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Chapter 136 - Hatch (2)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 136: Hatch (2)

    Yeon-woo, Phante, and Edora headed to the elder’s room in the center.

    The egg was still being taken care of by the elders.

    Apparently they didn’t leave it out of their sight. They were curious about how it would look.

    So they entered when the elder’s room was.


    “Why are the elders being like that?”

    “I, I don’t know.”

    Yeon-woo tilted his head and Phante and Edora turned away like they were embarrassed.

    The elders all had red bandanas wrapped around their heads and were all lying down together holding each other’s hands.

    “Don’t take the egg!”

    “A new Legendary Beast might be born! More research is needed so give us more time!”

    “Yeah, of course. It’s still too early! You even finished the trial of the 11th floor already! Allow us to look into it a bit more!”

    “No. All that aside, you don’t even have the Seed of the Moon yet! How are you gonna wake it up!”

    “If you still want to wake it up! You! Will have to do it over our dead bodies!”


    They couldn’t see his face because of the mask, but Yeon-woo had an extremely surprised face right now.

    ‘Was it because I denied their request yesterday?’

    Last night, Yeon-woo had told them beforehand that he would come to take the egg back. And that he was going to hatch it soon.

    The Council of Elders requested for more time.

    Even the Head Elder, who normally didn’t speak up, asked himself. Adding on that since they had uncovered new things couldn’t they have some more time.

    Actually Yeon-woo didn’t need to worry about it that much.

    It had been a while since he finished the trial of the 11th floor. It was more comfortable to leave it with the tribe since he didn’t know when it might wake up.

    However, Yeon-woo was able to read some of the egg’s thoughts with his connection to it.

    That it wanted to wake up.

    No, to be more precise.

    ‘Like it wants to tell me something…..’

    Not communication through the connection, but it felt like it wanted to see for itself.

    Thinking about how in the past it only woke up and started crying when it was hungry, this was a huge development.

    Like it had suddenly grown up. It seemed like it had internally developed a lot.

    From when had he felt this way?

    ‘After getting the Neidan of the mythical dragon back.’

    Thinking about it, he looked down at the elders again.

    The elders were still unmoving, lying on the ground.

    The egg must’ve been nice for the elders to get rid of their curiosity.

    Apparently, through different experiments and tests, they had discovered a lot of facts about Mythical Beast’s eggs that they didn’t know before.

    And one of them was the fact that Yeon-woo’s egg was a Legendary Beast’s egg.

    So for the elders, who had to amuse themselves by making new Mugongs, it was a shame that the egg was being taken away from them.

    They said as you got older, your mentality became younger. It was exactly this.

    It seemed it would take an eternity for them to get up. Yeon-woo just stood there and thought about what to do with them.

    Edora glanced over at Yeon-woo and tried to reason with the elders.


    [Master. Should I blow these kids away?]

    Chirpy read Yeon-woo’s thoughts and landed on his shoulder. After Yeon-woo awakened his Dragon Body, Chirpy was influenced as well and he was a bit bigger.

    “Oho! Isn’t that a bird?”

    “I did hear the child of the Phoenix absorbed the soul of the Sabertooth Tiger. I see that’s how a Legendary Beast looks when it’s developed. But it’s appearance is definitely different than recorded, perhaps affected by his owner.”

    “Black stripes. I must take note of this. It can be used to see how much he continues to grow in the future.”

    “Then on this side…..”

    The elders had rushed over with sparkling eyes. The passion to observe him closer could be seen.

    [These guys are weird…..can’t I blow them away?]

    Chirpy became surprised, then scared.

    Yeon-woo nodded.

    “Yeah. Go ahead.”

    [Ok! Got it!]

    Chirpy spread his wings apart.

    The elders who were exclaiming in delight soon flew away like autumn leaves blowing away in the wind.

    [Humph! Acting out!]

    Yeon-woo heard Chirpy’s cute complaints and smiled, leaving the room. Phante and Edora followed him, shaking their heads. Edora still couldn’t raise her head, embarrassed.

    They soon arrived at the location where Yeon-woo’s egg was located, and flung the door open.

    Inside, the Head Elder paused writing down something to push up his glasses and look at them.

    “You’re here? The elders must’ve made quite a fuss.”

    The elders were looking inside with painful faces from the doorframe. However, they weren’t able to come in because of the sharp glare from the Head Elder.

    They said the Head Elder was the second in power after the Martial God. No, everyone other than the Martial God was scared of him. It was clear the rumors were correct.

    “I’ll talk to them for you at a later time.”

    “It’s fine. It wasn’t that bad. Is this the guy?”

    Yeon-woo nodded his head at the egg next to the Head Elder.

    It was bigger than when he last saw it. It was over 4 meters tall, and it had become wider as well, almost as big as the wall.

    The patterns on its surface were much clearer as well.

    They looked like green and black spotted on like a crocodile, but there was a certain order to it.

    ‘Will it get angry if I say it looks like a watermelon?’

    Yeon-woo, thinking pointless thoughts, asked the Head Elder.

    “If I wake this guy up, how big will it be?”

    “Hm. If it’s crunched up inside. It depends on the thickness of the body, but it’ll easily surpass 5 meters.”

    “Then I should wake it up outside.”

    “I’ll be grateful for that. And those useless people out there will get a look too.”

    Yeon-woo nodded and lightly waved in hand in the air. When he did that, a shadow extended itself and wrapped around the egg to lift it up.


    The Head Elder shined his eyes at the appearance of the Monster Portents that were different from the Soul Familiars.

    While it emanated the aura of the undead, it was different from the normal undead, so he wanted to check it closer.

    Yeon-woo took the egg outside to the courtyard. He heard the elders complain, but he ignored them and spoke with the Head Elder.

    “While you were gone, I found out some more stuff about the egg. First, I think we’re sure that it’s a Legendary Beast. It’s strong and tough. And it’s dormant skills are quite developed. Especially the anti magic power part.”

    Yeon-woo’s eyes sparkled.

    Anti magic power meant that it’s resistance to general magic power was outstanding.

    It was definitely a plus since it was able to be free from magic power. However, that also meant that buffs or magic of that kind didn’t work on it.

    But if it was tough, it could physically overcome those cons.

    “But I can’t tell it’s property or how it looks for the life of me. I know that something sturdy is inside, but it’s hard to know more than that. Everytime I try to check, I get flicked out because of the anti magic power.”

    The Head Elder said this was the first time this happened to him. There were only 4 Legendary Beasts that the public knew. And they all had special properties, and authorities to control.

    So it made sense that the Legendary Beast inside the egg had properties.

    “Actually, that’s the reason why the elders are telling you not to hatch the egg yet. If you wake up the egg because it looks like it’s finished but it’s not. Then it means we’ll have forced it up, and that’s not good.”

    The elders who were following him all nodded. You could see in their eyes that they wanted him to change his mind.

    “It’s time to wake it up. Because it’s crying out that it wants to leave now.”

    Yeon-woo cut away their hopes instantly.

    The elders despaired at the fact that they couldn’t change his mind anymore. The Head Elder just nodded his head without any emotion.

    “If that’s what the master says, it must be right. But how are you going to wake it up? You don’t have the Seed of the Moon.”

    “I’ve thought of a way.”

    “Mm. Then it’s fine. But just in case, take this.”

    The Head Elder dug around his pocket and tossed something in the air. Yeon-woo quickly caught it and was surprised.

    [You have successfully completed the Sudden Quest (Participation in War).]

    [You have earned 5,000 Karma.]

    [Affinity with the One-horned tribe has increased by 150 with the reward. You have earned enough trust to be considered a member of the tribe.]

    [You have earned ‘Seed of the Moon’ as a reward.]

    [You have earned the qualification to earn the ‘Legendary Beast Gratitude’ as an additional reward. Please request it of the Martial King.]

    [Seed of the Moon]

    Category: Miscellaneous Item

    Rank: A++

    Summary: A holy seed that has grown after receiving the energy of the moon in a cave after a long time. After being prepared, it can be consumed as an outstanding supplement.


    Yeon-woo’s eyes became bigger.

    Even though he had participated in the war on the Red Dragon’s side?

    “Since Phante and Edora are a part of the same tribe.”


    Yeon-woo asked in rebuttal.

    The Head Elder lightly laughed, as if amused.

    “The two are One-horned tribe members. And royal members. Since they were with you, you didn’t fail the quest.”

    Yeon-woo realized what he was saying and bitterly smiled. He had used the loophole in the system.

    If the result of the quest wasn’t clear, then the person who gave it could determine if it was successful or not.

    “Just think of it as a present for taking good care of Phante and Edora. With my authority, giving away a root is nothing, so don’t worry. Of course, if the King knows, he’ll throw a tantrum saying that he wants it too, so keep it a secret.”

    The Head Elder waved his hand, as if it was nothing, and glared at the other elders. As if saying they should watch out if they told.