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Chapter 134 - Awakening (4)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 134: Awakening (4)

    Vigrid continued to strike his side and his remaining right arm was cut off as well.

    His injury began to get bigger and his entire body was burned. Bahal screamed as his right leg was pierced.

    “Damn! Damn! Damnnnn!”

    Bahal screamed in fury like he couldn’t take it anymore.

    He squeezed his remaining magic power out and covered Yeon-woo in fire.


    Bahal activated his signature skill along with Fire Rain, and a storm of fire spinned around him.



    Vigrid was swung along the flaws and made the attack disappear.

    It flew through the fire and landed in Bahal’s chest.


    Bahal’s destroyed body crumpled to the ground.

    His body without any arms or legs flopped around.


    Blood dripped out from his mouth.

    He hoped for someone to rescue him but he was able to realize his surroundings.

    There wasn’t anyone around other than Yeon-woo and him.

    The Monster Portents and his undead army had already ended everything. Bahal’s and Leonte’s best warriors that they brought were all dead and added to his soul collection.

    That in itself was a great accomplishment for Yeon-woo.

    On the other hand.

    Bahal was trembling in fear.

    The fact that death was right in front of him was too scary. It was the first time in his entire predatorial life full of victories that he was facing this situation.

    He wanted to scream for help but his vocal chords were destroyed.

    No. He couldn’t even make any noise.

    The moment Yeon-woo took off his mask on top of Bahal, and his face was revealed.

    When he saw the coldly smiling face.


    Bahal’s world turned white and he couldn’t say anything.

    It was a face that couldn’t exist. Because it should’ve been a dead face. It was right in front of him.

    He couldn’t ask how he was alive again, how a dead person could come back.

    Shock, disbelief, and fear.

    The moment the three emotions filled his eyes, the Magic Bayonet landed deep in between his eyes.

    Bahal’s strength left his body and he fell backward. With his two eyes wide open.

    Yeon-woo slowly sat down on his butt. His body was still warm from the tension.

    Then he silently closed his eyes. Emotions were turbulently spinning around in his mind.


    From the beginning to the end. That the the only thing he could say.

    And as if responding to Yeon-woo’s emotions.

    Rain started pouring from the sty.

    The raindrops landed on his shoulders as if patting them to comfort him.


    Yeon-woo opened his eyes some time later.

    His turbulent mind had now settled down.

    There wasn’t any hesitation in his movements when he put his mask back on.

    Yeon-woo used Bathory’s Vampiric Sword on both Leonte and Bahal.

    The energy was exchanged into his stats, and their souls were absorbed into the collection of his Black Bracelet.

    His Black Bracelet violently shook.

    Not only was it filled with Bahal and Leonte, but with all the other clan members of Flame Beast and the guards from Sword God. His collection felt full because of all the skilled players.

    It felt like they were fighting amongst themselves, but Yeon-woo didn’t care.

    He knew that they couldn’t escape the Black Bracelet no matter what they did.

    ‘And I have a lot to ask of them later too.’

    Yeon-woo was planning to question Bahal and Leonte about the background of this war.

    Because there might be something he had missed.

    ‘I should also find out about the use of the stone.’

    Originally, Yeon-woo wasn’t interested in the stone.

    The fact that the lives of so many players were sacrificed for it turned him off, and he wasn’t confident to control it if he used it.

    But if it was an item special enough for the Red Dragon to go to war. He needed to figure out exactly what it did even if he didn’t use it.

    And also, it was Chirpy’s resting area.

    After that. It would be a healthy supplement for Shanon or Boo. Or he could give it to the Monster Portents.

    Yeon-woo slowly lifted his body.

    With this, he had clearly finished his goals.

    He caught Bahal and Leonte, and worsened the fight between Red Dragon and Cheonghwado. Whether Red Dragon lost, or Cheonghwado was defeated enough to be finished, the damage to both sides were colossal.

    There wasn’t anything Yeon-woo needed to be involved in anymore.

    Rather, if he stayed here longer he would be suspected.

    There were a lot of people within the two clans that he hadn’t been able to take care of yet, but being too greedy could put him in danger.

    It wasn’t the time to reveal himself yet.

    Yeon-woo pulled out two Monster Portents and sent them to Phante and Edora, along with his message.

    “Tell those two we’re pulling out from here.”


    [Could……this be?]

    The Summer Queen narrowed her eyes instead of pouring out her Breath to Sword God, who dared to hold a sword against her.

    Because she was in her wicked dragon form, it wasn’t noticeable. But the Summer Queen was quite surprised right now.

    Through the ‘Draconic Contract,’ she was able to feel the emotions of each of her 81 Eyes.

    She could easily tell where they were.

    But. One of the connections was suddenly cut off. And it was the connection to Bahal, whom she had sent to Leonte.

    According to the Draconic Contract, the contractee couldn’t cut off the connection of their own will. The 81 Eyes were no different to her apostles.

    But to be cut off meant one thing.

    It meant Bahal had died.

    She didn’t know what happened. But, one thing she did know was that Bahal had been chasing Leonte, and Flame Beast, who had been helping Bahal, had also vanished as well.

    The location of the ‘stone’ was now gone.

    It was a critical damage to her Dragon Heart, which was on the verge of breaking.

    So the Summer Queen was angry.

    She had barely forced herself to come here using magic power that she was extremely lacking. She had gambled, and lost everything.

    Anger flowed in her.

    And the Sword God was also surprised like the Summer Queen.

    While he had been controlling his four swords, a white bracelet wrapped around his right arm.

    Gungnir. The ‘sword’ he had lent Leonte was back. It was an artifact that would always return to its owner, but Sword God hadn’t hoped for Gungir to return.

    There would only be one reason why it did. Leonte’s death. The location of the stone has vanished into thin air.

    [These bastards, until the very end……!]

    Under the lion mask, the Sword God’s two eyes’ veins popped out.

    To the Sword God, the Red Dragon bastards were nothing more than lives that could be ended any time.

    They announced war, used Saber God to waste the Neidan of the Legendary beasts, and now took the stone.

    With this attack, Cheonghwado had suffered too much. Half of their forces were gone, and the two of the Martial Gods were gone.

    This was the same damage they had taken back in the war with Arthia. Thinking of how much he suffered from that time.

    No, thinking that the damage this time would be even worse made him feel more angry and frustrated.

    Everything put aside.

    He couldn’t hold back after knowing that the ‘stone’ had gone over to the other side.

    The Sword God decided to use Gungnir. He needed to capture the Summer Queen at the very least to somehow get the stone again.

    [I will release Gungnir now. Please help me.]

    The Sword God expressed his thoughts to Spear God and Bow God.

    Unlike when Leonte had used it, it would take a long time to properly use Gungnir. The time to use magic power and interfere in the laws took a lot.

    He was asking for Spear God and Bow God to buy him some time.

    He didn’t get a response, but actions.

    Spear God pulled out another spear with his left hand from his side.

    In his right hand, he had a long spear, and in his left hand, he had a short spear and ran to the Summer Queen.

    He showed off fancy spear work and endlessly attacked Summer Queen to turn her head away.

    On the other hand, Bow God took the role of guarding them.

    He flew his arrows so the Summer Queen couldn’t attack Spear God or Sword God, and attacked her chest with a strong force.

    Everytime the Spear God swung his spear, the air split around him.

    With the sound of something breaking, the Summer Queen’s body turned into a mess of blood. She managed to avoid some of it with her feet or tail.

    The Bow God continued to pull his bow and shoot light.

    Everytime the arrows flew out, they split to create tens of strands of light to fly around without a particular direction.

    And the lights were at thousands.

    They swirled around Summer Queen and made her dizzy. Spear God gathered the energy to attack her neck.

    Spear God thought while looking at the strands of light.

    The skill that the Bow God was using was the skill in the legend that had brought the Sun down. The Four Directions Archery.

    That it would be enough to make a hole in the back of Summer Queen’s head before Gungnir was completely released.

    And the light around her started to become condensed and let out heat.

    Like a new sun had raised in the sky, it let out heat and light below, and exploded at Bow God’s command.

    The long light column split the atmosphere.

    Leaving a fancy artifact that was enough to make someone go blind.

    And the column was closely passed by the Summer Queen and headed to the Sword God.

    Sword God, who was focusing everything on releasing Gungnir, wasn’t able to block the light column.

    No, he didn’t even expect it to fly in his direction.

    No one could’ve expected that the Bow God would suddenly turn. Even the Sword God, he could hold several strategies in his head.

    Fortunately Sword God was able to instinctively turn his body to avoid it.

    But he couldn’t avoid all of it. His left arm was flung out and completely melted to disappear.

    The lion mask he was wearing crumbled and a handsome middle-aged face filled with shock was revealed.

    The magic power he had been gathering for Gungnir scattered away.

    “Bow Goddddd!”

    Spear God belatedly realized the situation and screamed.

    All the questions in his head were being answered now.

    The reason why Saber God had suddenly become so angry. The person who had told Saber God Leonte had the stone, and placed his son’s finger and eye in front of his dead.

    To think that it was Bow God…..!

    But just because the puzzles were in place, there wasn’t anything that changed. No, rather, when the Spear God turned to Bow God and looked away from the Summer Queen, he showed a blind spot.

    The Summer Queen didn’t lose the opportunity and swung her tail out like a whip.


    The Spear God was lightly flicked away. His body was crumpled and his organs were damaged as well. Blood poured from his mouth.

    The Summer Queen stretched her head back and gathered strength.

    Breath, the 5th step of the Authority of the Dragon.

    With her will, she gathered the special element, and the power that breathed out the purest and most destructive energy, swept Spear God and Sword God.

    Spear God was just barely able to squeeze out his magic power to turn the direction of Breath away from him and escape.

    But he still received burns, and his intestines were burnt.

    He felt a pain like his body was ripping apart.

    But the Spear God threw his body to where Sword God was.

    Sword God collapsed in his location coughing blood. The side effects of Four Directions Archery, Breath, and the failure to gather magic power for Gungnir.

    He suffered a lot of internal damage from his magic power circulation. No, it felt like it would explode. The control on his magic power was gone and it tossed around.

    He had used all his power blocking Breath with his four swords and fell to the ground. He was in a critical condition, about to lose consciousness any moment.

    If Breath was activated in this situation, everything would really end.

    ‘No. Not you…..!’

    Spear God couldn’t let that happen.

    Sword God was Cheonghwado’s center and king. And he was the savior that had brought him out to this big world from his small net.

    Also, they were irreplaceable friends.

    Although others judged him for being cruel and indifferent, Spear God couldn’t stand still and watch his friend die.

    Even if he died here.

    So Spear God clenched his teeth.

    All his bones were broken into pieces, and his spine was broken, so it was a wonder he was able to move. No, to be able to walk was strange.

    But Spear God used everything he had to run. He supported the falling Sword God and told him they should escape.

    That if that Sword God could live.

    If only he could survive.

    Cheonghwado could rise again.

    Also. When he had first made the decision to leave the One-horned tribe with Sword God. He thought he could achieve their dream that they had.

    Spear God believed in that, and put all the remaining life-force he had for it.

    “Stop them! Using whatever means!”

    At the Spear God’s desperate shout. Cheonghwado’s players all ran at the Summer Queen.

    Even if they were fighting against someone, or they were about to collapse because their magic power was depleted.

    They turned the direction of the swords and used their skills on the Summer Queen.

    Thousands of players challenged the Summer Queen like they were moths drawn to a flame.

    To somehow earn some time. They faithfully followed the Spear God’s last orders so Spear God and Sword God could somehow escape.

    [You dare. These microbes dare!]

    The Summer Queen was angered at the fact that these mere players turned their swords at her and sprayed her Breath again.

    She couldn’t let the location of the stone disappear with the Sword God and Spear God. If she lost them, she didn’t know when she could find the stone.

    Hundreds of players were melted. Amongst them were rankers as well.

    [Move! I said move!]

    The Summer Queen furiously tried to chase after the two Martial Gods, but she was held back because of the moths and couldn’t move forward.


    Spear God continued to run and run holding Sword God.