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Chapter 117.2 - Mercenary (1)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 117.2: Mercenary (1)

    He thought it was right to say his goodbyes before he left, but the Martial King was looking at him like his mind was an open book.

    Yeon-woo didn’t know how the Martial King would respond when he told him the truth. But his worries didn’t last too long.

    ‘It’ll be hard to continue hiding it because of the Psychic Medium.’

    Martial King aside, it made him uncomfortable that the Psychic Medium could read anyone’s fate without lifting a finger. Also, the Martial King knew he came from the Phoenix’s territory anyway.

    Since he would soon find out that the Saber God had hunted all the Legendary Beasts, it was probably best to face it head on right now.

    So Yeon-woo told the Martial King everything that happened. Like when he had explained to Edora. The relationship he had with Phoenix and Chirpy. And the Saber God.

    But he didn’t tell him that he had made contracts with the Beasts, of the fact that he was the ‘successor.’ There was no need to tell all his secrets.

    And that was enough. The aura that had been pressing Yeon-woo melted away like snow. The Martial King’s face became strange. Like he was leery of something.


    He lightly cursed under his breath, and he pointed his chin at Chirpy, who was glaring at him.

    “Is that the kid of the Phoenix you were talking about?”


    “Ha! The Cheonghwado bastards are going around doing weird things again? Geez….”

    He muttered indecipherable words and reached out for a short pipe that was on a table.



    He brought it down on Yeon-woo’s head before Yeon-woo could avoid it.


    Yeon-woo groaned and covered his head. His world was spinning.

    “You little shit.”

    Yeon-woo looked at him like he was asking what the meaning of this was.

    “Are you gonna keep on looking at me like that? Do you wanna get beat up again?”


    As the Martial King threatened him with the pipe again, Yeon-woo flinched back.

    His head still hurt from the shock from earlier. He was also annoyed, because he didn’t know why he was hit.

    The Martial King glowered at Yeon-woo. And he sighed.

    “What do you think the relationship between a teacher and a disciple is?”

    They were unexpected words. Yeon-woo’s eyes became bigger.

    “What are you…”

    “I’m asking you what the relationship between a teacher and a disciple is, you damned disciple kid. Do you think it’s nothing more than learning?”


    For a second, Yeon-woo couldn’t think of anything to say. He felt he was hit even harder than with the pipe.

    “Even if it was for a few days. I taught you to the best of my abilities. With sincerity. Like it was a part of me. Like teaching my own kid. But. I guess that’s not how it was for you?”


    “I get that you’re frustrated, but if you have urgent business, shouldn’t you run back as quickly as possible to tell your godly teacher? Then, I’ll be able to help you, or nag you, or whatever. But you want to quit being a guest? You’re sorry?”


    “Where did this damned bastard come from? I thought you had basic manners watching you take care of Phante and Edora. Did I see wrong? Did you only see me as someone to get something from? What? Am I wrong?’

    As the Martial King continued.

    Yeon-woo couldn’t say anything. He was blanking out.

    The Martial King was scolding him. He definitely sounded annoyed, but there he also sounded a bit upset too.

    To be scolded.

    To be nagged at.

    When was the last time someone did this to him? He couldn’t remember.

    On Earth, his Squad Leader had disciplined him occasionally, but that was different.

    Yeon-woo had tried to hide his problems and solve them by himself. And so the Martial King was upset because Yeon-woo treated him like a stranger.

    And so. Yeon-woo saw a bit of his father in the Martial King.

    “A teacher and a disciple, you ungrateful disciple, is definitely different from a parent and their kid. Since that is a relationship set by heaven. But the relationship between a teacher and their disciple is one that humans set for themselves.”

    He had an annoyed and stressed expression.

    “So now I’ll ask. What am I to you?”

    Yeon-woo momentarily thought of the Martial King that he had experienced for a few days. He always had a joking manner, but he sincerely taught Yeon-woo new abilities. And when Yeon-woo successfully learned it, the Martial King always looked on with a proud face. They were definitely the eyes of a teacher looking proudly at his student.