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Chapter 114 - Legendary Beasts Successor (5)

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     Chapter 114: Legendary Beasts Successor (5)

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    Yeon-woo had to bite his lips at the fact that he was late again.

    The territory of the Abyss Turtle was also destroyed. A lake that would’ve been big as an ocean was left evaporated, and the empty bottom was revealed.

    However, the Abyss Turtle was still alive with its heart and Neidan pulled out.

    [A human that has received the blessing of the Phoenix and the Void Dragon? I saw someone similar to you 600 years ago. But I never imagined I would see it again. But what to do. Human. You are a step late.]

    The Abyss Turtle was a humongous turtle. To be precise, he had a body of both a turtle and a snake.

    The Abyss Turtle was created by the combination of a mystical beast and a magical beast that had been walking different paths. And so they were one, but they were also two. A turtle head and body, and a long snake’s head that was near the tail.

    One signified god, and one signified magic, and that was how they tested their challengers.

    The Abyss Turtle had the most mild personality out of the four Legendary beasts, and liked humans, so he gave tests to whoever wanted them. But fitting of a test that was given by two heads, it was extremely difficult, so many were known to die during this test.

    The Abyss Turtle blinked slowly, and looked at Yeon-woo with two pairs of eyes.

    They also knew what they needed to do like the Void Dragon had done. Even if they had a mild personality, it didn’t mean they wouldn’t get mad at a sudden attack.

    No, actually, they might’ve had a deeper anger than the Void Dragon. The snake was a magical beast that used to eat manticores in one bite. To die here was something that couldn’t happen.

    [Our blessing.]

    [Will you receive it?]

    And the favor of the Abyss Turtle fell.

    “I’ll leave it to you.”

    Yeon-woo nodded his head.

    [You have received the ‘Blessing of the Abyss Turtle.’]

    [You have achieved an accomplishment not easily achieved. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

    [You have received 5,000 Karma.]

    [You have received an additional 3,000 Karma.]


    [You have accepted the request of the Abyss Turtle and you must finish the test.]

    [This is a forced condition. You cannot reject it. Once you reject it, you will receive a severe penalty.]

    [Hidden Quest / The Abyss Turtle’s Test]

    Summary: The Abyss Turtle is looking at you, who is performing the test of the Phoenix and the Void Dragon, with interest. And they wish to give you a test.

    The Abyss Turtle is looking for someone to carry out their revenge rather than do it themselves. Please look for a Mystical Beast worthy of becoming their successor and turn them into a Legendary Beast.


    1. A piece of the Turtle Head’s back

    2. Shedding of the Tail Snake

    3. ???

    ‘A successor?’

    He thought they would ask him to take revenge, like the Void Dragon had. The Abyss Turtle was completely different.

    [What would we do after getting that revenge?]

    [Forever doesn’t exist anyway. Rather, we were able to live two times a normal life since we were two.]

    [So we have no regrets dying.]

    [Unlike the Phoenix, we weren’t able to leave children behind.]

    Yeon-woo was able to realize then that their eyes were focused on Chirpy.

    Warmth. And jealousy.

    Even if it was rare, the Phoenix was able to find her pair, but the Abyss Turtle was the combination of two existences and not able to find their pair.

    Descendents were also proof that someone had lived. The Abyss Turtle wanted to leave that proof behind.

    ‘But since they can’t produce children, they are looking for a successor’

    An existence to satisfy the Abyss Turtle? Yeon-woo thought it might be even more difficult to carry out than the Void Dragon’s revenge.

    [Then. We leave it to you.]

    [We’ll be looking at you from Styx.]

    The Abyss Turtle blinked their big eyes and gradually disappeared.

    As the dust blew in the wind, they were divided in two. The turtle section and the snake section. Of these, the turtle section spun around Yeon-woo and was absorbed first.

    [The Magic Circuit is opening.]

    [You have received the nickname ‘Substitute of the Abyss Turtle.’]

    [Strength has increased by 10.]

    [Dexterity has increased by 10.]


    [Affinity with the water property has increased by 50.]

    [Affinity with the ice property has increased by 50.]


    Like with the Void Dragon, his empty Magic Circuit started filling up. But this wasn’t all the Abyss Turtle left him. Now, the dust of the snake section landed on this skin.

    [The skill ‘Blue Spirit’s Blessing (Temporary)’ has been created.]


    Yeon-woo’s eyes became bigger as he checked his new skill.

    [Blue Spirit’s Blessing (Temporary)]

    Rank: ???

    Proficiency: 0.0%

    Description: A spirit has been stuck to you by the Abyss Turtle so you are able to focus solely on the test.

    With the spirit, the different blessings of the Legendary Beasts will not clash and you will be able to use them all.

    ***This skill is ‘inherent.’ Only those that have been acknowledged by the Abyss Turtle can receive this skill, and depending on the proficiency, growth is possible.

    ‘It’s a passive skill.’

    It was a simple explanation, but Yeon-woo realized the Abyss Turtle had given him something much needed. He could already feel the different energies in his body settling.

    The Blessings of the Legendary Beasts were a very strong blessing. Like he had to beware of the compatibilities of the buffs, same went for these blessings.

    If such a clash occurred during a battle, it would only lead to his destruction.

    This skill was outstanding in preventing that. It was good to use his strength to its full power. Yeon-woo tried to find the Blue Spirit, but he couldn’t feel anything.

    It was probably because he wasn’t under their control. Yeon-woo lightly shook his body, and moved to the next location.

    The Saber God’s next stop was the Sabertooth Tiger of the West.


    After running at full strength, Yeon-woo was able to get there before the Saber God.


    [You’re hilarious. You’re telling me to leave? Me? Me, who has been here since the beginning of the Tower?]

    Yeon-woo told everything he had seen to the Sabertooth Tiger. The fight between Red Dragon and Cheonghwado. The happenings of the Saber God. The 3 dead Legendary Beasts.

    He warned to leave because it would become dangerous here. However, the Sabertooth Tiger snorted. And even made fun of the other Legendary Beasts who were killed by a mere human.

    [The Void Dragon and the Abyss Turtle have lost their touch. Stupid fools. Haha! And the Phoenix has left a will to be inherited? She’s crazy!]

    And growled, revealing his canine that was as big as his head.

    [Go away, human. I’m different from you. I’ll take care of it by myself.]


    [I said go away.]

    A low howl made the atmosphere shake. As if saying he would kill him if he annoyed him any longer.

    The Sabertooth Tiger was known to have the most pride. And so to earn his test, you have to put in a lot of effort, and he was upset that Yeon-woo had come here without any plans.

    Chirpy tried to convince him, but he refused, saying they had only ended up like that because they were stupid.

    And he even said something he shouldn’t.

    [Or. Leave the child with me. Legendary Beasts can help each other get stronger.]

    Eventually. Yeon-woo left with a scowl from the Sabertooth Tiger’s territory.


    “What are you planning on doing now?”

    “I’m not sure.”

    At Edora’s question, Yeon-woo looked at the Sabertooth Tiger’s territory with a crease on his forehead.

    “If I may say something out of concern. We’ll never be able to stop the Saber God ourselves. Never.”

    “You don’t have to worry about that. I can differentiate between courage and foolhardiness.”

    Chirpy nodded his head. Now, he didn’t really want to help the Sabertooth Tiger anymore. Reason being, he had called his mother stupid. And as if he was teasing him, he wanted Chirpy to be given to him. It was a situation where not getting angry was weird.

    But still.

    A small part of his mind wanted to help the Sabertooth Tiger. He only needed to leave for a second. But why was he being so stubborn?

    Yeon-woo kind of understood the Tiger.

    ‘Even if he knows it’s dangerous, his pride won’t let him.’

    He had lived a long time as a Legendary Beast. To leave his territory would be extremely painful for his confidence.

    So there was nothing Yeon-woo could do. The Tiger had shut his years. No amount of convincing would work.

    And he couldn’t wait here and help fight against the Saber God once he arrived. It wouldn’t be easy to defeat the wall of the Madodan that always followed the Saber God like a shadow.

    He needed another method.

    “May I tell you my opinion?”

    Then, Edora carefully spoke up. Yeon-woo looked at her with an intimidating look.

    “Do you have a good idea?”

    “First, I think we should leave here.”

    “The reason?”

    “Because we no longer have any reason to remain.”

    “Reason to remain?”

    Edora furiously nodded her head.

    “Yes. Along with the Phoenix, the Void Dragon and the Abyss Dragon left things for you. So we should follow those. But the Sabertooth Tiger is different.”

    Her voice was firm.

    “He ignored our warning, and he denied our assistance. So didn’t we do everything we could?”

    Yeon-woo nodded, because Edora was completely right.

    The only reason they had come here was because of Chirpy’s request, they had no personal relationship with any other Legendary Beast other than the Phoenix.

    “So first, we should leave, and plan for the future. I don’t think it’s good to even pass by or meet the Saber God.”

    He would get the Saber God. Even without what happened to the Phoenix, it was something Yeon-woo had to do at some point.

    But it wasn’t now.

    This needed to be continued carefully. Knowing that, the Void Dragon hadn’t placed a time limit on his revenge.

    But Yeon-woo wasn’t able to leave so easily. Even if he left, there was one thing he wanted to confirm. In the end, Yeon-woo made his decision.

    “Alright. I think it’s right to follow your decision.”

    Edora nodded her head with a brighter face. To be honest, she had worried about him the moment they chased after the Saber God. To fight with the Saber God meant war against Cheonghwado.

    It was totally impossible.

    Even if she helped Yeon-woo, she was slightly worried that she could be fighting against the One-horned tribe.

    But thankfully, it seemed her argument had worked.

    Like his logical and cold personality, Yeon-woo definitely wasn’t foolhardy.

    “Yes. So let’s go back and think things through again. We might have a new chance to catch Cheonghwado.”

    But Edora didn’t know. Even though Yeon-woo was logical and cold, he never gave up.

    “No. I’ve already made my decision. I can’t be with Cheonghwado anymore. I’ll get my egg back and return right away.”

    Edora’s eyes widened.


    “I’ll find my egg and cross over to the Red Dragon.”


    “If I can’t do it by myself, I’ll use someone else’s strength to do it.”

    Under the mask, Yeon-woo’s eyes sunk. As if they had collected the Void from the Void Dragon.


    ‘If I could lead Red Dragon and Cheonghwado to their end.’

    Plans flashed by Yeon-woo’s head.

    But before that.

    ‘I should get what I can.’

    If all of the Legendary Beast’s powers were collected.

    What would happen?

    Yeon-woo folded and unfolded his left hand.

    Bathory’s Vampiric Sword’s cold teeth clattered together.