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Chapter 164 - The Monkey King’s Palace (8)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 164: The Monkey King’s Palace (8)

    [You have successfully solved the first Art, ‘Jul.’]

    [You have successfully understood the shedding of the Monkey King, ‘72 Bian.’]

    [You have successfully achieved an accomplishment not easily achieved. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

    [You have earned 5,000 Karma.]

    [You have earned an additional 3,000 Karma.]


    [The skill ‘72 Bian’ has been created.]

    [72 Bian]

    Rank: ???

    Proficiency: 1.2%

    Summary: The skill the Monkey King Sun Wukong learned from his teacher. Sun Wukong was able to become the king of the yokai with this skill.

    Each Bian has its own characteristic, so it’s very tricky to learn it all. If you learn them all, you can become a Good People or Great Yokai.

    *Wind Cloud

    Clouds and wind are properties of the world. To be able to deal with these, you have to have a high understanding of the structure of power.


    It connects laws and the user and provides a natural effect of the skills.

    **Bian You Have Learned So Far

    -Jul: The skill of pulling out power instantly. It requires attention and focus, and if failed, it puts the user in a ‘Confused’ condition. At least a master level power is required. The chance of succession increases as the sword skills of the user increase.


    ‘It worked!’

    Yeon-woo’s eyes widened. He had tried to use several methods, but the 72 Bian weren’t easy.

    It was the skill that made Sun Wukong into the Monkey King after all. There was no way something like that would be easily attained.

    But Yeon-woo had grasped the flow of the large statues somewhat, and he had successfully solved the first Art.

    From what Yeon-woo saw, the Bian was a lot different than what he thought.

    He thought they were similar to magic or spells, but it was in a completely different dimension.

    The Bian dealt with laws. No, to be more exact, it dealt with space. It was something that dealt with the laws of a specific space.

    ‘A power that deals with space.’

    That was what the first Bian Yeon-woo learned is. The will to cut.

    Magic power determined the space based on his will to finish something off. And what he had now was the result of all his skills and powers combined.

    He was tired, but more than that, he felt joy.

    The happiness that he achieved something.

    Starting something was halfway to finishing it. It wouldn’t take that long to understand the rest of it. And after that, he could probably memorize the inheritance of the Monkey King after.


    Yeon-woo breathed out. At the same time, his Dragonic Blood circulated, giving him more strength. His dried Magic Circuit was slowly filling up with magic power.

    This was the best part about Dragon’s Authority. Because in that short amount of time, he could regain his condition.

    It didn’t completely chase the tiredness away, but this was enough.

    If he spent some more time, he would definitely be able to find a way to defeat the large statues.

    So he was about to move again.

    [You dared to bother the king’s eternal sleep…but you proved your qualification. Our work is done.]

    The large statues spoke as one.


    They stopped moving, and they’re bodies all started to crumble.

    Before they could reach the ground, they scattered into dust. There was only sand left where the 12 statues were.

    Yeon-woo was taken aback by the sudden development, but he understood what they were saying.

    The second test was to prove his qualification.

    Since he had shown that he was able to do one of the 72 Bian, that was enough. They had judged he was qualified and disappeared.

    [You have successfully passed the second test. Please prepare for the 3rd test in the remaining time.]





    ‘Just a minute?’

    It was ridiculously short. He frowned. He didn’t even have time to think if it went on like this.

    That moment.

    The hall started to vibrate again. This time, it was the throne at the top of the stairs. It split in half, along with the wall behind it. With a boom, an area revealed itself, although it was too dark that he couldn’t tell what was in it.



    [The third test is starting.]

    He didn’t know what might happen.

    He swallowed in nervousness. As his territory disappeared, he could feel the heavy constraints of the fifth mountain again. However, his Extrasensory Perception was shining brighter than ever.

    Widening his Extrasensory perception, he tried to look inside, but he didn’t see anything. He felt like he was being absorbed into darkness. It was similar to when he first entered the dungeon, but also a bit different.

    It was creepy back then, but now, there was nothing. It was like the lights were turned off.

    There was nothing he could do except to face it head-on.

    And when he entered, Yeon-woo was surprised at the new scene he saw.

    This was a completely different world than before.

    A large field, waving grass and flowers, and a calm breeze. A fruity scent, and a vast forest and mountain behind it.

    If the paradise people talked about existed, this was probably it. Just what were they testing here/

    Yeon-woo couldn’t hide his surprise. Until now, he had passed through obstacles that always threatened his life. He couldn’t guess for the life of him what kind of test would take place here.

    And just when he was lost in thought thinking about where to go.

    He lifted his head at the sudden energy from the sky.

    Beyond the clouds. A great dragon was gliding through the air smoothly down to him. His blue scales and red eyes stood out.

    He seemed different from the dragon species in the tower. His body was long, and he had horns like a deer. In one hand, he had the bead commonly called the Cintamani Stone.

    It was a being exuding holiness and dignity. He seemed to be a higher class than the Legendary Beasts that Yeon-woo saw.

    ‘He might even be equivalent to Urd.’

    His eyes shook. He had felt overwhelmed with Urd, but that dragon was worse. Was he like a dragon god?

    But to be a god, you had to have a domain. Was that possible on the 20th floor? If it was, was it a god related to the Monkey King?

    He had all kinds of thoughts.

    He thought maybe the Legendary Beasts in his Philosopher’s Stone might help, but they didn’t wake up.

    He wasn’t able to come to a decision as the dragon slowly descended and stood in front of Yeon-woo. He realized it when he saw from far away, but the being was colossal. It was hard to tell where he ended and began.

    The dragon looked at Yeon-woo with his red eyes and asked.

    [Are you the new piece?]


    Yeon-woo narrowed his eyes at the unfamiliar word.

    [No. I guess the word successor is better here. Anyway. Are you the new successor/.]

    Yeon-woo nodded his head.


    [Then get on my back.]

    Where was he going to go? Yeon-woo thought he was taking them to the testing location and lightly got on the dragon’s head.

    Then the dragon turned his head and shook his body. In an instant, Yeon-woo was passing through the clouds.

    [I’ll release you from your constraints first.]

    The Cintamani stone that the dragon was holding shined. Then, Yeon-woo was able to regain his senses. And he widened his eyes at the light breeze against his face.

    It felt fresh.

    That was the first thought in his head.

    Although they were definitely moving through the air at a rapid speed, it didn’t feel cold or harsh. Rather, he felt like they were blowing his concerns away.

    On top of that, the scenery was amazing. Yeon-woo didn’t feel touched at most things, but he couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment.


    The dragon god laughed like Yeon-woo’s reaction was funny.

    And while Yeon-woo’s attention was on the view below him, the dragon god had arrived at a mountain.

    The mountain was covered in different types of fruit trees. It was an intensely sweet scent, and it wasn’t the type of scent that made your head hurt. He felt refreshed smelling it.

    And at the top, there was a man sitting on a rock with a smile.

    Hair that came all the way down this his ankles, golden eyes that shined like jewels, and a humorous face.

    His presence seemed weak compared to the dragon god, but looking closely, you could know that wasn’t the case.

    Because all the rules in this world rotated around this man.

    And his consciousness was light but powerful. Most of all, it was familiar to Yeon-woo.

    The traces of training that he saw in the dungeon were similar to that man.

    The Monkey King.

    He had started from an animal, and become powerful enough to be a god sitting next to the god of the heavens. That man was waving his hand at him.

    [Ooh. You must’ve been tired with the weight.]

    The dragon god didn’t respond and just placed Yeon-woo down like he was annoyed.

    Looking at the dragon god flying up into the sky, the Monkey King grinned.

    “It was fun teasing him when he was younger. But is it because he’s a teenager now? He doesn’t even reply. Hehe.”

    Yeon-woo didn’t know how to feel looking at the laughing Monkey King. He had jumped in the Monkey King’s palace thinking that he should hoard everything, but he didn’t know he would meet the king himself.

    “Why? Is your heart thumping and your head dizzy because you met a celebrity?”


    “Hehe. You don’t have to deny it. I understand. I shouldn’t be this awesome. All the people who came here seemed to do that. Difficulty breathing and heart attacks. Whew. I had to suffer through all that. But you’re better than those kids, actually. I like it.]


    Yeon-woo had a thought while looking at the Monkey King absorbed in complimenting himself.

    That he was a lot different than what he imagined.