave this territory in this condition, and I’m not patient enough to wait around being reborn in the Void again. But then you appeared.]

    The Void Dragon wanted to test Yeon-woo. If he was a normal human, he would’ve ignored him, but there might’ve been something special about him since he had received the Phoenix’s liking.

    And the result.

    [You have received the acknowledgement of the Void Dragon and achieved the hidden quest ‘Test of the Void Dragon.]

    [You have accomplished something that is not easily accomplished. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

    [You have received 5,000 Karma.]

    [You have received an additional 3,000 Karma.]

    [You are being rewarded with the ‘Void Dragon’s Favor.’ Affinity with the Void Dragon has dramatically increased.]

    [Affinity with tree property has increased by 50.]

    [Affinity with dark property has increased by 50.]

    [Thunder property.….]


    [But even if you fight against the Saber God now, there’s still a wide gap between you. I’ll lessen that for you.]

    [The Void Dragon has suggested a second test. Will you accept?]

    Yeon-woo felt his eyes widen. The second test. He had wanted to receive a test from the Void Dragon anyway. Yeon-woo quickly nodded his head.

    [Hidden Quest / The Void Dragon’s Second Test]

    Summary: The Legendary Beast of the East, the Void Dragon, wishes to punish the enemy that woke him from his deep sleep. But he is not able to leave the territory of the Void.

    The Void Dragon wishes to assign you a job. Please accept the power that is being given to finish the enemy.

    As the severity of the punishment increases, the rewards will also increase as well.


    1. Bead of the Abyss

    2. Wrath of the Void Dragon

    3. ???

    [Alright, with this, the contract is done.]

    The Void Dragon smiled so widely his canines could be seen. And his existence scattered into thousands of pieces of the Void and started to permeate Yeon-woo’s body.


    Yeon-woo shot up straight.

    He could feel a colossal amount of magic power entering his body.

    A strength made up of tree, dark, and thunder property. The vestige was being absorbed by Yeon-woo.

    [The big pieces have been stolen so this is all that’s left…but I hope this will help at least a little.]

    It was a present to somehow decrease the gap between the Saber God and him. The Void Dragon’s vestige started to fade away and melted in his Magic Circuit.

    [You have received the ‘Blessing of the Void Dragon.’]

    [You have absorbed a great amount of magic power at once.]

    [Strength has increased by 15.]

    [Dexterity has increased by 10.]


    [You have earned the title ‘Contractor With the Void Dragon.’]

    Some time passed before Yeon-woo opened his eyes again.

    The Void Dragon had said it wasn’t much, but it was a big amount to Yeon-woo. It made him feel like he had eaten another Akasha’s Snake.

    Thanks to that, he was able to fill a part of his Magic Circuit, which had grown because of Holy Fire. However, he was still lacking in magic power.

    But if comparing just the total amount, his Magic Circuit had increased by about 1.5 times the original amount.

    ‘Unlike the Phoenix’s inheritance, it’s a lower leveled blessing, but this is still pretty impressive.’

    The Void Dragon’s vestige was gone now. It seemed like it had only remained here to give the power.

    Yeon-woo turned around to look at Edora.

    To Edora, it looked like Yeon-woo had swallowed a Legendary Beast whole, so she as staring blankly at him, and then she nodded her head.

    They needed to quickly catch up to the moving Saber God.

    The next location was the North. The Abyss Turtle.



    A big shape fell to the ground. The Earth’s axis shook up and down.

    It was a Legendary Beast that looked like a hybrid between a large snake and a turtle. It was the Abyss Turtle.


    “Are you alright, sir?”

    Cheonghwado’s players looked at the Saber God with worrisome faces. The Saber God didn’t respond and slowly twisted his neck and his shoulders.


    Everytime he did that, the sound of his muscles and bones moving back in their place could be heard, but he didn’t care.

    “…..This is tiring.”

    And the Saber God sat down on a nearby rock like he couldn’t do it anymore.

    Today. He had to fight 3 big battles. They were all battles that he would’ve had to recuperate for one month. However, he had done it continuously.

    So the Saber God was only able to do it by unsealing ‘Six’ after receivng permission from the Sword God., and he had just gotten the Abyss Turtle.

    And now, he was feeling extremely tired.

    ‘If we had opened ‘Seven’ as well, it would’ve been easier.’

    The team leader of the Madodan had a wistful face as he looked at the Saber God from behind.

    But he understood why the Saber God had done that. His pride would never let him. Even if it was a Legendary Beast, it was only the 11th floor.

    If they used Seven, who symbolized the full force of Cheonghwado, what would all their accomplishments come to?

    “Saber God, why don’t you take a rest and…”

    “No. It’s fine. The Legendary Beasts have probably realized what’s happening to them, and Red Dragon will come after sniffing us out. We need to finish it before then.”

    At the Saber God’s firm response, the team leader stepped back.

    If the other Martial Gods had helped, it would’ve gone faster, but they were all doing their duties. There was no one other than the Saber God to do this job.

    He didn’t realize why they had to put themselves through this, since it wasn’t like it was easy.

    But there were always reasons for why the Sword God did the things he did, and so no one questioned him. The Sword God’s words were unconditional.

    If there was one silver lining, it was that there was only one left.

    “Then let’s go.”

    The Saber God got up and picked up the iron box on the floor. Madodan quietly followed him.

    Like the Saber God’s personality, they all moved quietly.

    The only sound was from the Saber God’s nine swords clacking around against the iron box.