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Chapter 115 - Legendary Beasts Successor (6)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 115: Legendary Beasts Successor (6)

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    The Sabertooth Tiger snorted.

    [Stupid fools. How pathetic do you have to be to get the pity of humans? You don’t even deserve to be called Legendary Beasts.]

    The Phoenix, Abyss Turtle, and the Void Dragon.

    He acknowledged them since they were called Legendary Beasts. But since they had died so easily he didn’t know what to think of them. Maybe they had forgotten about what they were since they had lived so many years peacefully.

    [Whatever the matter, the fact that they’re stupid fools doesn’t change.]

    He especially disliked the one wearing a mask, the one protected by the Phoenix. Legendary Beasts were existences that were enlightened. But those existences relied on humans?

    The Sabertooth Tiger no longer wanted to think about them, because the more he thought about them, the more angry he became. But he thought he should get ready for the humans that were going to come here.

    [I’ll have to use my strength for the first time in a while.]

    The Sabertooth Tiger let out a howl. It called all of the subordinates in his territory. His subordinates got in their places, ready to fight.

    And a moment later.

    He could feel a tingly sense in his brain. A heavy energy was approaching.

    A human that slowly came with hundreds of shadows. The iron box he had on his back was memorable.

    [He’s coming.]

    The Sabertooth Tiger pulled his lips back, showing his canines, and left his cave. He was going to show what happened to those who invaded his territory. And above where the Saber God and the Sabertooth Tiger were going to clash.

    The Spirit Familiar, Boo was looking down from the sky.



    “It’s begun.”

    Edora shouted, hurriedly looking back at Yeon-woo.

    Even if they were quite far away from the Sabertooth Tiger’s territory, they could hear large sounds as loud as thunder. The ground shook, and even Edora could feel the tremors.

    Edora’s mouth felt dry.

    ‘Strong….! Extremely!’

    With her eyes that could pierce the truth, she could see it clearly. Two tornadoes that sharply twisted like a knife was one-sidedly destroying the land.

    It was easy to tell whose it was. The Martial King had destroyed half of Kuram with one strike. But this was a strength different from that. One that only humans at the top of the pyramid could achieve.

    A wind like a knife blew everyone, and the entire stage of the 11th floor trembled.

    And the Sabertooth Tiger wasn’t able to fight back.

    To fight against someone like that? It was too much. It was impossible. Even if they were to fight against that person, it would have to much later in time. Only after they had steadily climbed more floors. No, even after that, they would still be a gap in strength.

    Edora was actually grateful to the Sabertooth Tiger for kicking them out. If they had been there with the Sabertooth Tiger? There was no need to even ask. They would have died. Like a big rock that had thrown against a colossal tiger.

    Of course, since she was the princess of the One-horned tribe, it might’ve been okay, but there was no telling what might’ve happened to Yeon-woo. However.

    Yeon-woo didn’t shrink back at the immense power. He was calmly looking on. His gaze was one of a hunter that was getting ready to go catch a tiger.

    ‘A hunter trying to catch a high ranker…’

    It didn’t even make sense, but what was she supposed to do about that gaze?

    Then, Yeon-woo was stroking Chirpy’s head with one hand and speaking to him.



    Chirpy widely nodded his head and focused on sharing his view using the connection.

    It was the view that the Spirit Familiar Boo was sharing.

    With more training of the Black Bracelet, Yeon-woo was able to easily share senses with the Spirit Familiars.

    Of course, as the distance was increased, it became more difficult, so he was only able to share his vision.

    But that was enough to watch the fight between the Saber God and the Sabertooth Tiger. And Chirpy was able to see through the connection with him.

    Boo wasn’t discovered by the Saber God, since he was high up in the air and he had hid his presence as much as possible.

    ‘Even if he does get caught, the Saber God will be too worried about the fight.’

    Yeon-woo focused on Boo’s vision.

    ‘The diary has records about fighting with the Saber God, but there’s a need to confirm how much stronger he became after all that time. And I need to see his strengths and weaknesses. Seeing for myself will help with that the most.’

    The Saber God was one-sidedly fighting the Sabertooth tiger. His appearance was calm, but his fighting methods were vicious.

    The Saber God first threw the iron box he brought into the air. As the knives that had been inside the box spread all over the ground.

    9 knives, big and small. They were swords that he had collected from different floors. Each were precious artifacts of old Lords, or being powerful enough to be called gods.

    The Saber God mindlessly planted these anywhere, and pulled each of them out while fighting the Sabertooth Tiger.

    If he needed to attack his abdomen, he would grab the nearest sword and throw it, and so on. There was no particular order. He freely surrounded the Sabertooth Tiger and kept on attacking him with knives.

    With that method, the Sabertooth Tiger wasn’t able to move at all. The repeated attacks left him with wounds all over his body.

    [You dare! You dare….!]

    At the Sabertooth Tiger’s anger, the atmosphere became more cold. But the Saber God didn’t care a bit and continued to attack. His speed increased, and the strength that he threw his swords increased as well, so it was like a bomb was attacking the Sabertooth Tiger.

    The Tiger’s skin was ripped, and you could see his bones. His right leg had already been cut off so his balance was off too.

    The Saber God smiled like he was having fun. There wasn’t any sound, but it was clear he was laughing. He looked like a demon that had come to enjoy destruction.

    ‘He’s almost playing with him. Was the Saber God always this strong?’

    Yeon-woo frowned at the strength of the Saber God that had vastly increased from the diary.

    And with the attacks that were becoming more violent, he tried to cut off his connection with Chirpy. It was clear how the fight with the Phoenix might’ve gone. He didn’t want to leave him with a trauma.

    But Chirpy shook his head like he was telling him to stop. Yeon-woo could feel his strong determination.

    “Ok. But if you like it’s too much, let me know. You don’t have to force yourself.”


    Yeon-woo proudly stroked his head, and became lost in his thoughts looking through Boo’s vision.

    ‘I don’t think the Saber God naturally became stronger. It looks like he put on some kind of magical artifact. Or did he get his hands on something else? Or dark magic?’

    Yeon-woo’s eyes flashed coldy.

    He thought he found a great hint to somehow defeat the Saber God in the future.


    And when the Saber God grabbed the ninth sword that he hadn’t grabbed before, the world exploded like it was ending, and half of the Tiger’s head flew off.

    His eyes were filled with shock.

    And Yeon-woo immediately called out to Boo. It was to tell him to hide in case the Saber God found him.



    Yeon-woo shot up from his spot. And Chirpy, who head read his thoughts, got on his shoulders and tweeted loudly.

    Yeon-woo used all his strength to use his Shunpo to get to the Sabertooth Tiger’s territory. He had told Edora to watch over the spot.

    It might look like a suicide mission to anyone else.

    ‘As expected, he’s not here.’

    When Yeon-woo had arrived at the territory, the Saber God had already fled. It was probably to get away from the Red Dragon, who might arrive soon.

    ‘But it’s an opportunity for me.’

    Yeon-woo landed near the Sabertooth Tiger’s corpse. His Neidan and heart were already gone. His head had half blown off, so it was extremely violent to see.

    Yeon-woo lightly clicked his tongue. He had definitely warned him, and he had ignored him. But he still felt bad looking at the Legendary Beast.

    [Did you come to mock me, human?]

    And at the moment, a white light gathered over the Sabertooth Tiger’s body, and became a human.

    A beautiful man with long hair glared at Yeon-woo. It was the vestige of the Sabertooth Tiger, like the Void Dragon.

    “Would I do that? Everything was your choice.”

    [Then? What are you doing here? If you’re expecting me to give you something like the other stupid fools, you’d better go back.]

    The vestige glowered at him, two eyes filled with anger.

    [I have nothing to give to a mere human. No, since I have someone to release my anger on, it’s actually a good thing.]

    A white energy spun around the vestige. Like it was about to attack Yeon-woo any moment now.

    Even if it was a vestige, it could attack Yeon-woo.



    [You’re laughing?]

    The Sabertooth creased his forehead at the laughter he heard from below. Yeon-woo was straight up laughing at him.

    “Who said they were going to accept what you give?”


    Yeon-woo didn’t even bother being respectful to him, since there was no reason to do that to someone that showed an enmity to him.

    “I can just take it myself.”


    Before the vestige roared in anger.

    Yeon-woo spread out his left hand and took it to where the dead body of the Sabertooth Tiger was.

    “Eat up.”