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Chapter 131 - Wakening (1)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 131: Wakening (1)

    The finishing of the succession process.

    It was something that Yeon-woo had to finish. Because it was like an inheritance that his brother had left for him, along with his pocket watch. And it was proof that his brother had lived in the Tower. Yeon-woo, who was living for his younger brother, had to carry through with this.

    However. The existence of the Draconic species was too superior that it definitely wasn’t easy to inherit their power.

    Even though he finished the tutorial with the greatest score and passed the beginner section.

    Even after he got an artifact with the name of a god, and because the successor contracted to Legendary Beasts.

    Even if he trained his Mugong and completely set up his Magic Circuit.

    It wasn’t easy to achieve.

    It was always within his grasp but it left, like it was saying that a mere human wouldn’t be allowed its powers.

    But now.

    Yeon-woo had the great powers of the Legendary Beasts from the Saber God.

    Like it had found its home, the Four Legendary Beasts powers’ that had been floating in air were tamed by Yeon-woo, with the title of Legendary Beast’s Successor.

    The proficiency of Bathory’s Vampiric Sword fully activated with the Magic Circuit and took in the energies.

    The amount was so immense that it completely filled up the Magic Circuit. No, actually, it overflowed.

    And the leftover magic power was absorbed in other places.

    It entered deep in his bones. And it became firm enough to push away most artifacts.

    It entered his cells to wake up his Draconic arteries and veins.

    Everything in his body was crushed and remade.

    And at the same time.

    The unstable Tower that Shanon spoke about crumbled, and in its place, there was a firm foundation.

    Then. When everything was stacked. When everyone had passed through the portal and arrived on the ground.

    Yeon-woo felt something tingle through his entire body.

    It was like he realized and saw a new world.

    From his chest to his neck. Sparkling blue scales covered his body and nice sound. It was Draconic Scale.

    [You have successfully awoken all of Factor of the Dragon. Your wakening is completed.]

    [Your properties have successfully changed. Trait ‘Diamond Physique’ has been changed to ‘Draconic Body.’]

    [You have accomplished a great feat. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

    [You have earned 10,000 Karma.]

    [You have earned an additional 15,000 Karma.]


    [Your condition has been changed from ‘Incomplete Dragon Body’ to ‘Complete Draconic Body.’ You have gained the authority to view the applicable report of the Draconic species.]

    [The locked ‘Report of Dragons’ has been partially unlocked.]

    [The locked ‘Knowledge of Dragons’ has been partially unlocked.]

    [The locked ‘Authority of Dragons’ has been partially unlocked.]

    [Trait ‘Diamond Physique’ has been changed to ‘Draconic Body.’]

    [Trait: Draconic Body]

    Summary: The ancient dragon Kalatus thought it a shame that a species that was as great as gods and demons disappeared like the giant species. So before closing his eyes, he left everything he had as inheritances and hoped that his species’ greatness would be spread far and wide.

    And that feat has been delivered to a new inheritor, and a fancy flower has been born again.

    The great ancient dragon’s grace and blessing will display the greatness of the Draconic species in the mind and body.

    *Territory of the Dragon

    Depending on the qualification, you can spread ‘Vina’ according to a set amount of territory.

    *Knowledge of the Dragon

    According to the qualification, you can open a system of knowledge, ‘Hawkma.’

    *Authority of the Dragon

    According to the qualification, you can open the power of truth, ‘Cather.’


    Not only was Yeon-woo’s body different, his soul had grown, and he could feel the world around his had changed.

    As his knowledge increased little by little, he could slightly taste it, but it was incomparable to now.

    If he could only view if before, now he felt like he could control it after some practice.

    It was the power to study the truth of all, and to understand. That was the Draconic Species.

    Although it was only the difference of a few minutes, it was vastly different from before.

    His ‘rank’ had changed.

    He felt an overpowering confidence that he could do anything.

    This must be the source of the pride that all Draconic species have. He thought that they deserved to think that way.

    And there was one thing that was most felt by Yeon-woo.


    Since he had the Draconic Body that had received the blessing of the ancient dragon, he was now able to open the eight authorities.

    The authority given to Yeon-woo was only on the first step, but it was still amazing.

    Yeon-woo desperately wanted to use it.

    And when he was heading to his destination.

    […..Is it a new successor? That that child had spoken about.]

    Yeon-woo raised his head at the voice that rang in his head. It was a low rumbling voice. It was a voice he heard several times in the diary.


    Yeon-woo’s eyes widened.

    The ancient dragon Kalatus had met Jeong-woo through the mystical dragon, and he left everything to him before he closed his eyes. With the will to spread the greatness of the Draconic species far and wide.

    But that wasn’t it?

    […..Here. I’ll be waiting. Until you come find me.]

    Before Yeon-woo found a way to reply, Kalatus’s voice faded away and was cut off.

    He quickly searched for a way to reconnect to Kalatus in his brain. But even with his faster thinking abilities with his Draconic body, he couldn’t think of one.

    He returned to his normal time at the battlefield that had slowed down because of his wakening.

    Noises and screams and the chaotic battlefield entered his view.

    With a new message.

    [You have completed the hidden quest (Void Dragon’s second test).]

    [You have been rewarded with ‘Bead of Abyss,’ ‘Wrath of the Void Dragon,’ and ‘Nest of the Void Dragon.’]

    Because he had absorbed the Saber God’s magic power along with the power of the Legendary Beasts, the quest had probably accepted it as his finish.

    No, even if he hadn’t, he had set everything up. He thought the Void Dragon would probably be satisfied as well.

    However. Yeon-woo didn’t plan on finishing it here.

    So he wanted to find more souls to add to his collection. The souls of high rankers. It was a material that would be used in so many ways.

    […..Thank you, master. Really.]

    He could momentarily hear Chirpy’s voice, who had been sleeping. After Yeon-woo told him that he would see something even more interesting if he waited a while, he quickly looked around.

    ‘The first goal was to catch the Saber God. Now I have to try for the next guy.’

    With his senses, he could quickly tell what was going on. Using the senses that his Draconic Body gave to him, his sense could reach further and more detailedly than other people could.

    ‘There’s a lot of guys to get here.’

    Yeon-woo smiled so widely his canines showed. It was a place with rankers, high rankers, and the most superior players.

    It was the best place for him to gather souls.

    Also. Battlefields were like Yeon-woo’s backyard. It was the best stage he could perform on.


    He was planning on completely using his name that he received on Earth.

    His Magic Circuit released heat like it was crazy. It frantically circulated giving power to his body.

    Following his back, wings made of fire that were mixed with Holy Fire wrapped around his body. And slowly pulling out Vigrid, he was able to increase the territory of his senses.

    He could feel the entire base of Cheonghwado. It was clear to him like a picture.

    And in the middle of it. He quickly found his target.

    ‘Found you.’

    Thankfully, he was nearby.

    Yeon-woo headed over to that direction without any hesitation.

    To where his second prey, Leonte was.


    Like a meteor was falling, the Summer Queen landed in Cheonghwado’s base and shook the ground. And the presences following her shook the air.

    It was an extreme aura. The presence of a Draconic species was that great.

    And it reached a hidden fear within instinct.

    The weak players couldn’t bear Dragon Fear and fell to the ground vomiting blood. Even the skilled people were affected.

    At best, the semi rankers were able to take it, but it was too much for others to overcome Dragon Fear.

    And the Summer Queen didn’t stop there. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, and a new power that was as scary as Dragon Fear revealed itself.


    Hellfire flew on everything in the horizon.

    From where the Summer Queen was to the opposite direction of Cheonghwado’s base where Breath touched. It erased everything in its path.

    In that, rankers were included. They couldn’t even fight back.

    Amidst this one-sided scene. From this colossal aura that no one in the Tower could fight against other than Allforone.

    Red Dragon and Cheonghwado, all players were completely pressed down.

    It was so unbelievable that it was questionable if that was really possible.

    Especially the Cheonghwado members had to tremble from a fear that was creeping up on their hearts.

    They had lived their whole lives for martial arts, so they didn’t easily crumble at meeting a strong opponent.

    But because of that, the wall of the Summer Queen made them crumble even more.

    They felt like no matter how hard they trained, they would never catch up.

    Despair and hopelessness riddled their brains. The feeling of loss spread across Cheonghwado.

    [Summer Queeennnnn! You bitch, you dare!]

    Sword God realized his subordinates feelings and let out extreme anger.

    He had lost the power of the Legendary Beasts just like that, so he was already angry to the max. And he was going to get the ‘stone’ and the ‘sword,’ but couldn’t carry out his plans.

    Like pouring oil of the fire wasn’t enough, he couldn’t leave the Summer Queen, who was spreading the fire even further, alone.

    The Sword God stepped on the air around him and quickly arrived at the head of the Summer Queen.

    Before him, his four swords quickly drew their trajectory and created a huge explosion. The air around his shredded to pieces, and the explosion rang out, covering the Summer Queen.

    And along that, The Spear God threw his spear out. It created a huge explosion and cut the Summer Queen’s side.

    It was a new skill the Spear God had created leaving the tribe. The Bow God pointed his arrow at the sky.

    With the strength of when he dropped the nine suns, he pulled back his bow. And arrows of nine different colors appeared, and fell like rain. The rain split into hundreds of different pieces and made a large net of light under the sky.

    At some point, it landed on the Summer Queen’s head.


    That was how the confrontation between Summer Queen and the three Martial Gods began.