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Chapter 140 - Hatch (6)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 140: Hatch (6)

    But it seemed like Leonte had been played as well.

    Well, considering Leonte’s personality, loving power and pleasure, he would’ve easily gone over for Vieira Dune’s seduction. Although he might not know it.

    And Leonte continued his explanation.

    The Emerald Tablet was an ancient document that had the directions for how to make the Stone of the Sage.

    Walpurgisnacht and Cheonghwado had secretly worked together to attack the dungeon on the 69th floor, and Leonte and swiped away the item that Vieira Dune was supposed to get.

    And he worked on it behind Sword God’s back.

    “Then where is that Emerald Tablet?”


    Yeon-woo lightly clicked his tongue. He would’ve been able to tell with his Draconic Eyes if the Emerald Tablet was real and if Vieira had dones something to it.

    “Then tell me about what was on the tablet.”

    [Then…..if I tell you…..will you kill me?]

    “You’re already dead. Well, I’ll let you disappear.”

    Leonte became brighter. And he revealed the process to create the stone that was on the tablet.

    The process was simpler than he thought.

    But there was a lot of intense and suspicious information.

    He asked when there was something he didn’t understand. And he organized what Leonte told him in his head.

    Meanwhile, his Dragon’s Knowledge was activated.

    [The Dragon’s Knowledge, Hokma, has opened. The information is being searched for within the database.]

    [There are 8 related items to the Stone of the Sage.]

    [Other related search terms are being inputted for a wider range of information.]

    The Dragon’s Knowledge was so large that it couldn’t be used at once.

    So the information that the ancient dragon, Kalatus, created, was divided into different sections so the contractee could approach the information depending on how they progressed.

    So they could slowly understand the information as they went. In order for the contractee to understand, like a sponge that absorbed water, slowly and in order, until they finally reached the ‘truth’ at the end.

    The condition to view information was only after new knowledge was attained from the outside. It was the same way Draconic Eyes had slowly expanded before he received his Dragon Body.

    ‘With the base of mechanical magic, with alchemy on top. It’s so widespread. It’ll take an entire day for me to get through everything.’

    And Yeon-woo was able to tell if Leonte was telling the truth or not.

    ‘It’s fake. With the slightest of a lie mixed in.’

    He didn’t know who added it, but he thought that they had quite thoroughly interfered with it. And he was also curious.

    Who was the person that made the Emerald Tablet? And what was Vieira Dune trying to achieve by making this?

    Yeon-woo thought that there was a chance that Leonte had lied.

    So he forced Leonte to speak with his Holy Fire in hand, Draconic Eyes wide open.

    He checked over and over again to see if there was something that he was lying about.

    And when he got all the information he could, Leonte’s mind was already destroyed that dangerously shook.

    He could probably come back alive if dark energy was inputted. But he didn’t plan on making him suffer anymore.

    He considered forcefully binding him like Boo or Ka, but he thought it would be useless having someone like him.



    [Please say. The orders.]

    Ashy fog combined and Lich Boo appeared.


    [Thank. You.]

    Boo bowed and spread his mouth open. And he headed over to Leonte, who was still tightly wrapped around with shadows.

    [W, Wait…..! You said you would kill…..!]

    Leonte belatedly realized what Boo was trying to do and shouted. Absorb. He completely absorbed his soul and stole his knowledge and powers. With this, he couldn’t even dream of reincarnation.

    But Yeon-woo, who didn’t plan on letting him go easily anyway, just ignored him.

    Rattle. Rattle. As the sound of teeth clashing together was made, the sound of Leonte’s screams became louder.

    And Boo’s shadow darkened. Leonte was someone who became a Martial God in Cheoghwado. Being able to swallow him completely was able to advance him further.

    Boo took small bits as if savoring it. He wasn’t just eating the soul, but also his vestiges and knowledge.

    Yeon-woo looked at Leonte, who was wasit-in, and turned back to look at Bahal.

    Bahal just trembled looking at Leonte. The Holy Fire slowly destroyed him too.

    He just wanted to escape from this pain.

    “You know what I’m gonna ask, right?”

    So Bahal hurriedly nodded his neck. He thought Yeon-woo’s mind might change so he blurted everything he knew.

    As fast as he could. So he could comfortably disappear.

    Yeon-woo was able to know the truths about the war between Cheonghwado and Red Dragon.

    As he continued to listen, it became more absurd.

    “The Summer Queen’s Dragon Heart is broken, and she needed the Stone of the Sage to fix it?”

    Bahal weakly nodded his head. Like he didn’t have the energy to use his vestige anymore, his soul wasn’t able to use his power anymore.

    It was the result of Yeon-woo’s torture.

    And because he had already swallowed Holy Fire multiple times, he was almost ruined beyond the point of return with dark energy.

    But Yeon-woo had already figured out everything he needed to, so he didn’t worry about it.

    ‘So the Summer Queen that’s called the Last Dragon is now in danger.’

    And it was an aftereffect of fighting with his brother.

    ‘So he had been able to get an attack in. It’s a relief he wasn’t stupidly on the receiving end.’

    Yeon-woo grinned unintentionally. And it turned into a smirk towards Cheonghwado, Red Dragon, Summer Queen, and everything else.

    For the bastards who fought each other without even knowing where the stone was.

    It was hilarious how they were played like retards. Because he had the stone that they were looking for.

    From the beginning to the end, they were in Yeon-woo’s palm.

    And if he used this truth well, he could play them for a little while longer.

    ‘If she participated in the war with a broken Dragon Heart. She must be anxious right now. Since she used the last of her magic power.’

    Dragon Heart wasn’t simply a heart of Draconic species. It had the foundation to provide magic power, and it was the origin of the strength that allowed the user to be an outstanding being.

    If such a thing was broken. If it was hard to fix it.

    ‘It can easily flip the board.’

    Yeon-woo sparkled his eyes and wet his lips with his red tongue.

    ‘It would be nice to leak this information somewhere. Devil Army? Elohim?’

    Red Dragon had a lot of enemies.

    It was obvious Elohim would be dancing with joy if they heard, because they extremely hated that the Red Dragon and the demon-serving Devil Army was above them.

    Yeon-woo thought that he needed a way to secretly spread this information. Without revealing himself.

    ‘And I should keep quiet for a while. Since I might be caught.’

    The Summer Queen had a sharp brain since she was a Draconic specimen too. She would clearly notice that this war had been started by someone.

    ‘First, I’ll complete the Stone of the Sage, and focus on climbing the floor. And I have to look for Kalatus.’

    Torturing Bahal, Yeon-woo some of his plans.

    One of them was to finish the stone.

    He didn’t plan on using it since it was the result of many lives, and it would probably be uncontrollable.

    Knowing that Summer Queen considered the Stone of the Sage a replacement for her heart, and that there was a room that had materials to finish the stone changed his mind.

    Yeon-woo finished his Magic Circuit after waking up his Dragon Body. And everytime he released an authority, the Magic Circuit started to appear as Dragon Circuit and was going to change his heart to Dragon Heart.

    ‘But it’ll take too long for that. And even if I wake my Dragon Factor, I’ll be met with the limits of a human sometime.’

    So he was going to use shortcuts.

    The Stone of the Sage would definitely be able to do the role of his Dragon Heart. And his Magic Circuit would progress faster.

    And if he worked really hard.

    ‘When I release all my authorities, I might have two Dragon Hearts.’

    It meant he would be able to achieve more than what his brother and the ancient dragon Kalatus had prepared for him.

    Of course, it was the Stone of the Sage that no one had been able to create, so the process to create would be extremely difficult, but it wasn’t impossible.

    The Red Dragon had used all their sources to gather all the materials for the Summer Queen in one place.

    And the place they were all gathered was ‘Intrenian.’

    Red Dragon had several subspace storage rooms that they were proud of. Intrenian was one of them.

    But the problem was the Intrenian was currently in Bahal’s hand.

    With the goal to lure Leonte out, Bahal had been given it. But with Yeon-woo’s interference, it had disappeared into thin air.

    Yeon-woo pulled an artifact that Bahal had left after dying. Thankfully, it was easy because the subspace dimension was located on one of his belongings.

    An artifact that looked like a simple copper ring.

    [Copper Ring]

    Category: Accessory

    Rank: F

    Summary: A simple copper ring. There is an interesting pattern engraved on it.


    This artifact is sealed. Once the seal is released, a hidden feature will be revealed.

    The information on the summary page was also simple.

    It would be something he wouldn’t have given a second glance, but as he touched it like Bahal told him to, the hidden seal was released.


    [Key of Intrenian]

    Category: Accessory

    Rank: A++

    Summary: The key that can open Intrenian. Intrenian is a magic storage room that the Summer Queen made herself, and it has an immense amount of space. It is connected to the mind of its user, and if there is an item that the user wants, it automatically moves over to the subspace without physically entering it.

    *Limitless Storage Room

    It has an almost limitless storage amount. Because it is a subspace object, it is easy to transport, and is almost weightless.

    Yeon-woo opened his Draconic Eyes and destroyed a part of the pattern on the inside.

    Tracking magic. It was casted on in case Intrenian was opened without permission, but by observing it with his Draconic Eyes and looking as Bahal told him, he was able to easily get rid of it.

    With this, a large magic storage room had fallen into Yeon-woo’s hand.

    ‘It might be delivered that the tracking magic was destroyed. But since the location was at the One-horned tribe, they would have to give up. Since it ended up becoming a spoil of war for the One-horned tribe.’

    Yeon-woo thought of the Summer Queen who had given him his grateful present and lightly laughed, and put the ring on his finger. And he put his magic power into it.

    The subspace opened in front of his eyes.

    When he entered, an unending amount of space revealed itself.

    It was located into different sections and was almost as big as the One-horned tribe’s Archives, and it contained shiny treasures.

    ‘With this, I won’t have to worry about money in the future.’

    He had been feeling the need for a transportable inventory. But this was more than enough.

    Then Yeon-woo headed deeper inside.

    The materials that Bahal had spoken about were organized by category. They were all prized treasures within alchemy. All these combined could purchase several S Rank artifacts.

    Yeon-woo smiled satisfactorily and left Intrenian, closing the subspace.

    ‘Knowing the contents of the Emerald Tablet. Since I have more than enough materials, I’ll be able to finish the Stone of the Sage as much as I want to.’

    Of course, there was the slightest lie mixed in, but if he used his Dragon’s Knowledge, he would be able to fix it in no time.

    But to do that, he would have to study alchemy and magic engineering.

    Magic engineering could be easily learned by training his metallurgy.

    Then there was only one thing left, alchemy.

    Thankfully, there was somewhere he could learn it.

    ‘Braham. I have to look for that man.’

    There were two alchemists that his brother had known.

    One of them was Anti-venom Bayluk.

    The other was the alchemist Braham.

    Braham was strange in many ways. Nicely said, he was a free spirit, or if you wanted to speak bad about him, he was a stubborn person. But he was someone who lived by his standards.

    Because it was similar to him. The alchemy he created was interesting in many ways.

    Metal alchemy and medicinal alchemy were different. [TN: There are two words for alchemy in Korean that are used, but English only has the word “alchemy,” so it’ll be described instead.]

    But they both dealt with many different materials, and they were similar in that both of their end goals was to become a ‘Gold Man’

    So metal alchemy and medicinal alchemy overlapped a lot. Because they started from different points, it was important to study them closely.

    However, unlike metal alchemy, which was favored because it could be used to create artifacts, medicinal alchemy was becoming less popular.

    And Braham was the last medicinal alchemist.

    Through him, he would be able to study metal alchemy and medicinal alchemy to finish the Stone of the Sage.

    More than anything.

    ‘He has somewhat of a relationship with Yeon-woo.’

    It was someone his brother had been close to, along with the snake-hunter Galliard.

    It was also the name that Yeon-woo had used when he found Galliard.

    Thankfully, Braham wasn’t someone who hid his location, so he would be able to find him quickly.

    Of course, since he was a ranker, he would be on the upper floors, so he needed to climb floors.


    Yeon-woo slightly stretched his body.

    Organizing this and that, he now had the outline of a big picture.

    There was a lot to do.

    And he needed to be aware of climbing the floors, and release his sealed authorities.

    So organizing his thoughts.

    He looked at Bahal again.

    Bahal jumped when he met his eyes. His faded eyes shook with fear. He was trembling so hard it was questionable if he was a high ranker. That was how much pain he was in.

    Yeon-woo no longer had any business with Bahal and summoned Shanon.

    Shanon, who had been watching the situation until now, was extremely happy he was being given a high ranker.

    And the moment permission fell, Shanon joyfully began to eat Bahal. Hoping that he would get all his skills.

    And he especially hoped that his signature skills, Fire Rain or Volcano would be delivered to him.

    Crunch. Crunch,


    Bahal’s painful screams ominously rang out.