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Chapter 161.1 - The Monkey King’s Palace (5)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 161.1: The Monkey King’s Palace (5)

    Kahn and Victoria whipped their heads towards her as if asking what she was asking. But Rebecca was firm.

    [Right now, Kahn is better than me. So you take over.]


    Yeon-woo read Rebecca’s consciousness and nodded his head. It was better for him since she said it first.

    ‘She’s cynical, but an okay person.’

    His judgement of Rebecca changed. It was rare for high rankers to admit their limits. People who did were able to become stronger. It was necessary to save these kinds of people.

    From then.

    Yeon-woo and Rebecca switched places and he started to officially lead them

    Yeon-woo wasn’t hesitant. Every time there was a fork in the road, he headed straight without any pause.

    [Hey, you!]

    Victoria was about to say something to Yeon-woo.

    [Don’t. Trust him. The Header’s decision is obsolete when clearing a dungeon.]

    Rebecca defended Yeon-woo. Kahn didn’t say anything.

    Rebecca looked at Yeon-woo with intense consciousness. All of her senses were focused on him. Her judgement was to trust that guy.

    And Rebecca’s obsolete trust in Yeon-woo didn’t fail her.

    Boom! Booboom!

    Everytime the Monkey King’s vestige popped up, he saw it with his consciousness and used Aura to break it.

    Like Yeon-woo had known about this dungeon before, he smoothly led them through the cave.

    And the path seemed about right. It was an incomparable speed to Rebecca’s.

    ‘Since they’ll be surprised if we move this fast too. They’ll do something unplanned.’

    Because he wanted to see how the Devil Army would react, so he tried to make them do something. Hoping they would take the bait.

    Then Yeon-woo and his party arrived at the end of the maze.

    [I think this is it.]

    [Yeah. The signal’s coming from past here.]

    [It’s big. Very.]

    When they arrived at the end of the maze, they were standing in front of an iron door about 30 meters tall.

    There were different drawings on the door. They were mysterious letters and images. It was hard to tell what they meant since a lot of time had passed.

    But Yeon-woo was different. Since he knew exactly what they were. The last inheritance of the Monkey King. He used his Dragon’s Knowledge to memorize it instantly.

    [You have succeeded in learning the complete form of the ‘Monkey King’s inheritance.’ Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

    [You have earned 3,000 Karma.]

    [You have earned an additional 2,000 Karma.]

    Yeon-woo called it the ‘Heaven King’ and saved it carefully in his brain.

    Meanwhile, the other members of the party were focusing their consciousness on the letters on the door.

    They were letters that no one understood.

    [Victoria is this…..?]

    Rebecca asked Victoria to interpret it, and Victoria slowly translated the rune letters.



    [Yeah. This is the Magic Stick.]

    [I didn’t think it actually…..]

    Rebecca exclaimed in wonder.

    The Magic Stick was the weapon that symbolized the Monkey King. It was endlessly long, and the holy power inside it was outstanding. They were surprised to see the god’s tool that they had only heard about.

    They were surprised that this iron door itself was the Magic Stick.

    When Kahn touched the door, his eyelashes fluttered. Very lightly. His mouth dried up.

    [But I think this is only a part of it. Where are the other sections?]

    Victoria was trapped in a scholar’s passion for a moment. Rebecca coldly cut off her thoughts.

    [Do that stupid research later. Right now, let’s retrieve Kindred’s body. How do you think we open this door?]

    [I’ve been looking for a way since earlier.]

    Victoria tried various methods but the rune scattered apart every time. Her smooth forehead crinkled.

    [Godly Precious Iron…..]

    Precious iron of the gods. This was a legendary iron that was able to seal gods and demons. That was how resistant it was, and even Victoria’s rune magic failed.

    And they couldn’t try to force it open. Kahn used all his strength, but it didn’t even budge. He wondered how Kindred had managed to get past this door.

    Yeon-woo moved past them and stood in front of the door.

    His consciousness had already looked over the iron door several times. He tried looking for flaws with his Draconic eyes, but he couldn’t find any.

    Complete flawless. Was there really a thing like that in the world?

    And there was something on his mind.

    [‘Godly Precious Iron…..’]

    He subconsciously rubbed his Black Bracelet with his left hand.

    When he had shown Edora this bracelet, she said that it might be Godly Precious Iron after looking at it with her insight. [TN: Sorry, I forgot what I tled this metal to before, but this metal is described in this chap so I’m changing the term.]

    Back then, he had only considered the idea. But looking at it now, he felt strange.

    Then, like it had read Yeon-woo’s thought, it lightly trembled. Yeon-woo put his hand on the door, doubting himself.

    And that moment.

    The door that seemed like it wouldn’t budge creaked open.

    The other members looked at Yeon-woo dumbfoundedly, but Yeon-woo just simply shrugged his shoulders.

    And he threw his consciousness inside.

    Like it’s name ‘Palace’ it really was fancy.

    And as if they were servants greeting their king, on 99 stairs, there were extravagant statues ordered below the top stair.

    Each of them were intricately decorated with the face of a monkey.

    And along the side, there were large stone column-like figures standing as if they were on guard.

    The Monkey King was known to be the king of the yokai monkeys. This seemed to have imitated how he ruled over his domain.

    They were only statues, but the party uncertainty paused, as if they could feel the aura of the real things. They couldn’t gather the courage to actually enter it.

    And the powers of each of the statues were enough to surpass Kahn and Yeon-woo. They didn’t fall short when compared to Rebecca either.

    More than anything.

    ‘The vestige of the Monkey King suddenly disappeared.’

    They couldn’t see the depressing vestige that tried to swallow them. They felt danger.

    [There! Kindred!]

    But when Victoria had tried to follow the traces of magic to Kindred.

    Rebecca and Kahn’s movements became different.

    Kindred’s body was on the center right. And in front of him, there was a large stone monument of about 30 meters.

    The small letters engraved on the front of it stopped the two in their tracks.

    72 Arts. The power of the Monkey King was here.

    [Found it.]

    Then, Kahn took a big step forward with a trembling voice. Unlike Rebecca, who was being wary of the Monkey King’s vestige, Kahn’s attention was only on the stone monument.

    [If only I have that Doyle can…..!]

    The moment Kahn moved forward like he was possessed.

    [Hahaha! I’ll take the 72 Arts!]

    Sol Luna suddenly popped out from the air.

    Before Rebecca and Victoria could do anything, she laughed loudly and flew towards the stone monument past the iron door.


    [Who dares to wake the King’s eternal sleep?]

    With the sound of a resonant Open Speaking, a black wind suddenly blew and ripped Sol Luna to pieces. She couldn’t even fight back.

    Kahn stopped in his tracks after seeing that, but the air inside the hall was already drastically different.


    The hundreds of statues turned their heads as one.

    All gazes were focused that way.

    Vestiges emanated from the statues.

    A powerful power blew around the hall like a storm.

    The dungeon shook up and down.

    [A sudden quest has begun.]

    [Sudden Quest / King’s Terracotta Soldiers]

    Summary: The Monkey King has succeeded in leaving the 5th mountain after 500 years, and after his penance, he was able to take off his shredding and become a god.

    But the yokai monsters that met the god on Mount Huaguo became resentful at having to wait for their king again.

    So until the day their king returned, they built an underground palace where his shedding was left behind.

    And to prevent the thievery of his shedding, they set up terracotta soldiers to protect it using their vestige.

    From now, escape with the shedding of the king safely. Also, prove that you have the qualification to become the successor of the Monkey King.

    Participation Qualification: Attainment of hidden quest ‘Monkey King’s Palace.’

    Reward: Qualification of 72 Arts

    [The first test is commencing.]

    A message popped up in front of them.


    Kahn realized his mistake. He had been blind for the 72 Arts in this dungeon that could have traps anywhere.

    Sol Luna was the one to awake the stone monuments, but he wouldn’t have caused this if not for her.

    Kahn quickly pulled back. Fortunately, the fist of the stone monument missed him. As the fist crushed into the ground, pieces of stone flew out.

    But that was only the beginning.

    The stone monuments, not including the guard statues, all ran towards the entrance.

    [Those who dare to bother the King’s eternal sleep must pay with their death!]

    A hundred voices all shouted as one. It beat into their eardrums.


    The monkeys, despite being made of stone, moved quickly. Their weight left imprints on the ground where they stepped.