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Chapter 157 - The Monkey King’s Palace (1)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 157: The Monkey King’s Palace (1)

    [What kind of crap is that?]

    Yeon-woo and Kahn’s head whipped to where Victoria was. They weren’t the only ones.

    The other 2 Sadhu on the mountain were looking in that direction as well. The two that Yeon-woo hadn’t been able to meet even by coincidence were greatly shocked.

    The trees violently shook on the mountaintop from everyone’s shocked thoughts.

    [I’ll tell you the specifics here. Come to Kindred’s house. Even if you don’t want to come…..just.]

    Victoria’s voice ended there.

    Kahn shut his mouth. He had barely mustered the courage to tell Yeon-woo, but he missed the timing.

    Yeon-woo didn’t have the mind to listen to Kahn either. He was extremely confused right now.

    ‘Dead? The bishop of the Devil Army? Why?’



    Victoria sighed, leaning on the chair. She was also greatly shocked right now.

    Kindred. Rumors about him had declined because he had spent 10 years on the 20th floor, but people who knew him trembled in fear.

    He laughed with a mischievous face, killing people, and hummed while spilling blood. All those who met him would tremble in fear.

    And Victoria knew Kindred’s hidden identity. A bishop of the Devil Army. He was the second bishop, and extremely strong.

    When Victoria first arrived here, she was trapped in fear because of Kindred. She didn’t want to get on his bad side.

    But as the time she spent on the mountain went on. Her thoughts about Kindred changed.

    Kindred was respectful. He was a bit fierce, but he never forced anything on others, and didn’t speak about religion.

    Rather, there were times when Victoria received help from him. When she needed something, he helped her, and he was a good listener.

    As long as she kept some distance from him, he was a good person to lean on.

    And although Victoria still felt some fear, she thought she could think of him as a close acquaintance. And Kindred probably felt the same.

    So that’s why he asked her to do that before he suddenly died.

    -You have magic that can track me, right?

    -I didn’t do th…..!

    -I’m not saying you did. I’m asking if you can. Anyway. You can, right?


    -Then I’ll ask for a favor.

    Kindred had never asked her for anything during the time she spent on the mountain, so she was surprised.

    The contents of the favor were simple.

    To cast magic to track her, and retrieve his corpse if the signal was cut off.

    Victoria didn’t understand why Kindred was talking about his death, but Kindred had prevented her from asking more.

    Telling her that she would be able to know everything if he died.

    ‘He said that he would set things up so all quests he had would be given to her.’

    Kindred said that the tier of his quest was pretty high, so she could try to finish it or just leave it alone if she wanted to. Saying that it was the price for retrieving his body.

    Perhaps Kindred had expected his death.

    ‘A death on the 20th floor. And a high ranker at that…..’

    Of course, that didn’t mean that there weren’t any lives lost on the 20th floor. Losing all your senses would put you in plenty of dangerous situations.

    But Kindred was different. There wasn’t a reason why someone who had cleared the 76th floor should die here. Just what were the contents of the quest? Just what had been hidden there to cause this incident?

    All kinds of thoughts messied Victoria’s mind, but she was sure of one thing.

    That it was the thing that Kindred had searched for for 10 years, and he had died during that process. And she wasn’t sure of her abilities to be able to retrieve Kindred’s body herself.

    Eventually, Victoria decided to seek help from the other Sadhu.

    She could feel a tense atmosphere descending around his house.

    Victoria slowly stood up from her spot.


    ‘This seems to have been Kindred’s house.’

    Yeon-woo was surprised seeing the neatly organized hut.

    The trees and stones around it were tidy, and he felt his mind relax seeing it.

    He wouldn’t have imagined a bishop of the Devil Army would have this kind of hobby. Maybe this was how he relieved stress.

    Kahn also had a slightly surprised face like he was thinning the same thing.

    And soon enough, two other presences quickly flew to where they were. They were the people that Yeon-woo hadn’t been able to meet yet.

    One of them with a bob cut had a fierce gaze. They weren’t as powerful as Kindred, but it was still strong. It was the high ranker that Yeon-woo had felt.

    The other person was middle-aged. They had pale skin and sharp teeth. He looked more like a dead person than an alive person.

    Vampire. They had the highest IQ out of all the undead, and a few of them worked as players.

    ‘Rebecca and Sol Luna.’

    Rebecca, who had a boyish look, was an apostle who served the god of hunting, Cernunnos.

    Also, Sol Luna was a skilled sword wielder who used the power of a vampire to support her martial arts. She was called Ghost Sword.

    They didn’t usually leave their spaces, but the death of Kindred was enough to shock them out.

    [It’s you. The person who interrupted me sleep.]

    Sol Luna peeked at Yeon-woo and frowned. There was clear enmity in her words.

    Yeon-woo wanted to ask her what she was talking about, but the door opened and Victoria left.

    [Come in.]

    Rebecca and Kahn slipped inside. Sol Luna showed enmity to Yeon-woo again and followed after them. Yeon-woo entered last.

    It wasn’t too different from how it looked on the outside. It was filled with plants and trees he was growing. There wasn’t anything that showed he was from the Devil Army.

    [Sit somewhere appropriate. I feel like it’ll get long.]

    Yeon-woo and the Sadhu hesitated and sat down one by one. Yeon-woo and Kahn sat down together and watched Victoria.

    While everyone was focused on Victoria.

    Rebecca opened her mouth first. The Ghost Sword and Kahn didn’t say anything. Yeon-woo just quietly watched.

    [I heard Kindred died. What happened? Someone was strong enough to kill him?]

    [I don’t know.]

    Rebecca’s frown deepened.

    [Are you joki…..]

    [It’s not a joke. The most surprised person is me.]

    Victoria began to explain what happened last night with Kindred.

    And Rebecca’s face hardened.

    [Then what you’re saying is that Kindred anticipated his death and you’re considering whether or not you should honor his last words?]

    [Right. And this is the quest I received when Kindred died. I’ll share it, so look at it.]

    Victoria lightly waved her hand and a message popped up in front of the 4.

    [‘Victoria’ wants to share a hidden quest. It is a quest that you can deny after confirming it. Would you like to confirm it?]

    Yeon-woo was lost in thought. A quest left by Kindred’s death. Something felt off.

    But there wasn’t a reason why he should confirm it, so he accepted the quest.

    And a new message opened.

    [The hidden quest(Monkey King’s Palace) is being revealed.]

    [Hidden Quest / Monkey King’s Palace]

    Summary: The 20th floor’s stage, the ‘Penance Mountains’ have long been called ‘Five Mountains of Penances.’ A legend who existed in the past of the mountain, Monkey King, raised trouble because he was angry at the heavens. After that, he was sealed in the mountain.

    After this, even though he was sealed, his anger was leftover and it became a famous place for penances. However, the climbers of the mountains had long forgotten about the fact that he had unsealed himself.

    Let’s find traces that Monkey King left behind. Then you might be able to inherit his inheritance.


    1.Characteristic ‘Monkey King’s Successor’

    2.Clues about the Magic Stick

    3.72Arts + ???

    [Is this. Perhaps?]

    Rebecca’s eyes widened like she couldn’t believe it. And the other players seem to feel the same.

    [Wow! This is crazy. Things like this existed?]


    Shanon and Hanryeong both looked surprised after seeing what was happening through the Black Bracelet.

    ‘Monkey King? It has something to do with Son O-gong?’