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Chapter 160 - The Monkey King’s Palace (4)

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     Chapter 160: The Monkey King’s Palace (4)

    There were traces that you never would’ve seen if you didn’t look closely. They were things that faded away with time, but Yeon-woo had his Extrasensory Perception, so he could see them.

    They were deep marks. And in them, there was a firm vestige.

    This was different from the depressing vestige that was attacking Yeon-woo and his people. It had a strong and energetic vibe to it.

    However, it was split into different pieces, so people couldn’t find it.

    [You have discovered ‘A Very Old Sword Mark.’]

    [You have discovered ‘A Spear Mark Made a Moment Later.’]

    [You have discovered ‘A Dirtied Footstep.’]


    ‘What’s all this?’

    Yeon-woo was surprised as he discovered another vestige of the Monkey King.

    The Monkey King wasn’t a twin; how could he have these opposing vestiges? And what did they mean?

    Yeon-woo was curious, but Hanryeong and Shanon, who were looking through Yeon-woo’s eyes, had different reactions.

    [Wow. This, really…..! Wow!]

    […..I can’t believe it. Really. How surprising. How were they able to have these thoughts?]

    As their reactions were delivered to Yeon-wo, Yeon-woo asked them inwardly.

    ‘Do you think you know what it is?’

    Shanon sounded like he was jumping up and down.

    [You’re at a master level and you still don’t know? You just have a sword and your eyes are a beginner’s? Look closely.]

    It was a complaint that wasn’t a complaint.

    Yeon-woo was a bit annoyed, but there wasn’t anything wrong with what Shanon said, so he focused with his Extrasensory Perception again.

    He could see the vestige in the different markings. There were some that were hard to see, and some that were so long that it was hard to see where they ended.

    Yeon-woo wondered just what this was and continued to observe it, and something popped up in his head.

    [You have received intense inspiration.]

    [‘Extrasensory Perception’ is being connected to ‘Draconic Eyes’ to locate the markings. The flaws are being read.]


    Extrasensory Perception and Draconic Eyes, which had been two different things, became connected for the first time. As Yeon-woo saw flaws through his consciousness for the first time, he was greatly shocked, but quickly got used to it.

    Everything felt new.

    Thankfully, he could see what the markings in the cave were from.

    ‘Mugong? No, is it training?’

    After organizing the markings in chronological order, he could see a pattern.

    The markings that were messy at first became more neat as time went on.

    The training process was on the wall in order.

    A record of how a master had mastered his skills even more.

    Like it was witness to the Monkey King’s change.

    The Monkey had been furious at being sealed. He went mad, and he spent about a 100 years in his crazed state.

    Then, he realized something.

    Who would it harm if he was crazy? Himself. So he needed to become stronger somehow to release this seal. From there, the Monkey King worked hard to have the ability to break the 5th mountain.

    He started to organize his knowledge, and put in effort to become stronger.

    It was a difficult process. Since none of his knowledge was simple.

    However, one thing that was allowed to the Monkey King was time, so he didn’t rush and started to organize it. And everything he realized something, he tested it out on the wall.

    The foolhardy monkey started to learn patience.

    He was someone who was able to bend to his goals.

    And about 500 years later, he was able to finish it. The power to break his seal.

    Yeon-woo was blank for a moment like he had spent all that time with the Monkey King. If he wasn’t used to faster thinking with his Time Difference, he might’ve gone crazy.

    [Yeah. This is evidence of training.]

    And he heard Shanon’s voice in his consciousness. Yeon-woo asked after pulling himself together.

    ‘Then… this the 72 Arts?’

    [What? 72 Arts?]

    Shanon scoffed and screamed at Yeon-woo in disbelief.

    [You crazy bastard! This isn’t even comparable to that!]


    Shanon continued screaming in frustration.

    [The 72 Arts is only a part of what the Monkey King learned. It’s a small part of what he gathered to make this new piece!]


    Then, Yeon-woo realized what he was looking at. He was in front of the Monkey King’s ‘everything.’

    He remembered what other nickname the Monkey King had.

    Sun Wukong [TN: Changed the spelling.]

    The power that made the Monkey King into Sun Wukong was literally right in front of him.

    If there were only the movements left, he wouldn’t have realized what it was.

    But these were traces of what Sun Wukong had contemplated and it was easy to follow with his eyes.

    [Really…..does this make sense?]

    [It’s more surprising the more you look at it. I feel like I’ll know how the Monkey King fought the gods and demons. How could there have been a being like this?]

    Shanon and Hanryeong didn’t know what to say.

    It was to peer at the power out of respect for their martial art senior.

    Even now, they continued following the Monkey King to learn something.

    With the combination of the Extrasensory Perception and Draconic Eyes, they continued to stare at the traces.

    However, Yeon-woo couldn’t become as absorbed into it as they were.

    He could only see a limited part of it because he had just reached master level.

    He knew that it was amazing. Just from what he saw, the level was extremely high, and he exclaimed in astonishment after seeing some sections as well. There was a lot he could learn from.

    But like how a kindergartner couldn’t understand rocket science, Yeon-woo couldn’t follow.

    ‘I guess it’s better than Yin Sword.’

    It was better than the Yin Sword because he could probably learn from it if he studied the basics a bit.

    So Yeon-woo didn’t try to understand the Monkey King’s inheritance. Instead, he tried to memorize it. SO he could learn it at a later time.

    But there were some sections that he automatically understood with his Dragon’s Knowledge, so he was able to grow again.

    ‘This isn’t martial art, magic, or alchemy. Is this the Arts? No. It’s using magic but….it can’t be limited to that term… exceeds…..’

    His head felt like it was clearing up.

    It was like he was looking at a new horizon.

    Yeon-woo stood there blankly for a moment.

    And something came to his mind.

    ‘Perhaps…..the Yin Sword as well?’


    [It’s another fork in the road.]

    Rebecca spoke in an annoyed voice looking at the three forks ahead of them.

    Hours had passed by already since they entered the dungeon. And in that time, they had been met with several forks.

    Unless you were stupid, you would know that the dungeon was twisted like a maze.

    They couldn’t find the way. Since they didn’t know where was where.

    Maybe if they could spread their consciousness, it would be better, but the Monkey King’s vestige ran at them if they did that, so they couldn’t do anything.

    And no one had said anything, but they all felt like they were going in circles.

    ‘It’s not that I’m feeling it, but we really are. We’re lost.’

    Unlike the others, who were limited in widening the range of their consciousness, Yeon-woo had already gotten a general idea of the infrastructure of the cave.

    He narrowed his eyes.

    ‘Should I take the lead?’

    He had hesitated to step up.

    He didn’t know what Kindred and the Devil Army was planning, so he had to control his actions, and since he was memorizing the inheritance of the Monkey King was well, he didn’t have time to focus on other things.

    But if this went on, the story changed. Even if he wanted to uncover what the Devil Army was scheming, he wouldn’t be able to do anything if their party wandered around the cave like they were trapped in a maze.

    ‘And from some time ago, the formation of the maze has been slowly changing.’

    That was the reason why they were going in circles.

    ‘And I don’t know what that guy in the back will do.’ [TN: Yes, Yeon-woo said guy.]

    Yeon-woo slightly shifted his consciousness to the back. Behind the party, who hadn’t noticed anything, there were a bunch of bats blending in with the dark.

    Sol Luna. She had said she wanted to live so she wouldn’t participate, but she was secretly following them using her skill with bats. [TN: Yes, Yeon-woo referred to her as a guy.]

    Rebecca and Victoria hadn’t noticed her. They were focused in front of them, so they didn’t have time to look back.

    Sol Luna was using that aspect.

    She was probably planning on taking the 72 Arts for herself. And if she moved like this, she wouldn’t be in danger from the Monkey King’s Vestige either.

    Yeon-woo left her alone because she wasn’t dangerous, but he was planning to do something soon.]

    Eventually, Yeon-woo made up his mind.


    And the moment when Yeon-woo tried to say something.



    The Monster Portents started screaming along his Black Bracelet. And they were flicked back into his bracelet by something strong.

    It meant that they had clashed with something strong and lost.

    ‘What is that?’

    Yeon-woo felt shivers down his back. He stopped walking.

    And at that moment.

    [What were you trying to sa…..!]

    Rebecca looked at Yeon-woo with an annoyed voice as usual, but Yeon-woo grabbed her wrist and pulled her in.

    Rebecca lost her balance and stumbled. She was about to shout at Yeon-woo to ask him what he was doing.

    But she felt something soar up from where she was and her back felt cold.

    A sturdy and sharp shadow thorn.


    Yeon-woo swung his Carshina’s Dagger that was emitting Aura.

    Aura exploded and the thorn exploded with it.


    [The Monkey King’s vestige seems to have officially begun to get us.]

    Yeon-woo clenched his teeth. Now they were using physical means. As they became closer to the origin, their attacking methods were varying.

    Rebecca’s eyes shook.

    This attack. Even she hadn’t read it. An apostle of the god of hunting. Her signature skill hadn’t activated.

    She had continued feeling this way since entering the cave. She felt like she was tied up in chains, and she was tired.

    But a player from the lower floor had read it. Since he was the once who saved her from the attack.

    Rebecca grit her teeth at the fact that she was less useful than such a player.

    Of course, she knew that Yeon-woo was different from other players.

    She didn’t hear the specifics, but she heard that players who climbed the Tower were shocked at what he could do, and from what she saw in half a year, he was the player who grew the most.

    But she had the reputation of a high ranker. She couldn’t understand why she didn’t feel what Yeon-woo felt. Her pride was hurt.

    But Rebecca didn’t let pride get in her way. She organized her thoughts and used Open Speaking.



    [From now on, you take the lead.]

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