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Chapter 122 - Mission (2)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 122: Mission (2)

    “The Saber God has a child?”

    At the unexpected words, Bahal fell silent, and slowly opened his mouth. His narrowed expression showed suspicion. It was completely unknown that the Saber God had a family.

    The Saber God lived and breathed the sword. With the 9 swords he lugged around in that iron box, he was known for requesting to fight with famous players. He was focused on becoming stronger. Also, he was well-known for not becoming close to women during his entire life.

    But he had a child?

    “Did you know that the Saber God has been struggling these days because of the lack of his magic power?”

    Only a few players in high positions knew that he couldn’t last long in a fight. He began to use 7 swords instead of 9, and his clean fight became more of a bloody battle. Other clans were guessing that his body had been ruined from some kind of magical explosion.

    “And that’s related to his child?”


    Yeon-woo nodded his head and continued.

    “The Saber God’s child was born with difficulty.”


    “Yes. They say his body is weak because he was born after only 8 months.”

    “Hm. But the Saber God would’ve gotten some elixir or ambrosia….”

    “The body cannot stack up magic power.”

    “Tsk. How unfortunate.”

    If it was a normal environment, it might’ve been ok, but in the Tower, that was a disability. It wasn’t something that could be treated even with the newest medicine.

    “And his health isn’t that well, so he almost died a few times. Also, since the Saber God has a lot of enemies…..”

    “He would’ve had to somehow hide him. And heal him at the same time. Hahat!”

    Bahal slapped his knees in laughter like the rest of the story was obvious.

    If rumors of the Saber God’s sick son spread, players would gather to hunt him like wolves.

    So that place that the Saber God had chosen was the 16th floor. The 16th floor had the temple of the ‘Platform Three Goddesses.’ [TN: Name may change as we get more information in the future.]

    3 goddesses that had to stay in place because they couldn’t walk, despite having legs. But they were able to tell players’ fates. And the temple and their apostles and priests were famous for healing. Also, it was a holy place where fighting was forbidden. So it was the best place for the Saber God to leave his son.

    “And he’s continuing to pull out magic power to heal his son’s illness….Is that how I can interpret it?”

    “That’s what I know.”

    Bahal nodded.

    If he needed more magic power than what was normal, he couldn’t use the fighting methods he normally used.

    ‘And that must be the reason why the Saber God hunted the Legendary Beasts. He has no reason to refuse if Cheonghwado lets him have the Neidan and the hearts.’

    Yeon-woo’s eyes sunk.

    ‘And the Phoenix’s Neidan and heart that he swallowed. I need to get it back somehow.’

    Yeon-woo was planning on giving it to Chirpy. And take the other Legendary Beast’s Neidan and hearts for himself. Although the Saber God had probably already digested them. But there was still a way to get it back.

    Yeon-woo clenched his fists. This was actually information from the diary. When his brother had been looking for Cheonghwado’s weaknesses, this was something he found. But he wasn’t able to share this information because of Arthia’s divide at the time.

    Now it was different.

    Chirpy had to watch his mother become injured trying to save him. He was planning on sharing the same pain – the Saber God.

    “Hm. It’s definitely information that pulls my interest. But who’s the source?”

    “It’s information I came across when I was with the One-horned tribe.”

    He just said the first thing that came to his mind.

    “It might be a trap.”

    “Or it might not.

    “No. It’s more likely that it is. Whether you meant to or not….”

    “I know that I could be a trojan horse.”

    Bahal smiled bitterly.

    “To say it that directly. I feel a bit sorry. But try to understand us as well.”

    Yeon-woo had some credibility with the map he brought, but many still suspected him.

    If it was just a small sacrifice for the big picture. The players that gathered on the 16th floor could be in danger. And so that was why.

    “I’ll go.”

    Yeon-woo could go himself.

    “On your own will?”

    “Yes. I’ll go with Team 2. Then even if it’s a trap, Red Dragon won’t be affected.”

    Bahal nodded. Yeon-woo was an outsider, and the Foreign Legion was only a group of mercenaries that could be replaced anytime.

    It was a card they could throw anyway.

    Bahal scratched an itchy spot and couldn’t help but laugh when he was looking at Yeon-woo.

    “If that’s true. You’ll be able to end all the suspicion and be on the fast track to promotions.”

    “I won’t say I don’t want that to happen. But, I guarantee that you, who ‘led’ this strategy, will benefit from it as well.”

    Bahal satisfactory nodded his head. That meant he would give all the honor to him. Instead, Yeon-woo could completely be under Bahal’s umbrella now.

    “You acted like someone who wouldn’t obey anyone’s orders 3 years ago.”

    “I realized that the world was a cold place during this incident.”

    “You realized well. You have to stay warm in a cold place. And from now on, you’ll only have spring days to look forward to.”

    “I’ll remember what you said.”

    Yeon-woo thought while bowing.

    ‘Warm spring days.’

    He twisted his lips.

    ‘I wonder. Will those days come for you?’

    Bahal didn’t see his smirk under the mask.


    Orders fell for Team 2.

    “A mission? Already?”

    “I heard he met with Bahal. Isn’t that amazing? A team leader speaking with the Supreme Commander.”

    “That means he’s respected by that much, but it’s also dangerous. I hope they compensate us well for dangerous missions.”

    Mercenaries of Team 2 headed over to the gym, but they became quieter as they became closer.

    They could see Phante. With his arms crossed, he looked like a grim reaper, welcoming them.

    All 250 of them gathered. They looked like a well organized military, surprising for a group of mercenaries.

    “We’ve received a mission.”

    Yeon-woo began to explain the mission. He revealed that it was to secretly attack a subsidiary of the Red Dragon because information about the Saber God’s son couldn’t be made public. The mercenaries were bewildered at the sudden orders, but no one asked any questions. The leader determined such things about the mission. The mercenaries just cleanly followed the orders.

    Some of them were well known for their skills. However, Yeon-woo placed emphasis on one more thing before they left for the 12th floor.

    “I have one more thing to say.”



    Everyone looked at Yeon-woo. Their faces were filled with questions.

    “I haven’t completed the challenges up to the 16th floor yet.”



    “So we’ll be moving as we finish the challenges up to the 15th floor quickly, so keep that in mind.”

    The mercenaries had dazed expressions.

    ‘What? S, So, the rumors were true?’

    ‘Not the 30th or the 40th floor?’

    ‘Does that make sense…..?’

    Some said Yeon-woo was a player of the 11th floor. But everyone treated it as a foolish rumor. No one believed that a player on the lower floors could beat a semi ranker. But they were surprised to discover it was the truth.

    However. Yeon-woo disregarded the mercenaries’ shocked faces and opened a portal by ripping a ticket.

    [Will you ascend to the 12th floor?]

    “Then I’ll be back, so wait a moment.”

    He said a short goodbye to Phante and Edora.

    They were upset that they hadn’t finished the challenge of the 11th floor, but they nodded their heads like it couldn’t be helped.

    And so. Yeon-woo and Team 2 all transported to the 12th floor through a blue portal under their feet.


    [This is the 12th floor, the Coffin for Wanderers.]

    With a shining light, a large field revealed itself to Yeon-woo and Team 2. The endless horizon was flat, and no clouds could be seen. The ground was cracked like a turtle’s shell, showing the desolate environment. All they could see were dried trees and small insects or centipedes that crawled through the cracks.

    [The challenge of the 12th floor is beginning.]

    [Trial: Challenger who wished to climb the Tower. You have most likely been through many difficult tasks climbing the floors. You may have experienced hesitation and sacrifice, but joy and hope must’ve followed.

    This large desert is the same. There isn’t a single strand of grass growing because the water has dried up, and it has become a land of death where wanderers are filled.

    So cross this land of death with only your powers. If you have the strength and motivation to cross, you will be able to retain your balance in any trials you come across in the future.]

    “…sigh. To think that I would come back here.”

    “I never wanted to come back here.”

    “I’m going crazy.”

    The mercenaries all scowled looking at the endless plains. The 11th floor was known as the most comfortable place to live. Everyone who had become used to that comfort, suffered greatly upon arriving at the 12th floor.

    ‘Since it’s so different from the 11th floor.’

    The 12th floor was known as an arduous place to live. Like the message, all the water had dried up and not a single strand of grass grew here.

    It was impossible to find water. Food as well.

    Chewing dried up bark or eating the insects and centipedes was a luxury. It was similar to Section F of the Tutorial in many ways.

    But if you knew the secret of the thorn mole, it was definitely bearable, and unlike Section F, where you could quit if you wanted to, that wasn’t an option on the 12th floor.

    You had to cross the large desert.

    The direction was north. The only signpost was the hot Sun that was always in the sky.

    Also, the large desert was famous for becoming worse the further you went.

    Currently, the ruined land was all. But if you went further, you were met with blowing sand, painful heat waves, and even a volcano with bubbling lava.

    In a way, it was simple, but it was also that much difficult.

    So players that finished the trial on the 12th floor never came back.

    The same went for the mercenaries. But they had been forced to come here because of Yeon-woo. They felt like crying.

    However. Yeon-woo didn’t waver. The heat wasn’t enough to influence him.

    [It’s so warm here! Really!]

    Rather, Chirpy, who was on his shoulder, fluttered his wings in joy.

    After earning the title of Legendary Beast’s Successor, he owned the resistance and immunity to not even blink an eye at the most dreariest of environments.

    Of course, the mercenaries felt wronged, because they thought they could just join up with Yeon-woo after he finished everything on the 16th floor.

    ‘Just why?’

    Yeon-woo didn’t have a reason to leave them be.

    From the 12th floor, the environments become worse, and the trials are mostly about overcoming them…

    …and this may be obvious, but there are rare hidden pieces that can’t be found on any other floor.

    One of them was the ‘Jewel of Fire.’

    Also, the diary mentioned other rare items like the Jewel of Fire. A considerable amount of time was needed to search all the locations. However, there were a lot of workers on board now.

    If he was going to accomplish something big, he might as well take everything he could.

    ‘With the help of Red Dragon.’

    Yeon-woo grinned at the mercenaries who were looking at him stupidly.

    The mercenaries trembled, although they didn’t know why.