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Chapter 165 - The Monkey King’s Palace (9)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 165: The Monkey King’s Palace (9)

    “Why are you looking at me with such admiring eyes?”

    Endless narcissism. His self-love was too strong. And he talked a lot.

    Yeon-woo wondered for a moment whether the person he was looking at really was the Monkey King.

    ‘He seems worse than Seseung-nim.’

    Seeing him talk a lot, it reminded him of Kahn. It was the type of person that Yeon-woo hated speaking with.

    Fortunately, Yeon-woo figured out a way to take care of it. It was to ignore what he said about himself and switch the subject.

    “I have something I want to ask…..”


    But before he could finish speaking, the Monkey King blocked Yeon-woo’s mouth with his hand.

    “I’ll tell you about the terms and conditions before you ask.”


    “I can only answer three questions. I’d like to tell you everything, but I can’t because of the principle of causality.”

    ‘Principle of causality?’

    “Where you’re in right now isn’t a normal place. You have to choose your questions carefully.”

    Yeon-woo was lost in thought.

    Actually, it would’ve been easier if he was planning on meeting the Monkey King.

    However, he stumbled here by accident after training with the Sadhu. And he didn’t know what Kindred and the Devil Army were planning either.

    The questions were limited. Eventually, Yeon-woo opened his mouth after careful consideration.

    “A piece, what is that?”

    The dragon god had called him a ‘piece’ after seeing him. He knew it was something to describe the successor, but he thought there would be a specific reason for that.

    The Monkey King grinned.

    “It seems like our dragon made a mistake. No comment. I can’t say anything. It’s sensitive information.”

    Yeon-woo shut his mouth. If no comment was his answer, he just blew one of his chances.

    So he changed the direction of his question.

    “What’s the reason you made this place?”

    He thought it wouldn’t be to make his successor. The Monkey King was clearly aiming for something.

    “No comment again.”

    Yeon-woo frowned. What was he supposed to do if he answered 2 out of the three questions he had like that?

    But the Monkey King was still smiling. Like he was saying, ‘what are you gonna do if I don’t tell you?’ He definitely seemed like the Martial King the more he saw him.

    So Yeon-woo was forced to think again.

    It seemed like the Monkey King couldn’t speak about something after a certain line. Because of the thing with the principle of causality. Then he had to change the intent of the question.

    But he also thought that this might have something to do with the third test since the Monkey King hadn’t said anything about it yet.

    Thinking that way, he could see the ‘line.’

    He had to ask a general question. One that was detailed but didn’t cross the line.

    His gaze sunk.

    “Who are you?”

    It was a completely unexpected question.

    The Monkey King’s eyes widened, and he started laughing and slapping his knees too.

    “Hahaha! I wasn’t able to think of that. Shouldn’t you ask what the Bian is or how to learn them quickly? But a question like this. Very good.”

    And the Monkey King suddenly stopped laughing. As he did, the warm breeze stopped. That moment, Yeon-woo felt that the aura of the Monkey King was incomparable to the dragon god.

    Even Urd from the temple on the 16th floor was nothing compared to this. He felt like he was in front of a high mountain.

    And he became sure. He had suspected it when he asked, but this world was a part of the Monkey King.

    The Monkey King spoke in a low voice.


    [You have successfully passed the third test.]

    [You have successfully passed all tests.]

    [You have cleared the sudden quest and the hidden quest.]

    [You have earned the skill ’72 Bian’ and the title ‘Monkey King’s Descendant.’]

    [You have achieved an accomplishment not easily achieved. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

    [You have earned 10,000 Karma.]

    [You have earned an additional 15,000 Karma.]

    [Title: Monkey King’s Descendant]

    Before the Monkey King left after unsealing him, he decided to leave his inheritance of the 5th mountain. He hated it because it was where he was locked in, but he had grown somewhat fond of it after 500 years. Also, he followed his teacher’s last words to leave the Bian to his descendant.

    With this title, you will have outstanding focus and attention during a fight. And you are able to manifest the Monkey King’s power.

    [Please request the ‘Ruyi Bang’s Clue’ from the Monkey King’s shedding yourself.] [TN: Magic Stick changed to Ruyi Bang]

    Yeon-woo widened his eyes at the messages. It was about how he could manifest the Monkey King’s power. He couldn’t even imagine what this meant.

    Meanwhile, the Monkey King, no, the person who seemed like the Monkey King, spoke in a low voice. Yeon-woo thought that he should test this out later and listened to what he was saying.

    “I am the Monkey King, Sun Wukong… ’s vestige. I am only the shell he left behind before he disappeared somewhere. Well, like a shedding.”

    The shedding of the Monkey King didn’t just mean the 72 Bian, but this being in front of him.

    And he was also shocked.

    The power of a mere shedding was like this. He even made Urd seem small, so how powerful would his actual body be?

    “And this world is like an imaginary world that such a vestige made. And you’re in it right now.”

    Yeon-woo nodded, thinking he was right.

    It even said so in the title. That the Monkey King had left his 72 Bian in the mountain.

    Then he understood why the servants had built the palace after he had left.

    It wasn’t just where the Monkey King stayed, but also where his inheritance was left behind.

    “So you don’t know where he really is.”

    The Monkey King’s vestige shrugged his shoulders.

    “How would I know. He’s more free-spirited than me, who’s left here. The reason why I’m here is to test how his descendant would be. I’m sick of being here too.”

    He spoke like he was genuinely annoyed at being here. Although this was an imaginary world, he could do anything he wanted. He was frustrated he couldn’t leave.

    “But it’s a relief that a qualified person came after some time. It was worth it waiting.”

    Yeon-woo’s eyes shined.

    “After some time?”

    “Why is a quick guy like you asking questions like that? People say that you’re sneaky, right? Whatever. Take this.”

    The Monkey King’s vestige tossed something to Yeon-woo.

    It was a piece of gold metal that was about the size of his hand. Yeon-woo accepted it without much thought, but his eyes widened when he saw what it was. The material was familiar. It was Godly Precious Metal.

    [Piece of Ruyi Bang]

    Summary: ???

    Rank: ???

    Summary: One of the pieces that make up the Ruyi Bang, the Monkey King’s holy artifact. Currently, it doesn’t have any function, so it seems like it’ll have to be combined with the other scattered pieces.

    The Ruyi Bang had pieces?

    Yeon-woo thought that this might be a hint about the Ruyi Bang.


    [There is a related quest. Would you like to continue it?]

    Yeon-woo looked at the piece of the Ruyi Bang and then back at the Monkey King. He didn’t say anything and just pointed at the piece with his chin.

    ‘This piece might’ve been just the beginning.’

    [A hidden quest has been created.]

    [Hidden Quest / Ruyi Bang’s Owner]

    Summary: Although the Monkey King kept his teacher’s last words, he became worried about the fact that his reputation would be messed by the growing number of descendants.

    So he divided the Ruyi Bing into 100 pieces and hid them all over the tower.

    From now on, gather the pieces and finish the Ruyi Bang. Only then can you succeed him.

    Qualification condition: Title ‘Monkey King’s Successor.’ A player who has at least one of the ‘Piece of Ruyi Bang.’

    Time limit: None


    1.Title ‘Heaven King’

    2.Completed Ruyi Bang

    3…Eyes + ???

    The title of Heaven King and the Ruyi Bang. With these, the successor could truly be the new Monkey King.

    And to earn this title, it was clear there were other players who were working hard to find the piece.

    Since the name of the Monkey King itself was amazing.

    And Yeon-woo realized that he had been included in that race as well.

    “My actual body. He’s Someone that won’t easily give anything away. He’s twisted, so he’s only satisfied when he sees that others suffer.”

    And the Monkey King’s vestige laughed.

    “The pieces of the Ruyi Bang are scattered everywhere. The piece you took was the last. I don’t know how there are remaining in the tower. Some might be in the hands of people who don’t know what it is.”


    “It might cause a large fight. There’s a lot of people who want the reputation of the Monkey King, no, of the Heaven King. Hehe.”

    The Heaven King wasn’t just a title. It was a position.

    ‘Then do Kindred and the Devil Army have some pieces?’

    And if they did, how many? And when had they started to collect it?

    He now somewhat realized what the Devil Army was aiming for. It was to have the Heaven King in their hands. It was completely possible for them to try.

    “Is there a way to find it?”

    He waved his hand.

    “My job is only to give the test and lead them if they seem useful. Clues and all that is up to you. Since that’s what my actual body wants.”

    You had to have martial skills, the ability to guess from clues, and wise judgment.

    “Well, if you don’t want to, you can give the piece back. Since all I have to do is wait until a new successor comes up.”

    That moment, Yeon-woo’s eyes shined sharply.

    “But aren’t you planning on killing me right away if I give up?”

    “Ooh. You’re pretty smart?”

    He lifted a corner of his mouth. With it, a violent gaze swirled in his eyes and disappeared.

    “Someone who can’t even do this much doesn’t deserve to have the Monkey King’s name. So what do you want to do?”

    Yeon-woo looked down at the piece of the Ruyi Bang. He had all kinds of thoughts, but the answer was already chosen.

    Even if the vestige didn’t force him, Yeon-woo was planning on doing the quest anyway.

    This was the reason why he decided to hoard the inheritance in the dungeon anyway. That was the biggest mission.

    No, even with that aside, Yeon-woo didn’t want to share things related to the Monkey with anyone else.

    He wanted to hoard it.

    Competing with others and taking things from them. He knew the happiness that came from that. He learned it from the Martial King and realized it when he was fighting with the Summer Queen.

    Unless his brother came back, he didn’t want to share it with anyone else: even Phante and Edora.

    Of course, he knew that it wouldn’t be easy.

    People who had become successors before Yeon-woo would have more knowledge than him and some might have help from the large clans.


    What did that matter? He could just beat them.

    From the day Yeon-woo stepped into the tower, his path was riddled with thorns. What would it matter if there was one more?

    If he could only get the power of the Monkey King, he would do anything.

    That was how he was able to move forward.

    Also, Yeon-woo thought that he would be at an advantage.

    Heaven Things. The others would only have the 72 Arts. However, Yeon-woo had an inheritance. That meant he was closer to the spot for the owner of the Ruyi Bang than anyone else.

    ‘I have the Yin Sword as well.’

    He tightened his grip of the Ruyi Bang in his fist. And he tossed it into Intrenian.

    “I’ll do it. I don’t necessarily have any thoughts to avoid it.”

    Yeon-woo stood up.

    “Hm. You’re pretty bold for a newbie, huh?”

    The Monkey King thought that although Yeon-woo’s personality was different than his actual self, they were made of the same things.

    The guy in front of him was a beast.

    [You have accepted the hidden quest (Ruyi Bang’s Owner)].