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Chapter 120 - Mercenary (4)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 120: Mercenary (4)

    Translator: HH Editor: HH

    Yeon-woo narrowed his eyes at Phante

    Phante just whistled and looked away.

    Yeon-woo clicked his tongue internally and turned to look at where the mercenaries were.

    “What do you want to say?”

    A question filled with annoyance. The mercenaries’ faces fell. They tried to look as intimidating as possible.

    “You look like someone. And that person owes us a lot. So I want to ask who you are. If we could exchange names.”

    He twisted his words, but it was clear he wanted to know Yeon-woo’s identity.

    Yeon-woo didn’t want to deal with them any longer. He crossed his arms and icily replied.

    “And if I’m who you think I am?’


    “The Hoarder, it’s me.”

    “This bastard!”

    The mercenaries all glowered and ran at Yeon-woo. The building that wasn’t all the big quickly became chaotic. Yeon-woo didn’t move and called for Phante.


    “What’s up?”

    “Get rid of them.”

    “Why should I do your business?”

    “Because it’s irksome. No? Should I do it?”

    “….your personality is really…”

    Phante muttered under his breath and stepped forward. But when he got ready to fight, a sinister smile spread on his face.

    “Well, I was bored so it’s fine.”


    Phante ran to the front like he found a fun toy. And he waved his fists around.

    It was the Cheongram family’s writing of divination, the Thunder Regime.

    A large explosion filled the air. And right as he was about to sweep them all away.

    “But don’t kill anyone.”


    Phante stopped and tsked his tongue at Yeon-woo’s advice.

    Thankfully, the energy building up decreased, but it was still enough to be effectful.

    Kwang! Kwakwang!

    Phante broke everything in his reach. If a weapon flew at him, he broke it with his bare hands. If a body flew at him, he flicked it away using his elbow, and if magic flew at him, he completely got rid of it using thunderbolts.


    “What the hell is this?”

    He destroyed, crushed, and broke.

    Everyone who ran at him ended up with their legs or arms folded back. The floor was covered with their blood, and the air was filled with dust.

    “My arm! My arm!”

    “Leg! My leg! Oww!”

    In the midst of all the screams. Phante freely moved around like he was in his comfort zone.

    Chirp chirpy!

    [Master! Master! I don’t like that guy!]

    Chirpy continued to tweet on Yeon-woo’s shoulder like he was having fun. He laughed with his wings spread apart. Yeon-woo was about to tell Chirpy, who wasn’t old enough to know what was right or wrong, that he shouldn’t turn out like Phante, but he suddenly felt a presence behind his back.


    One of them who had been hiding their presence at that time ran at Yeon-woo with their sword waved.

    Yeon-woo didn’t even lift a finger. Instead, Chirpy screamed in the direction the guy was coming from.

    [Go away!]


    A blue flame erupted from him along with a rough storm. The flame covered mercenary was thrown back outside the building and crashed outside the walls.

    [Ugh! You’re so annoying!]

    Chirpy crossed his wings and snorted. His puffed up chest was cute.

    Edora looked at Chirpy with surprised eyes. She knew he had the power of the Legendary Beasts, but she didn’t know it was this strong.

    Yeon-woo looked inside again. The fight was already over.

    No, he couldn’t call this one-sided violence a fight, but it was over. About 50 players with broken legs and arms were groaning on the floor.

    The rest of the 200 or so players were looking at Phante with fearful eyes.

    “Shit. I only got dust on my hands.”

    Phante lightly brushed off his hands. Like it was nothing. And he turned to look at the trembling players. They weren’t able to meet his gaze and looked away.

    Their will to fight was completely crushed.

    However, Phante wasn’t done. An eyebrow twitched.

    “What? You’re still standing? Aren’t you beating your heads?”

    They looked at each other and hesitated. But as Phante brought up his thunder energy again, they started to stick their heads on the floor.

    “Aren’t you doing it too?”

    The injured players weren’t excluded. Rather, he was tougher on them because they had tried to rebel not knowing their places. Unless their necks were broken, there weren’t any exceptions.

    The fierce aura like that of a wolf pack had completely dissipated. Phante now grinned as if he felt better. Why there were so many humans that wanted to be beat up, he didn’t know.

    But Edora had a slightly worried face.

    “Um, that burn….”

    These were all people that would become Yeon-woo’s hands and feet. It was okay to intimidate them, but they were useless if they couldn’t be used.

    She thought she should get some potions, at the very least, from the medical center.

    But Yeon-woo lightly shook his hand in the air. A blue fire as big as a person’s head appeared. It was Holy Fire. Edora didn’t know what Yeon-woo was going to do.

    Then, Yeon-woo lightly flicked his Holy Fire on his forefinger. Then, the Holy Fire split into tens and flew towards the injured people.

    “W, What?”


    They flinched at the sudden fire coming at them, but they were surprised at the warmth that entered their bodies. Their ripped wounds healed. Dislocated bones moved back in their positions, and the horrifying pain completely disappeared.

    It didn’t perfectly fix everyone, but the fast rate that it healed was quite surprising. Wasn’t this like the Cure or Recovery they had heard of? But those kinds of healing magic powers were only able to be received from famous expensive apostles or priests.

    The mercenaries saw Yeon-woo in a new light. Phante and Edora widened their eyes as well. But Yeon-woo, who used the ‘Purification’ feature of his Holy Fire, couldn’t care less. He just apathetically gave new orders.


    “Yes? Uh?”

    Yeon-woo pointed his chin at the mercenaries whose heads were planted on the ground.

    “Don’t miss a single one and break more of those bastards.”


    ‘D, Devil…no, he’s worse than that.’

    ‘That guy isn’t even human! Not at all!’

    ‘Shit. Healing us and breaking us, healing and breaking….how is that human!’

    The mercenaries felt wronged. They wanted to cry, but they couldn’t. They couldn’t even groan in pain. They experienced what hell was for a few hours.

    The ones who rebelled, and even the ones who stood back and watched the situation.

    The mercenaries in Team 2 had to experience their bones breaking and attaching again several times. Yeon-woo didn’t listen to their pleas. He just quietly looked on, like this was obvious.

    He repeated the process of fixing them after Phante broke them again and again. After a while, the mercenaries completely lost it. But the Holy Fire brought back their consciousness as well. They had no way to escape.

    In the end.

    The ones that had rebellious looks in their until the very last moment quickly gave up. They put their tails in between their legs. Now, they were too scared to even look Yeon-woo in the eye.

    “I’ll say one thing. I only need a good hunting dog, I don’t need a crazy dog that bites its owner. This is your last chance.”



    The 250 mercenaries shut their mouths. They all had goosebumps from the cold air. And they realized. How the alliance of the clans was destroyed. Hundreds of players had tried to get the Hoarder, but they were all trapped in a foggy forest, never to return.

    Some even said the bar where the information was leaked was pulled out by its roots. The only reason why the Hoarder kept them alive was because they were useful. But he warned that if they did anything weird again, he would kick them out without hesitation.

    Even if they were a part of Red Dragon. He wouldn’t let it go.

    Also. Yeon-woo definitely had the skills and mind to do that.


    The mercenaries swallowed. They continued looking at the ground because they didn’t want to meet Yeon-woo’s gaze.

    ‘Now there won’t be any more annoying events.’

    Yeon-woo was sure that the mercenaries would become his faithful dogs in the future. They were useful guys. Alive, they were good hunting dogs. Dead, they would be healthy souls.

    The mercenaries couldn’t help in and continued staring at the ground like they read Yeon-woo’s thoughts.

    Yeon-woo got up and left the rest to Phante. Phante complained, like he didn’t understand why he had to do these things outside of the tribe, but it didn’t work on Yeon-woo.

    One word from him was enough.

    “Go back to your tribe if you don’t want to.”

    “…Damn! I’ll do it! Geez! Seriously, you are so…!”

    Phante shouted like he was sick of him. And he snapped his head back at the mercenaries who were healed. He thought he would need to let go of some of his anger. The mercenaries turned pale.



    “Brother Phante is working hard even here.”

    “It’s his fate.”

    Edora turned back to where she could hear Phante’s despair and chuckled. To a guy that had come with them because he was sick of dealing with the tribe’s business was doing it here.

    But her brother’s pain was her delight. The smile didn’t leave her face.

    Yeon-woo laughed looking at Edora. And he suddenly thought of the blue-haired woman he saw in the strategy room. A calm looking woman who had a strong power. It was familiar to him.

    ‘Power of the Draconic species.’

    There were only 3 people in the tower who had their power. One of them was Jeong-woo, but he died, and another was the half-human half-dragon, but it had been a while since they disappeared.

    And the other was in Red Dragon. That woman.

    ‘Summer Queen.’

    Yeon-woo’s eyes sunk.

    ‘The clan leader of Red Dragon had appeared, is that it?’


    “Did you pick up an okay kid?”

    After everyone left the strategy room, the woman with blue hair, the Summer Queen exuberantly smiled.

    Bahal bowed his head with one knee on the floor.

    “I didn’t even imagine that child would bring such precious information with him.”


    The Summer Queen twirled her hair around a finger and hummed. Raul had just reported that the Cheonghwado’s presence was felt at the marked territories.

    It meant the map wasn’t wrong. And so their forces moved.

    Each of them took charge of one location, and led more forces there. A new revolution had probably begun around now.

    Cheonghwado was probably plenty surprised at this sudden attack.

    “Attention, you seem to have a lot of it.”

    “For that child?”


    Bahal carefully nodded his head, and the Summer Queen couldn’t help but smirk.

    “Of course. He’s the third one of that geezer. Who wouldn’t be interested?”

    There was only one person the Summer Queen would call geezer. And that was the Martial King.

    “So keep him well reined in. It’ll be fun. He definitely seems to have some plan as well.”

    “I’ll stay aware.”

    Bahal bowed.

    Actually, Yeon-woo’s present was completely unexpected for him as well.

    He was first interested because he was an acquaintance of his teacher, Henova, but he had become angry after hearing he joined forces with the One-horned tribe, and in turn, Cheonghwado. But his anger melted like snow.

    He was more interesting the more you looked at him. In many ways.

    “Also. Leonte?”

    “He’s still stuck outside. The Sword God is protecting him, so it’ll take a little longer.”

    Leonte wasn’t aware, but the only reason why he could escape was because Bahal let him. To lead him to where the ‘stone’ was. He had even stuck a tracking device on him.

    But Leonte didn’t move towards where the stone was. He was staying in the same location.

    “So annoying. Obviously. He’s researching more about the ‘stone,’ right?”

    “We are presuming that’s the case. As you know, the Saber God recently got rid of the Four Legendary Beasts, and some people think it’s because of the stone’s research.”


    “But he’s probably not going to pull out the stone until it’s finished. So we decided to throw some bait.”


    At her question, Bahal revealed his plans. After explaining everything, the Summer Queen laughed. She licked her red lips with her tongue seductively.

    “Adorable. I think it’ll be fine.”

    “Thank you.”

    “As a reward. I’ll let you lick my feet. How’s that?”

    “It’s an honor.”

    The Summer Queen held out a foot. Bahal had a delighted expression and slowly took off her heels. When he put his face near her foot, the scent of a rose filled his nose.

    The Summer Queen let go of her hair that she was twirling when she looked at Bahal. Instead, she just ruffled her hair.

    Her hair was normally a fiery red, but right now it was a mild blue. This hair was her symbol, and the origin of her magic power. She needed to find her original color soon.

    Heaven Wing, that son of a bitch. She was dealing with the humiliation of coming down to the lower floors because of a dead person.

    However. It wouldn’t be too long anymore.

    “Ok. So quickly find it for me. That stone. Even if it’s incomplete, it’s ok.”

    The Summer Queen’s gaze sunk.

    “Only with that. I’ll be able to restore my Dragon Heart.