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Chapter 149 - Mountain of Penance (3)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 149: Mountain of Penance (3)

    The moment his hearing closed, Yeon-woo felt like he was locked up somewhere.

    The body organ that people received the most outside information from after the eyes were the ears. And since he had closed his Magic Circuit, he couldn’t shake the feeling of his subconscious being locked.

    Yeon-woo hesitated for a second. Taking a step without any help right now was too dangerous.

    He could hear the sound of the winds on the trees and the scent of the flowers to determine distance.

    But with his hearing closed, it was impossible. The fact that he would move depending on his nose was crazy.

    He also had his touch and taste, but these were useless without actual contact, so they weren’t a big help.

    He had already experienced something similar in Section A.

    At the time, the sense that had improved the most was sight and hearing.

    So he was totally anxious.

    But he thought that it would be just as fun.

    Yeon-woo slowly moved his feet again.

    His thoughts about the Yin Sword would have to be pushed back until he got used to it.


    As he expected, climbing the mountain just by depending on your nose was really dangerous.

    Using scent to determine the distance, location, and shape of things was near impossible.

    Depending on the direction of the wind, the scent could be stronger, or he could not smell something because the area was too vast.

    So Yeon-woo lowered his body as much as possible to be prepared for any obstacles. Experiencing the danger of falling several times, he found a solution.

    It was the sense that he hadn’t imagined would be helpful.

    As the wind breezed down, it carried plenty of scents with it. His sensitive nose could approximate where things were, and his touch could locate where things were by the wind.

    He had to analyze information that he had to quickly judge things, but thanks to his increased thinking abilities, he got quick results.

    And when he made the wrong choice, he rolled around and managed to find his balance again.

    However, this process was more difficult than he thought, and Yeon-woo struggled for the first time in a long while.


    He entered the 3rd mountain.

    His nose was numb. As the last sense that helped him to get information vanished, his movements became more careful.

    The only way for him to read the way was for him to feel the wind on his skin.

    No, there was something else that he faintly felt.

    ‘The wavelength,’

    On the way down the 2nd mountain, Yeon-woo faintly felt something with his touch.

    The things brought to him by the wind actually carried all kinds of different things.

    At first, he couldn’t tell the difference between them, because it was too miniscule. He just thought that something like pollen was mixed into the wind.

    But as time went by and he used his thinking abilities, he was able to tell the difference between.

    Something was spreading in waves. It moved up and down, and some things moved side to side.

    As he compared the difference, he realized that each object had different wavelengths.

    Of course, it was so small that if he didn’t focus on his touch, he would miss it right away.

    So Yeon-woo had no choice but to focus with his Combat Will and felt time flow in his consciousness.

    Doing that, he couldn’t tell how much time had passed outside.

    He couldn’t see the sun rise and set, and focusing on his consciousness separate him from his surroundings.

    [The proficiency of ‘Combat Will’ is dramatically increasing. 31, 32%…..45, 46%…..]

    [You have used the skill for quite a while now. Longer use can damage your brain. There is a danger of falling in the space between your consciousness and your body. Rest is advised.]

    [You have used the skill for quite a while now. You may be locked in overuse of your consciousness.]


    [Danger. Your thinking abilities had automatically contacted the Dragon’s Knowledge to dramatically increase.]


    [The proficiency of ‘Combat Will’ has dramatically increased. 62.2%]

    A day?


    Perhaps even a month had passed.

    However, the time Yeon-woo felt was extremely long. He walked only by depending on the wavelength of objects and walked some more.

    Actually, it was a bit strange for Yeon-woo.

    He had made quick judgments using his five senses. And using his magic power, he had amplified the location of things.

    But this was the complete opposite.

    His active senses were all closed, and he didn’t use his magic power other than to continue using the skill.

    He just received information from the outside. He read what was happening around him.

    And as he did that, he saw the wavelengths that he hadn’t been able to tell with his five senses or his magic power.

    The shapes of each objects’ wavelengths were different, but there ends were also totally different as well.

    Some were heavy, and some were light. And some were fast while others were slow. He almost couldn’t tell the difference.

    But they had all something in common.

    The strong were strong, and the weak ones were weak.

    Even if a tree was tall enough to soar over everything else, it was weak, and if a small rock was tight and heavy, it’s wavelength was strong.

    Yeon-woo wondered why they were so different, and came to an answer.


    Yeon-woo organized the concept in his head.

    ‘People and items all have existences.’

    In other words, it was aura.

    ‘Even with the aura, your opponent can feel depressed. And you can pull someone else along with your might. On the other hand, the people with weak existences end up being eaten.’

    All living things instinctively knew this. They would subconsciously feel pushed down because of the existence a strong opponent emanated, and this was the best way to determine the gap between one’s opponent and yourself.

    ‘But the normal auras that are felt are mixed with other things, and aren’t pure. But this…..there’s a deeper base to this.’

    [Through continued training, you have been able to sense a part of one’s soul. You have realized Soul Control.]

    [You have achieved an accomplishment not easily achieved. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

    [You have earned 3,000 Karma.]

    [You have earned 2,000 Karma.]


    [More advancements are advised through more training. Only after realizing Soul Control you deserve to have a level.]

    ‘Is this what Soul Control is?’

    Yeon-woo had heard about Soul Control as well.

    The stronger the soul, the larger the wavelength, and as your level increases, your wavelength becomes heavier and weights air down.

    In other words, Soul Control is the weight of the soul. It is the strength that people with some level have to have. And understanding your opponent’s Soul Control was the most step in step in battling a high ranker.

    Yeon-woo had felt strong auras while dealing with some players.

    Especially the Martial King and Summer Queen made his back shiver.

    Thankfully, he was used to somewhat reading them, but he still couldn’t do it for those who were weak.

    He needed to feel smaller things. He had to dig deeper in to more quickly understand others’ foundations.

    He accidentally found a way to do it.

    So Yeon-woo was able to read an item’s internal side.

    He could somewhat tell how the condition of the item was using wavelengths. He hadn’t tested it on humans yet, but he felt like it was possible.

    Even what he couldn’t read with his Draconic Eyes or Information Windows. He could read through them.


    As he was stimulated by the wavelengths, something squirmed inside of Yeon-woo. It was a new feeling he hadn’t experienced before.

    At first, it was strange, but since he had his Soul Control, he could easily deal with dangerous things.

    Feeling danger was from the will to live. And you have to make your senses move according to that will.

    It was a sense that was completely separate from the five senses.

    It wasn’t something you could force up under normal conditions, but he felt like he could train it now.

    And he instinctively knew from experience.

    If he could control this feeling.

    Another perspective would open for him.