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Chapter 142 - Three Norns (1.1)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 142: Three Norns (1.1)

    At the same time, Yeon-woo activated his Shunpo and stuck Vigrid deep in the Martial King’s direction.


    The Martial King exclaimed and spun his body around. As he pushed Vigrid aside, he attacked Yeon-woo.

    Yeon-woo quickly flapped his wings of fire and stepped back. The Martial King followed him right on his heel and Aegis popped out from Intrenian to block the Martial King.

    Even if the Martial was strong, he couldn’t break Aegis. And since 6 different plates were spinning around, he slowed down.

    Yeon-woo didn’t miss that chance and attacked the Martial King’s blind spot.

    The Martial King realized what he was doing and responded to him. The Eight Extreme Fists unfolded in order.

    Rumble, Bang!


    Eight Extreme Fists collided with each other. Vigrid was confronted by a fist.

    Yeon-woo did his best to swing Vigrid around.

    Blood dripped from his bitten lips, and the veins in his Draconic Eyes were blood red. His Magic Circuit was hot from being overused.

    But the Martial King didn’t let him off the hook. He responded to Yeon-woo’s attacks one by one without even batting an eyelash, and continued to push him in a corner. His attacks tested his limits and almost took his life.

    Everytime he did that, Yeon-woo barely pulled together his Dragon Body and avoided the danger. And he focused to look for a chance to attack.

    From far away, Phante and Edora shook their heads looking at the scene.

    They were definitely training. But their surroundings were being reduced to trash.

    Walls broke, and hills were becoming plains. The river that flowed by had dried out a long time ago because of the heat.

    If they hadn’t set up Jinbup around them, then the Tower’s outside territory would’ve been a mess.

    “…..He’s become an even bigger monster.”

    Phante let out a deep sigh.


    “…..I lost.”

    Yeon-woo plopped down with an extremely tired expression.

    Tiredness and helplessness weighed him down. His warmed Magic Circuit was completely empty like it had never been filled with magic power before.

    A week had already passed since the Martial King offered himself as a sparring partner for training.

    Yeon-woo was planning on immediately climbing the Tower after some recovery.


    -Disciple? Even if you go, you should get checked by your teacher before you go, right?

    Right before he left, Yeon-woo nodded at what the Martial King said.

    It was hard to deny his teacher, who wanted to see how much he learned, and he wanted to see how much stronger he had become with the Dragon Body.

    So he started training with a light heart.

    ‘But I didn’t know it would end up like this.’

    The Martial King required everything of Yeon-woo.

    He didn’t speak. He just pushed him down with his immense strength and left him defenseless.

    Like his life would really be in danger if he didn’t give it his all. The Martial King really pushed Yeon-woo like he was going to kill him.

    So he had shown all his cards.

    But Yeon-woo was able to completely understand his limits and what to do when he was met with them.

    And he was able to show a greater strength than before.

    And he considered it deeply.

    If it was really okay to reveal himself like this.

    He still hadn’t shown the power of the Black Bracelet, which was his last card, but even showing the power of the Draconic species was a lot for Yeon-woo.

    But Yeon-woo quickly folded those thoughts.

    He thought of the Martial King at the time when he said he would leave the One-horned tribe. He still remembered his words not to forget the relationship between a teacher and their disciple.

    On one hand, it was relieving.

    It was still a bit uncomfortable, but the Martial King didn’t dig into it.

    Like it didn’t have anything to do with him, he didn’t take any interest in it. And he didn’t accidentally let it slip anywhere else either.

    He only focused on breaking it during the sparring.

    So Yeon-woo was able to comfortably test his limits. He grew thanks to that, and even though only a week had passed, he was already more experienced,

    The Martial King’s eyes were mixed with something else other than respect when he looked at Yeon-woo now.


    Not of a teacher to their disciple, but from a player to a player. The desire to break him with his skills was able to be seen.

    The Martial King smirked seeing Yeon-woo had read his mind.

    He was satisfied every time he saw his smart disciple understand more than what he taught.

    But on one hand, he felt a bit bitter as well.

    He had nothing else to teach him.

    Thinking those thoughts, he crossed his arms and raised a corner of his mouth.



    “Now, you can leave.”

    At his teacher’s words that he could now take care of himself, Yeon-woo widened his eyes and bowed.

    With a short goodbye saying thanks.


    “You’re already heading up, Oraboni? It would be nice to go together.”

    “Exactly. What’s the rush?”

    Looking at Edora, who was upset, and Phante, who complained with a pout.

    Yeon-woo grinned unconsciously seeing the siblings.

    They were scary monsters to other players. But to him, they seemed like innocent lambs, and they felt like his real siblings.

    After the Martial King had announced that he had nothing to teach him anymore, Yeon-woo started to get ready to climb the Tower right away.

    Of course, the Martial King probably still had some things to teach Yeon-woo.

    But he thought that it was more important for Yeon-woo to learn and experience things for himself for his growth.

    Since he had set a firm foundation, it was up to Yeon-woo to build on top of it.

    So Yeon-woo began to move as the Martial King ordered him to,

    However, Phante and Edora couldn’t budge because their work to finish creating a Legendary Beast hadn’t ended yet.

    If they wanted to simply finish the trial, they could easily leave, but a lot was required of them to create a Legendary Beast, so they couldn’t just give up on it.

    So while the two remained in the village to take care of their eggs, they were planning on catch up on their training as well.

    Watching the players and the Summer Queen and Sword God fight each other, they felt the need to work harder.

    But like it was a shame just letting him leave like this, Phante and Edora didn’t easily turn back.

    Looking at them, Yeon-woo chuckled. And he patted Phante’s shoulder and spoke.

    “I’ll slowly head up, so come quickly.”


    Yeon-woo put the good luck wishes of the tribe members behind him and left the One-horned tribe’s village.

    But Yeon-woo didn’t head straight to the Tower.

    He went on a detour to the marketplace outside of the Tower.

    Past the crowds, the place he arrived was a humble smithy decorated with hammers and anvils.

    It wasn’t too different than when he last saw it.

    But unlike the shabby appearance from before, now, it was ringing with loud hammer noises and heat was coming through the door.

    ‘I ended up coming here. Should I go back?’

    Yeon-woo stood still in front of the door and was deep in thought.

    The place he had arrived was Henova’s smithy.

    Actually, when he had left this place before, he didn’t plan on coming back here.

    Thinking of the dangerous path he would walk on, he didn’t want to hurt Henova, like with what had happened to his brother.

    But the reason why he came back was simple.

    ‘I hope he’s doing well.’

    Because he was curious.

    And he thought he might be distressed by Bahal’s death.

    Henova said he had cut off ties, but Bahal was one of his disciples whom he had taught how to deal with metal and fire. As much as he was affectionate towards his brother, that’s how much he opened his heart towards Bahal.

    Yeon-woo had killed that Bahal. And the news that Bahal had died in battle in a war with Cheonghwado had already spread everywhere. Henova would definitely have heard the news.

    Even if he couldn’t confess what he did to Bahal, he couldn’t help but worry about whether Henova was distressed or not.

    So he had rushed over here. But upon arriving, it hesitated.

    Yeon-woo repeatedly grabbed and let go of the door handle and eventually turned around with a sigh.

    He thought nothing good would come of meeting him.



    The door suddenly opened, and he was facing an iron-carrying Henova.

    “What’s this? What are you doing there?”

    Henova frowned.

    Yeon-woo uncomfortably scratched his cheek with awkward eyes under the mask. It was weird heading back now that they had seen each other.

    “It’s been a while, Henova.”

    Only this chapter is split into 2 parts as its size was quite large for TL to translate it in one go.