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Chapter 133 - Awakening (3)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 133: Awakening (3)

    But Leonte just powerfully blew out a storm like he didn’t want to answer. The wind in his storm was considerably strong.

    Also, the mystical beast had the strength to eat all the properties that got in the way.

    Because it had that aura, it was easily able to eat the Fire Rain of Bahal.

    And it wasn’t just that.

    A magic circle began to be created around Leonte and set up the protection magic that Sword God had put in place to protect Saber God.

    As they all opened, buffs were focused on Leonte’s movements.

    On the other hand, Bahal was debuffed and his movements were slowed down. They were followed with blindness, poisoning, and then it disappeared.

    As they all collided with each other

    Flame Beast spread forward. Every time he flicked his fingers, fire crackled out from his fingers and evaporated into the air.

    Leonte also received a lot of damage. Since this was a battlefield, where one blink could lead to death.

    But even in that situation, neither of them backed down, and eventually Leonte was right in front of Bahal.

    Bahal paused in surprise.

    Until now, he had only been the hunter. But strangely, Leonte felt like the hunter now. He felt like he had instantly become the prey.

    And the moment he says Leonte’s violent eyes, he instinctively knew he was in danger.

    But it was too late. Leonte twisted his body and pulled out his secret weapon.

    The bracelet that was wrapped tightly around his arm quickly unraveled and stretched out.

    It was a ‘sword.’

    No, it was also a ‘spear,’ or an ‘axe,’ or a ‘whip.’

    It was an item that Sword God had left for Leonte to use when he was in danger.

    The weapon he didn’t want to have to pull out until the very last moment.

    Gungnir. [TN:]

    It was the weapon of the god Odin for when he punished his enemies. The greatest knife that couldn’t even be given a rank threw up light and filled his vision.


    With Leonte’s determined scream.


    Roar! Kwakwang! Crumble!

    The explosion spread out to their surroundings. No, it ripped it into shreds in the form of a tornado.

    Bahal, Flame Beast, and the rest of the guards placed by the Sword God were flown away.

    In the middle of the, Leonte bellowed.

    He had used almost all of the Neidan of the Legendary Beasts, but thinking that he had finished that damned bastard, he felt happy.

    If only he had this power. He didn’t need the stone. No, what would happen if he had this and the stone? Having those thoughts, he began to feel wronged again.

    With his senses that were working on full power, he felt something fly out from the explosion.


    Bahal was running at him with a dangerously crumpled face. His two eyes were filled with anger and the will to kill Leonte no matter what it took.

    Leonte saw the Bahal from the past that had run at him at his appearance.

    He laughed at him.

    He had Gungnir. He would’ve been confident even if the Saber God ran at him, but Bahal was running at him. He thought Bahal was like a moth drawn to a flame.

    So he swung Gungnir down again. He would have to deplete all the Neidan from the mystical dragon, but it had to be done.

    He also thought of how nice it would be to use all the players here to make a stone.

    He needed to look for a method. With those thoughts, he stretched Gungnir out. The moment he was about to swing the knife’s edge that was infused with the Neidan of the mystical dragon.


    Leonte shook from the shock from his back. Gulp. Blood poured from his mouth. As the strength drained from his body, the magic power from Gungnir slowly faded away.

    With shaking eyes, he looked down. In his left chest, there was a sword that he had never seen before. The blood stain was growing along the armor.

    When he barely turned his head to look.

    With chilly eyes under a black mask, there was someone tightly gripping his sword.

    Leonte thought that he was smiling under his mask.


    He thought that the shape of the face was familiar somehow.

    “We finally meet.”

    Yeon-woo coldly mocked him.

    Leonte opened and closed his mouth.

    The guy spoke like he knew him. In a way, it felt like he was really happy to see him. Like meeting a friend after a long while.

    But Leonte could feel the murderous intent deep in that voice.

    Who was this guy?

    If he hated him to this extent, it was definitely someone he knew. After the fall of Arthia, he had tried to live as quietly as positively, so he couldn’t grasp who it was.

    So he tried to think deeper. But he wasn’t able to.


    With the realization that something shined in front of him, his consciousness fell. And that was the last thought Leonte had.


    Leonte’s head was tossed into the air. From his neck, blood soared out, and Yeon-woo’s bitter face could be seen.

    Yeon-woo opened his left hand and put it on the corpse that was about to fall over.

    To take any the Neidan of the mythical dragon that was slightly there.

    ‘To think this guy ate Jeong-woo’s Mythical Beast’s Neidan.’

    He heard that his brother’s mythical dragon had disappeared after his brother fell, but he never would’ve imagined that Cheonghwado had caught it.

    But it was a relief he was able to collect it now. Because his brother’s relationship with his mythical dragon was so special. And the mythical dragon was why the ancient dragon Kalatus took an interest in his little brother.

    [You have used ‘Bathory’s Vampiric Sword.’ It is absorbing the energy left in the corpse.]

    [Strength has increased by 2.]

    [Health has increased by 5.]


    Yeon-woo looked at the dried up corpse and just tossed it aside like it was nothing.

    The corpse flew away in dust.

    Yeon-woo didn’t put any more of his attention on Leonte’s corpse any more.

    This bastard was one of the guys who stuck their swords in Jeong-woo’s heart.

    He should’ve felt relieved and satisfied, but he only felt like he finally got something he had to do.

    He felt good.

    But that was it.

    It was nothing more than what Yeon-woo had to accomplish. There were a lot of things to get from Leonte, but because he had put him in his soul collection, he could summon him and question him later.

    And now.

    It was time to focus on his other prey.

    Yeon-woo turned his body. He looked at Bahal, who had paused on his way running over.


    Bahal’s face was crumpled in confusion.

    “How are you here?”

    He definitely hadn’t told Yeon-woo he was going to be here. Rather, he had told him to contribute to the war with the help of the Foriegn Legion.

    Because the more he did things that caught attention, the more useful he would become.

    Bahal was genuinely planning on growing Yeon-woo. As his right arm. As his chief of staff to grow Red Dragon even more.

    But even though he didn’t give any orders, Yeon-woo was here.

    And with cold eyes, at that. In the two eyes that were visible under his mask, there was no emotion. He looked like a marionette.


    Bahal could feel that something was wrong.

    He didn’t worry that the Summer Queen had told him to capture Leonte alive.

    Or the fact that he needed to get the stone.

    He got a bad feeling like he might need to get out of this place.

    Right now, he was too injured. Even if he was a high ranker, even if he was a skilled person in the 81 Eyes, Red Dragon’s pride, it was too ‘dangerous’ right now.

    So unconsciously, he took a step back. And he was shocked at himself.

    After leaving Arthia. After entering Red Dragon.

    At himself, who had never taken a step back, who was doing the strange action right now. Because of the embarrassment that he, who had never stepped back or given up was doing it right now.

    And he was able to realize what the identity of the fear was.

    Dragon Fear.

    It was weak compared to the Summer Queen’s but it was a murderous intent that could only be felt from the Draconic species.

    It was the strength that pushed down all living creatures and made them feel fear!

    He didn’t know why this strength was emanating from Yeon-woo, but he just thought that he needed to somehow get out of this place.

    Because he needed to let the people know the important truth that someone other than the Summer Queen could use the power of the Draconic species. And he needed to deliver the fact about the guy who had definitely set them all up.

    If he couldn’t do it, he needed to send someone from Flame Beast.


    “Announcement of territory.”

    Before Bahal, who was sneaking glances at Yeon-woo, could escape, Yeon-woo used the authority that was given to his with his Dragon Body.

    [Territory of the Dragon, ‘Vina,’ has been announced. Within the chosen territory, you can apply your authority.]

    [The first step of the authority is manifesting.]

    [Authority: Dragonic Blood]

    [Within a limited time, all stars increase according to a set amount.]

    [Within a limited time, all defenses increase by a set amount.]

    [Within a limited time, all property defenses increase by a set amount.]


    [You have awakened the energy of the dragon.]

    [Dragonic Blood.]

    Summary: The ancient dragon Kalatus set up an eight step process so the contractee can quickly adjust to the Dragon Body. This is the first step of those.

    The blood of the Draconic species consists of pure mana, so it has an outstanding immunity and resistance. Also, it has the effect of maximizing the potential of the user.

    *Wakening of Dragon Blood

    You continuously received dragon blood. It shows off an incredible immunity to different properties, and with its resistance, it is able to resist other types of magic power. In addition, it has the ability of quick healing, and can fix injuries and tiredness.

    *Sense of the Dragon

    In the announced territory, the user will have sensitive senses. As the proficiency increases, the sense becomes more sensitive, and it becomes close to determining the future.

    An unknown blue magic circle appeared below Yeon-woo’s feet, and it spread out over a large territory.

    Yeon-woo felt power entering his body. His blood changed to Dragon Blood.

    All over his body, new strength was delivered, and the navy blue scales on his skin turned darker.

    As his eyes opened, he could see the most detailed sections of the world.

    His sensitives became more detailed as well. He saw all the land that was announced as his territory in his head.

    Information poured into his mind, that had grown bigger, like a waterfall.

    He was momentarily dizzy, but as his ability to calculate became quicker, his abilities to think became faster as well.

    His Magic Circuit cried out. The Cores were all activated as one and magic power was released everywhere. Wings of fire burned from his back. Vigrid was shaking.

    This was the first authority, Wakening of Dragon Blood.

    Forcing the blood of a dragon to flow in his body, it was a power that pushed all his physical powers to their extreme.

    And in his announced territory, he set rules.

    Bahal couldn’t move, like his feet were tied up in invisible shackles.

    The more he tried to shake it away, they locked him in even tighter.

    And it wasn’t just Bahal.

    Those who barely survived from Gungnir’s explosion. The players who were looking for a way to escape away from the explosion.

    Red Dragon and Cheonghwado, everyone’s feet were tied up.

    Their faces became more pale.

    Dragon Fear not only affected their bodies, but also tried to lock up their souls.

    And that wasn’t the end.

    Along the Magic Circle, black shadows stepped out and began to take on physical forms.

    They looked like ghosts, or monsters.

    They were being summoned by Yeon-woo’s command from the battlefield.

    And with the appearance of the Monster Portents, an ashy fog was released into the atmosphere.

    Boo was holding his bead up and screaming.

    [Dead souls. Follow the master!]

    When his orders fell. Corpses started to shake and stand up from where they were.

    Undeads like skeletons, ghouls, zombies approached the alive players with their eyes rolling, emitting a horrid scent.

    In the middle of them, Shanon was leading the undead army. Like when he led his subordinates during his life, he controlled the dead using his death knight abilities and started to hunt the living.

    [Honor to Master-!]




    They began to be hunted one by one by the Monster Portents legion and the undead legion.

    Because they had already been injured by Gungnir, they couldn’t resist.

    People collapsed at the fire and ice falling from the sky. The undead legion stepped on them, and their necks were sliced by Monster Portents.

    Screams in horror could be heard from everywhere.

    It was like they had landed in the land of the dead.

    And in the middle of it all.

    Bahal stood, blankly muttering to himself.


    Authority of the dragon and the power of death.

    Even just one of these was great enough to turn over the Tower. But a guy that controlled both of them,


    Like Yeon-woo didn’t see the need to answer to him, he kicked the ground.



    Bahal instinctively pulled his body back and pushed his fist forward.

    And he thought.

    That the fear he felt from Yeon-woo was only because of the dragon’s strength.

    He was someone who had just barely won in a battle with a semi ranker.

    Considering he was a novice, he was growing fast, but the fact that he had grown this much over that short time didn’t make sense.

    Of course, his body was quite damaged from fighting Gungnir.

    One arm was gone, and his magic power was depleted. It was so injured that it wouldn’t be weird if he just fell to the ground.

    No, he was almost on the brink of death.

    It would be dangerous if a higher ranking ranker appeared.

    But he didn’t think that he would lose to Yeon-woo.

    From Arthia, to when he was Red Dragon’s ‘Eye.’ The path he had been walking wasn’t easy, and it was all an obstacle and a hurdle for him.

    So the fire that bloomed from his first when he punched was extremely strong.

    It was strong enough to burn everything near them to the ground.



    When his fire exploded, Vigrid slipped by and attacked him.


    With the shock, Bahal was pushed back. When he barely managed to catch his balance again, his face was filled with disbelief.

    The shock from earlier definitely wasn’t the power of a semi ranker. At least a ranker. It was the strength of at least a ranker.

    Because he had never imagined Yeon-woo would have this power. Shock and disbelief was clearly shown on his face.

    And his fire didn’t even affect Yeon-woo that much.

    Bahal thought that he had judged something wrong.

    So he gritted his teeth when Yeon-woo followed him and forcefully struck his hand down. It was painful like it ripped his magic apart, but he didn’t have the mind to worry about that.


    Fire Rain endlessly poured from the sky. It fell like it was going to swallow Yeon-woo up.


    Rattle rattle!

    Yeon-woo once again swung Vigrid around and split the Fire Rain.

    Everytime he did that, Holy Fire bloomed on the sword’s edge and absorbed the leftover magic, and Yeon-woo’s wings of fire grew bigger.

    Yeon-woo already had the origin of all fire, Holy Fire.

    So obviously, Bahal, who used fire magic, couldn’t easily touch him.

    Property-wise, he had the upper hand.

    So Yeon-woo endlessly attacked Bahal to not let go of the upper hand.

    He activated his Cores to the best of his strength and everytime he swung Vigrid, he pushed Bahal into a corner.

    Clang! Clang!


    Bahal became angrier.

    He tried to push Yeon-woo away, but when he did that, the injuries on his body increased.

    Fire exploded. Vigrid pushed the fire away to the side and turned directions.

    Vigrid ripped his left shin. Bahal shook as his muscles were torn apart and fell to the ground on his knees.

    He didn’t even let out a sound and struck his hand down to the ground.

    Roar, Boom!

    Once again, Fire Rain poured from the sky.

    Yeon-woo thought it might be hard to deal with it with just Holy Fire this time, so he spread his wings wide and stepped back.

    He moved, boiling the atmosphere, so he could somewhat smoothly move like they were real wings.

    He quickly left the spot and the Fire Rain left the ground charred.

    Fire Rain poured again, like taking the opportunity, and Yeon-woo thought it would be difficult to avoid it this time, so he raised his left arm.

    And Aegis floated up.

    5 plates out of the 9 flicked the Fire Rain away.

    And they flew away Yeon-woo. Aegis blocked all the Fire Rain approaching him, flicked them away, and spread them apart.

    [Combat Will]

    [Sense Strengthening]

    Now Yeon-woo was able to use both skills at the same time like it was a passive skill.

    His increased thinking abilities deepened his Combat Will.

    In the slowed time, Yeon-woo was able to focus and make decisions while moving.

    Sense Strengthening gave him even more information after being combined with the senses of a dragon. The countless information appeared in his head and he was able to predict Bahal’s next movements.

    The two skills spun around each other and maximized each other’s effects.

    Thanks to this, Yeon-woo blocked the Rain Fire with Aegis and read the trajectory of his fist to avoid it with his Shunpo.


    [Blessing of the Blue Spirit (Temporary)]

    And the present that Abyss Turtle had given him so he could use all the powers of the Legendary Beasts allowed him to freely use all the blessings of the Beasts with his Dragon Body.

    From Heaven Wing Mana Control to Eight Extreme Fists. From Magic Circuit to Vigrid. The magic power was supplied everywhere and filled blue Holy Fire on the sword’s edge.

    Bahal’s arms and legs were cut off in an instant.



    Vigrid deeply cut Bahal’s right side.

    His ribs all broke and his intestines flowed out. Holy Fire entered his body and cut off all his magic power.

    Of course, Bahal wasn’t quietly receiving this treatment. Even if he was on the brink of death, a high ranker was a high ranker. Even if he had the upper hand of the property, the level of his magic power was stronger than Yeon-woo’s.

    Everytime he exploded his fire and punched out, magic power created a storm around him and continuously injured Yeon-woo.

    His left shoulder broke, and his right thighs were bruised. As his side was cut, blood dripped out.

    But Yeon-woo didn’t care about those injuries.

    Instead, he spread out his wings of fire into the air. Using their fast movements, he repeatedly attacked and pulled out to make Bahal dizzy.

    With the mind to wound him if Bahal scarred him. His Dragonic Blood continued to circulate and helped to heal his injuries.

    His Vigrid split the air. The sound of the atmosphere ripping shattered his ear drums.