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Chapter 163 - The Monkey King’s Palace (7)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 163: The Monkey King’s Palace (7)

    [Cain! Cain!]

    Kahn and Victoria roughly knocked on the door. But the door didn’t budge. The same went for the metal front door. It didn’t move at all.

    They tried to use their skills and magic to break the door down, it didn’t work. Only messages popped up.

    [You have moved out of the chosen area.]

    [You cannot enter because you are not qualified for the quest.]



    Kahn slammed his fist against the door. He knew it wouldn’t work, but he felt like he would go crazy if he didn’t do anything.

    He was always like this.

    With his mother, Doyle, and even now.

    He trained hard thinking that he shouldn’t be a burden anymore. And he even had the 72 Bian that they required in his possession. But. From where had it gone wrong? Why did he always have to be this pathetic?

    All kinds of thoughts went through his head. He even thought of the most extreme of things. If he at the very least died here, he wouldn’t have to deal with everything.

    But Kahn shook her his. He couldn’t let himself be emotionally shaken up like that. He had to stand back up..

    First, he had to believe Yeon-woo. Because he always solved things.

    Then there was only one thing left. Their safety.


    Kahn cleared his thoughts and turned back to Victoria.

    She already looked exhausted. Rebecca, Kindred, and even Yeon-woo. Everything that had happened today was taking a toll on her.

    Kahn knew her well. She acted seductive and materialistic. Although he teased her about her age, she was never actually mad.

    [Kindred is probably outside.]

    Victoria’s empty stare suddenly became fixed. She understood what Kahn was saying.

    A trap. Then that meant Kindred was waking for them outside. And he might not be alone. That was dangerous.

    Of course, she had the magicians of the ‘Magic Tower’ behind her, but they wouldn’t be of much help here.

    But they were short on time.


    His eyes instantly changed.

    [I have an idea. Do you wanna hear it?]


    [Dragon’s Authority, ‘Vina’ has been announced. You are able to use your authority in the selected territory.]

    [The first step Authority is being set.]

    [Authority: Dragonic Blood.]

    [Within the set time, all stats increase.]

    [Within the set time, all physical defenses increase.]

    [Within the set time, all property defenses increase.]


    [Dragon’s Energy has been awakened.]

    Under his feet, blue magic circles spread around him. And Yeon-woo’s territory was created.

    The constraints of the 5th mountain were washed away like sand on a shore.

    Although he was still on the stage of the 5th mountain, the area that Yeon-woo was in was the territory of a dragon.

    Here, he was able to pull out everything he had.

    As the constraints disappeared and his five senses came back, his Extrasensory Perception became more detailed as well.

    It was a new world that Yeon-woo never had never experienced before.

    Euphoria. It could be described like that. He could be sure that his training for the last half year hadn’t been for nothing. He was incomparably stronger than before. It was worth it to limit his own magic power to train.

    There was nothing he couldn’t feel in his territory. He could see all the different wavelengths and the stream of mana, and he could interfere in what they were doing. Consciousness opened the pathway for it.

    While he was on a high, blue scales grew on his upper body up to his neck.

    His scales bumped against each other. He felt a strange emotion as his two dragon eyes opened.

    Three sets of wings made of Holy Fire soared high enough to reach the ceiling.

    As if showing off his stronger power, Yeon-woo didn’t hide any of it.

    And he pulled Vigrid out from Intrenian. Vigrid was definitely different than before. It was as long as a spear, and the rune letters on the blade shined brightly.

    Vigrid had returned to the holy white sword taking in the holy power.


    Type: Single hand longsword.

    Rank: ??

    *Sword Purification

    Vigrid always lived a life of fighting. So within it, there was the blood, sweat, and tears of those it fought. The deep vestige of the heroes always shows itself in battle.

    The more it fights against, the more it absorbs murderous intent and buffs the user. The stronger the enemy, the more powerful the fighting force.

    *Blessing Wavelength

    When attacked by your opponent for the last time, it curses all the enemies near you.

    After they are ‘infected’ their defenses decrease and their movements slow down.

    *Life of Fighting

    When the hatred of your opponent has increased more than normal, the vestige of the heroes can be used. Attacking speed increases by 30% at most, and attacking power can increase up to 1,500%. Instead, defenses and properties decrease by up to 50%.


    Not opened yet. (Sealed)

    **This artifact is ‘Unique.’ There isn’t an artifact like this in the entire Tower, and it is completely bound to its owner. It cannot be given to someone else.

    **You have released 90% of the curse. You must have a new attribute or qualification to clear the rest.

    Vigrid was completely different than when Yeon-woo first had him. As it regained its function, the hidden options revealed themselves one by one. Each of them was something that Yeon-woo needed.

    <Sword Purification>

    Yeon-woo looked at the 12 statues. His power increased as much as they had murderous intent.

    His Draconic Eyes reddened and he was able to find flaws in the statues.


    And Aegis floated up above him as well. There were 7 in total. With his Dragon’s Knowledge’s growth, the number of his shields increased as well.

    On top of that, Aegis also had another effect.

    <Goddess’s Spearsword>

    The owner of Aegis, Athena, was the goddess of war. With her blessing, Yeon-woo’s fighting abilities increased.

    And as if they didn’t want to be beat, figures rose from his shadow like they were protecting him.

    Shanon and Hanryeong appeared with swords, and Boo flew in the air, shouting curses. A black hole was opened and his summons arrived.

    The aura of a dragon and the energy of death combined in the air, filling the hall.

    This was the greatest show of power for Yeon-woo. It was on a different level than what he showed when his senses were blocked.

    Like the stone statues had read Yeon-woo’s new appearance, they paused. They slowly rolled their eyes to observe Yeon-woo. As if they were searching for something.

    With the opening of the vestige, a loud voice boomed in the air.

    [Prove your qualification. The qualification of the successor…..!]

    They emanated an abundant amount of vestige and ran towards where Yeon-woo was.

    That was the beginning.

    [You’re dealing with these kinds of stupid things? Dang. There’s never a boring moment with you.]

    [But didn’t it work out well? We can test it out.]

    [I guess.]

    The Monster Portent army spread out. Shanon and Hanryeong each dealt with one statue. They seemed excited.

    What they had seen of the Monkey King, what Yeon-woo had classified as ‘Heaven Things.’ They wanted to try it out, and they had the perfect chance to do so.

    They didn’t expect to completely understand it. But just by looking at it, it would be a big help to them.

    Shanon especially seemed to have learned about something. If he could learn this, he might even be at an expert level.

    So Shanon and Hanryeong moved around like a fish in water.

    While they were here, they would be able to use their full strength.


    The hall became a mess after some time.

    It was filled with undeads, dragon energy, and Monster Portents. The statue of the king shook like it would fall any moment.

    [Don’t bother the king’s sleep…..!]

    Knowing that the cause of all this was Yeon-woo, 3 of the large statues attack Yeon-woo at once.

    He used Blink again to escape. At the same time, the place he had just been in was hit with spears.

    But like they wouldn’t let him go, they continued to follow him with their eyes.


    You could hear the sound of the wind as they moved.

    No matter how much he set his territory and escaped, it was dangerous to come face to face with them. After all, they had killed the high ranker Rebecca easily. Of course, Rebecca didn’t have her full powers, but they were still strong enough.

    So Yeon-woo avoided their attacks using his wings of fire and Blink.

    It wasn’t hard for him to predict their movements with Draconic Eyes, Time Difference, and Extrasensory Perception.

    Instead, Yeon-woo attacked from their blind spots.

    When they turned their heads to the right, there was an attack from the left, and if they lifted their spear up, he knocked their legs over.

    Fire violently burned. It turned the ground into a crisp and broke the walls.

    Yeon-woo was fast and focused.

    Even while he was escaping their attacks, he didn’t stray too far from the statues.

    He chose the method of repeatedly attacking the statues little by little until they fell.

    And when he occasionally exploded his Fire Rain, the skin of the statues were burned sometimes.

    But the statues were running on vestige, so they wouldn’t become tired. No, Yeon-woo was at a disadvantage if this kept on. Right now, he was fighting however he could, but he wouldn’t last long.

    However, Yeon-woo knew this.

    No, he knew better than they did. Since he had continued to think about the quest to finish it.

    Now that he had read their movements, it was time to start what he had thought about.

    They continued to tell him to prove the qualification of the king’s successor. There was nothing about getting rid of the stone statues.

    That meant that he had to learn the 72 Bian here and prove it to them.

    He wasn’t sure, but after he learned the Bian, he would probably be able to push them back.

    How were you supposed to learn something while fighting? It was impossible for normal players, but Yeon-woo had a skill called Time Difference.

    Faster thinking and calculation. With these two, anything was possible.

    And more than anything, he had the inheritance of the Monkey King. The inheritance was more outstanding than the 72 Bian. He had only understood a bit of it, but with it, the 72 Bian didn’t seem too difficult.

    Also, each of the movements of the status were examples that he could see.

    He saw each statue had 6 different types of main movements. There were 12 statues in total. Each movement was the 72 Bian.

    Yeon-woo had already read their patterns with his Extrasensory Perception, so if he didn’t understand anything, he could just go over the inheritance of the Monkey King again.

    It was a very complex process. He felt like his brain would explode.

    But when everything was open, the first of the 72 Bian opened.


    He powerfully brought Vigrid down.

    As the area split, Fire Rain poured into it.

    It was the natural connection of a skill with another skill.

    The trajectory of Vigrid had cut the arm of a large statue off.

    [TN: 72 Arts had been changed to 72 Bian.]