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Chapter 132 - Wakening (2)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 132: Wakening (2)

    While Summer Queen was blowing her Breath at the Three Martial Gods. The other rankers of Red Dragon spread out to the rest of the Cheonghwado’s base.

    Explosions exploded in various colors fancily, followed by the smell of burning and blood.

    Cheonghwado’s players tried to somehow stop them. But it was such a surprise attack, and those who were gathered were people there to stop the Saber God, so they were left defenseless.

    And on top of all that, the Breath of the Summer Queen was enough to drop them to their feet.

    Red Dragon didn’t miss that weakness. They swung their aura around and Cheonghwado’s players fell.

    Unlike the expectation that there were a lot of skilled players in Cheonghwado, they easily fell to Red Dragon.

    And Cheonghwado was able to understand.

    Why Red Dragon was considered to control the Tower.

    And why they could say that they would get Allforone. Although only a part of their forces were there, they were already overpowering Cheonghwado.


    Among them, Team 2 of the Foreign Legion, led by Phante and Edora were contributing a lot.

    Maybe it was because they had practiced the Eight Battle Formations to the death? They were steadily pushing back Cheonghwado without even a hint of surprise.

    Edora shouted out orders for ‘left and right’ to lead them in the right direction, and Phante went ahead of them to explode his thunder.

    And white thunder and ashes were left in his path.

    In the middle of that chaotic battlefield.

    Clutching her sword, Edora was grateful that the One-horned tribe hadn’t joined up with Cheonghwado yet.

    If her father had been here, the damage to both sides would’ve been immense.

    And on one hand. She was a bit worried about Yeon-woo, who was absent.

    -I’ll leave here to you for a moment.

    Without giving her a chance to reply, he suddenly disappeared.

    Just what was he trying to do?

    Edora slightly hated Yeon-woo for hiding so many things, but she decided to focus on the fight for now.

    And to hide the fact that he had been absent until now, they had to lead the fight to victory.



    Yeon-woo quickly moved in between the battlefield.

    With the magic power of the Neidan of the Four Legendary Beasts and his Dragon Body, everywhere he stepped with his Shunpo left a blurry footstep.

    The players couldn’t even read Yeon-woo’s movements because of that.

    Because he rapidly disappeared and they needed to focus on what was at hand. They were just a bit surprised at the energy of his fire and didn’t think too much of it thinking it was a remnant of the explosions.

    And so.

    While Yeon-woo was moving to his destination, he was free to do what he wanted.

    ‘Come out.’

    The Black Bracelet drowned in a black light momentarily and let out energy around to its surroundings.

    With his sensitive senses, he could feel about 30 presences near him.


    [Your order.]

    With other ‘Monster Portents’ like Knoll and Ka.

    Like Yeon-woo had made Shanon into a death knight and Boo into liege, he had changed the other Spirit Familiars.

    [Monster Portents]

    An evolved form of the Spirit Familiars. They have some awareness, so they are able to communicate.

    They are waiting in the shadows, and can have a physical body when they wish. Generally, they have a lot of influence from evil, and they are greedy enough to find chances to eat weak souls that wander around.

    The title ‘One Who Pulls Death’ made it easier to evolve the Spirit Familiars. And he was able to add an extra 20 forms to his original 10.

    And the Monster Portents that were created were extremely useful in many ways.

    Not only could they easily change their form, their strength was incomparable to when they were Spirit Familiars.

    When they were in the soul form, they could easily hide their presence. And when they were in their physical form, they had the power a bit shy of a semi ranker.

    Also, as their awareness increased to be able to communicate, they could determine things for themselves.

    It meant they could use their power down to the minute details.

    Their power couldn’t even be compared to when they broke the alliance of the clans.


    ‘Spread out.’

    Yeon-woo didn’t plan on stopping there.

    This was a battlefield. Death was everywhere, and precious souls were wandering around.

    It was a buffet for the newly evolved Monster Portents.

    As soon as his order fell, they disappeared into the shadows like they had been waiting.

    They were going to eat to their heart’s content.

    There wasn’t an ordinary player among them. Each of them were skilled enough to be in a large clan, and there would be rankers that had died by knives flying around.

    They were only to eat those people. It was clear they would experience extreme growth.

    And they could even end players’ lives that were almost gone themselves.

    As they grew little by little. And as he gathered the souls, it was clear his collection would be filled with useful guys.

    So Yeon-woo laughed happily.

    He couldn’t make any noises because he needed to move secretly, but he was so thankful to Red Dragon and Cheonghwado who set this stage for him.

    He laughed at the stupid guys who were fighting amongst themselves.

    Of course, it was too early to be celebrating.

    There was still Leonte, and Bahal. After he killed them, he couldn’t relax until the war became worse.

    So Yeon-woo started to slow down as he became closer to Leonte. Instead, he hid his presence as much as possible. While he secretly moved, he got ready to attack Leonte from the back.

    It wasn’t just Leonte in that place. There were groups to defend him, and groups to take him. There was a battle there too.

    And among them, Bahal’s presence was mixed somewhere there.

    ‘He’s here to get Leonte as well.’

    When he first met Bahal outside of the Tower, he immediately went to attack Leonte after saying goodbye to Yeon-woo.

    At the time, he wondered why.

    Thinking that there wasn’t a reason for Red Dragon to declare war on Cheonghwado.

    He didn’t even expect that the reason was related to Leonte.

    And now. He precisely knew the reason.


    The stone Leonte had been trying to create by sacrificing multitudes of players. He didn’t know the name or information about it, but it was clear Bahal was trying to get his hands on the mysterious object.

    Because he had been able to read the letter that was sent to Saber God from Bahal’s side.

    Yeon-woo didn’t know where Bahal got his information about the stone. But knowing that he had the stone the bastards were looking for, he was able to guess Bahal’s and Leonte’s movements.

    He could borrow the strength of Sword God, and use the power he had left. Whatever he did, he was going to protect his life to the best of his abilities.

    And Bahal would chase after Leonte again.

    Because he thought that Leonte would use the stone since he was pushed into a corner.

    Considering Leonte’s personality, that’s what he would do. Because he valued his life more than anything.

    ‘Obviously, that’s only the case for when Leonte actually has the stone.’

    So Leonte was going to prepare for Bahal, who was chasing after him. Since he didn’t have the stone, he had to have the power to fight back.

    And if Leonte and Bahal confronted each other. If they fought over a stone that wasn’t there, even if one was victorious, the damage to both sides would be immense.

    And behind them.

    ‘I’ll stab their backs.’

    Yeon-woo planned on attacking right after.

    Along with the Monster Potents that had gotten stronger wandering around the battlefield.

    After he completely awakened his Dragon Body, and with the face of his brother.

    And far away. He could see Leonte and Bahal fighting like he expected.




    Leonte couldn’t push back his anger and cursed.

    Bahal looked like demon spitting out his fire, ready to follow him to hell.

    Some of the greatest teams in Red Dragon were protecting him, and among them were a few skilled players Cheonghwado had been hiding from the public.

    But Bahal just pushed them aside like they were nothing.

    He stepped on and destroyed them.

    Like his name, Flame Beast, he ran around like a beast.

    As if he wouldn’t be pushed back, the distance between them decreased.

    “Are you going to hang on until the end, friend? I didn’t know you were such a stubborn friend. Hm?”

    Leonte shouted out at Bahal’s ridiculing tone.

    “Damn! I don’t have it! The stone that you guys are looking for, it disappeared! Gone! If I had it, I would’ve used it earlier, why wouldn’t I be using it now!”

    Under normal conditions, he would’ve hidden it until the end. The moment that he acknowledged he made a stone like that, his great dream would come crumbling down.

    It was obvious it would be taken by Sword God and he would be punished for it.

    But because of him, the war started, and he felt wronged because the other Martial Kings looked down on him.

    So when Saber God threatened him for the stone. When Sword God twisted his words and offered protection in exchange for the stone. And when the sword was right under his chin with the attack of the Red Dragon.

    He couldn’t hold it back any longer.

    If he actually had the stone, he wouldn’t feel so wronged.

    Then whether it was stolen from Saber God, or taken by the Sword God, he would be able to fight back.

    But the stone had really evaporated into the air. And they kept on threatening him for the stone. Even if he told the truth that he didn’t have it, the reply was always the same.

    Even if he wanted to let them read his mind and show them everything he was thinking to reveal the truth, he couldn’t, and he felt like he was going crazy.

    The people who were assigned to protect him were closer to people who were supervising him.

    “So you’re gonna be like that until the end. Very well. Let’s do it, then.”

    Bahal looked at Leonte and thought that he should get him now.

    He thought maybe the stone had actually really disappeared, but he needed to make it appear right now.

    He was also in a corner as well.

    He didn’t know how long the Summer Queen could hold back the three Martial Gods. So he didn’t have long.

    There was only so much she could do with a broken Dragon Heart.

    And before the world found out that she had issues, he needed to stop that from happening. He needed to find the stone to fix the Dragon Heart and make her the strongest in the Tower.

    So Bahal was planning on capturing Leonte in any way possible.

    If he didn’t have the stone, he could make him create it somehow. Because Red Dragon could get their hands on any materials they needed.

    People, elixirs, whatever it was. They could freely gain it.

    But Leonte gritted his teeth. He felt angry because he was so wronged.

    “If you’re gonna be like that until the end…..! Fine. Let’s finish this, Bahal!”

    Leonte exploded all the magic power that he had. Even though the consequences might be too much for him to handle, he felt like he needed to rip apart the guy in front of him to feel better.

    Leonte summoned a large magic storm. It was the storm that gave him the nickname Storm Bringer.

    He definitely didn’t fall behind Bahal or the other Martial Gods in terms of strength.

    Bahal was momentarily surprised at what Leonte said and narrowed his eyes at the familiar smell.

    “Is this…..mystical dragon? Did you swallow Neidan? How did you get this?”

    It was the mystical beast their friend had raised once. But how was this in Leonte’s possession?