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Chapter 127 - War Preparation (2)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 127: War Preparation (2)

    (Chapter 2 Volume 6)


    The Saber God threw and broke everything that was able to be thrown in his room. But his anger didn’t settle. Instead, he felt more anxious.

    But even in this moment, his son was captured. He didn’t know how he was being tortured, or if he was being threatened.

    He didn’t know how his weak son, his son who was always sick, was bearing with everything.

    But he didn’t have power. To ignore Sword God, or to take the stone from Leonte.

    The fact that he was a bad father made him feel wronged. And he felt so sorry to his son. If only his son’s father was a bit stronger, he wouldn’t have to go through all this suffering.

    At that moment. Knock knock.

    Someone knocked on his office’s door. The Saber God’s swiveled towards that direction. He was locked in his room so without permission, no one could enter his room. But who was it?

    And the presence suddenly disappeared like it never existed. It meant that the stranger’s skill wasn’t below his.


    The Saber God shivered. A bad feeling swept past him. It was the same feeling when he opened the box his son’s finger was in.

    The Saber God frantically opened the door.

    And he was right. The same box as before was waiting for him.


    The Saber God fell to his knees and grabbed the box. The box didn’t easily open because of his trembling fingers.

    And when he saw what was inside, the Saber God couldn’t keep his cool.

    The eye of his son was looking back at him.

    With a note.

    If you want to find your son. Bring the ‘stone.’

    It was the same handwriting as before, and the same information was before.


    The Saber God couldn’t hold it in and screamed. His reason was already far gone.

    His bloodshot eyes became bitter. Magic energy floated around him.

    “S, Saber God-nim.”

    Madodan quickly ran at him after hearing the commotion. Seeing the appearance of the Saber God they knew and respected, they paused.

    A magic explosion.



    “You.. Whose….side are you on?”

    The team leader swallowed. The moment he met the Saber God’s eyes, he knew what he meant.

    Also, the fact that his fate would be changed based on what happened here.

    And the answer was already chosen for him. Even if he knew it was wrong.

    The team leader fell to one knee.

    “Since the time you saved me….I’ve always been your sword. Why would a sword have the ability to think?”

    The Saber God’s eyes coldly shined.

    “Then. Gather the children. When it becomes night, we’re going to start a revolution.”


    “The Saber God has begun to move. Cain, thanks to you, things are going smooth.”

    Bahal laughed and Yeon-woo’s eyes shined.

    “Did you plant a spy on that side?”

    Bahal smirked. He seemed cold.

    “Should I teach you something?”


    “There’s nowhere the Red Dragon doesn’t have eyes or ears.”


    “They’re everywhere. Really, everywhere.”

    Bahal lightly chuckled and twirled the glass of wine he had been drinking.

    Probably because he was so happy, his nose was slightly red.

    He was drunk enough to disappear after a flick of magic power, but right now, he seemed to want to enjoy the moment.

    Yeon-woo refilled his glass. And accepted the wine given to him.

    “Anyway, this is all thanks to you. Everyone in the conference room was complimenting you too. And setting up a new strategy. Also.”

    Bahal set his wineglass down on the table. The wine tipped over the edge, and a part of it was spilt.

    “Then everything will end. The war. And even Cheonghwado.”

    Bahal’s eyes burned up.

    He was well-known for his constantly smiling face, unfitting of his nickname, ‘Flaming Fist,’ but right now, his steady and flaming eyes were shining, completely fitting of his name.

    “And after that, my reputation will be set in stone. All the crazy bastards who called me a betrayer will be regretting it. Also, you’ll be streamlined for promotion. It’ll be a win-win situation for both of us. Only good things in our future.”


    “From now on, let’s keep on growing together. Me in the front, and you in the back. I’ll pull, and you push. How’s that? Isn’t that a nice picture?”

    Bahal laughed again.

    Like he was over the moon. And like these moments were waiting for him in the future.

    Also. Yeon-woo remembered seeing this in the diary.

    It was when Arthia was first made.

    The image of his brother, Bahal, Leonte, Henova, and the rest of the original members laughing happily, drinking wine.

    His brother kept that memory in his heart until he died.

    However. Bahal seemed to have thrown away all those memories already. Guilt aside, he looked like he forgot about everything.

    He only desired promotions and power, and he wanted to step on everyone below him.

    And using his past comrades to do that didn’t make him feel a thing.

    Yeon-woo knew he was talking about himself like he was his savior, but he knew once his usefulness was gone, he was going to be thrown away.

    And so.

    Yeon-woo couldn’t smile in front of the laughing Bahal. He had never been more grateful he was wearing his mask.

    ‘He said it was somewhere?’

    And so Yeon-woo muttered to himself inwardly.

    ‘In Arthia. He probably meant it was you. From the beginning.’


    Yeon-woo returned to his room. Inside, Phante and Edora were waiting for him.

    “You’ve returned? How was the drinking? It was one with the Supreme Commander, so I’m sure there were girls and…..”


    “Ahem. Anyway, did you get anything?”

    Phante coughed after seeing Edora glaring at him. And he narrowed his eyes and asked.

    “It’s like what I expected. The Saber God will be jumping around like his feet are on fire, and Cheonghwado will be split. Red Dragon won’t miss that chance and start their attack.”

    “Hehe. Now I’m finally free.”

    Phante snorted and spoke.

    He wasn’t feeling too good that he wasn’t able to go to the 16th floor with Yeon-woo, and now thinking about being able to run free made him feel a lot better.

    And the Foreign Legion had made a great impact on the strategy this time, so they had received permission to take care of it.

    However, unlike the happy Phante, Edora had slightly concerned eyes.

    She understood Yeon-woo’s intention to catch the Saber God, but she was worried that the situation was too much for him to handle now.

    Actually, it didn’t matter whether or not the situation was too much. She was just worried that it would get out of hand for Yeon-woo.

    But she knew how detailed Yeon-woo was, so she was less worried. However, she wasn’t able to help him, or know exactly what he was planning.

    The most important thing to her, at the end, was Yeon-woo’s safety.

    But if she expressed it, Yeon-woo would only say he was okay. He never let anyone know what was on his mind.

    That was what was happening this time, too.

    Phante and Edora headed over to where Team 2 was expecting, waiting for the command to attack to fall.

    Everyone was on edge because they had already received orders to be ready.

    During that time.

    Yeon-woo calmly meditated in his room alone.

    In the room that was given to players that were at least of the team leader’s position, people couldn’t see inside that easily. However, he still used his magic power just in case and completely blocked out the outside.

    ‘Before we leave. I need to prepare.’

    Bringing Hanbin had already readied the game board, and Bahal was ready to break the game board now.

    And once he got what he wanted and threw away what he didn’t need.

    Yeon-woo needed to get ready for that. And preparing for that required.

    ‘Strengthening of all my power.’

    He needed to pull up everything he had.

    Yeon-woo got out his interdimensional pocket. Everything he had done from the 12th to the 15th, making the mercenaries gather all the hidden pieces, was all for this moment.

    “Come out.”

    As he entered magic power into the Black Bracelet on his right wrist, his bracelet trembled and started to spread an ashy fog.

    And the ashy fog began to gather into a loose shape.

    Boo bowed to him.

    [Gre…etings…to my…..m…aster.]

    Was it because he was originally a player? Unlike the other Soul Familiars, Boo was somewhat able to speak now.

    Although it was only a few words here and there.

    But that became the reason why Yeon-woo chose Boo.

    ‘From now on, what I’m going to do requires something that can think at least a little bit for himself.’

    Yeon-woo had only read about it in the diary, and never actually tried it out.

    “From now on, I’m going to give you items in order. Absorb them in the order I give them to you. Be careful that not even a slightest bit of magic power leaks out.


    “Be warned. If even a little leaks out, everything will be ruined.”


    Boo nodded with certainty.

    Yeon-woo was a little worried, but he believed in the power of the Black Bracelet.

    Absolute loyalty.

    With this, the Soul Familiars always showed a strength that was unimaginable.

    Especially when he ruined the alliances of the clans, they had shown incredible strength.

    ‘The order is 2 of Jewel of Fires, 5 Ice Crystals, 9 Golden Flowers….’

    Yeon-woo gave the hidden pieces to Boo in the order that they were in the diary.

    Boo began to absorb them without any suspicion. Like when he swallowed the spirit beads.

    [Boo (Soul of the Witch Doctor) has successfully absorbed the 2 of the Jewel of Fire.]

    [Fire property increased by 1.]

    [Fire property increased by 3.]


    Yeon-woo carefully took the hidden pieces out in order. If there was even the slightest mistake, he had to do it all over again from the beginning.

    The mercenaries got a lot of hidden pieces for him, but there was no need to use more than what was necessary.

    Also, after Boo became stronger, he needed to use it on the other Soul Familiars as well.

    ‘If this works, Boo will evolve to a greater level than before.’

    Yeon-woo didn’t blink looking at Boo. Watching with his Draconic Eyes to make sure there wasn’t any magic power creeping out.

    What Yeon-woo wanted right now was Boo’s evolution.

    Bayluk called the result of his endless experimentation ‘Strengthening Item.’

    Like its name, it was a power that strengthened power.

    However, the rest of us shook our heads seeing that. We knew it wasn’t simply something that strengthened us.

    The Strengthening item, after using the blood of monsters, bodily parts, and countless hidden pieces, had the ability to even change the ‘foundation.’