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Chapter 168 - Set (2)

Second Life Ranker
     Chapter 168: Set (2)

    Just what had he done over that time to exude that dark energy? Last time, even though he was arrogant, he was a kind energy around him.

    Yeon-woo wanted to say something about it, but he thought the elders would do something about it themselves, so he stayed quiet.

    He entered the building with Phante.

    The elders inside were rushing around more busily than the elders outside.

    “Uwahahah! Earlier our Greenie started to potty train! Potty train!”

    “Hey! Greenie’s gonna be hungry when Greenie wakes up! Bring food quickly!”

    “Records! Where are the records? Greenie’s color is changing so we need to write it down but where are they?”

    “What do you mean records! Say it’s a baby diary!”

    All the elders were smiling from ear to ear. They were also so loud, it sounded like the middle of a busy road.

    But the moment Yeon-woo saw the Legendary Beast, he thought it was understandable.

    Two griffins were cozily sleeping next to each other.

    With the head of a falcon and the body of a lion. One was red, and the other was blue, so it was easy to tell them apart. Overall, they exuded a holy atmosphere.

    Griffins were known as the best among Mythical Beasts. He could see the different energies he had presented to them.

    [You have successfully cleared the hidden quest (Test of the Abyss Turtle).]

    [You have achieved an accomplishment not easily achieved.]

    [You have earned 5,000 Karma.]

    [You have earned an additional 3,000 Karma.]


    [You have earned the reward ‘Pieces of the Head Turtle’s Shell*30’ and ‘Shedding of the Tail Snake.’]

    [As an additional reward, ‘Blessing of the Blue Spirit(Temporary)’ has been changed to ‘Blessing of the Blue Spirit.’]

    [Your understanding of spirit magic is still low. Learn spirit magic to evolve ‘Blessing of the Blue Spirit’ into a superior spirit.]

    The last quest that he received from the Legendary Beasts was now finished.

    Yeon-woo checked the rewards he received.

    [Pieces of the Head Turtle’s Shell]

    Category: Material

    Rank: A++

    Amount: 30

    Summary: The ‘Abyss Turtle’ of the 11th floor was a Legendary Beast made from a Mythical Beast and Magical Beast. These are the pieces of the shell from the Mythical Beast.

    It is an extremely durable material. It would be a good material to use for defense tools.

    **This artifact is ‘unique.’ There is only one in the Tower, and it is bound to its owner. It cannot be shared with anyone else.

    [Shedding of the Tail Snake]

    Category: Material

    Rank: A++

    Summary: The shedding that the Magical Beast grew out of for the last time before it became a Legendary Beast.

    It is tough and sturdy, and it has the poison trait that it used to have before it evolved. This cannot be used by itself, so it should be made into a weapon.

    **This artifact is ‘Unique.’ There is only one in the Tower, and it is bound to its owner. It cannot be shared with anyone else.

    These materials would be a big help.

    ‘I was feeling the need for a defense tool and a weapon these days. It worked out well.;

    Actually, the weapons that Yeon-woo had were weapons that rankers wouldn’t feel were lacking.

    But it was true that when they were compared to Vigrid, Aegis, and the Black Bracelet, they fell behind.

    And the Carshina’s dagger he bought in the tutorial had turned dull. It was almost time to throw it away.

    Yeon-woo was planning on raising the attributes of all his artifacts while he was at it.

    And since he had the void from the Void Dragon that was leftover as well. If he used that, a good weapon would probably be created.

    ‘I want to meet Braham on the 23rd floor, but I can’t neglect climbing the floors.’

    Like he had done on the 20th floor, Yeon-woo was planning on giving everything he had on the 21st floor.

    The opportunity to meet players on the hall of fame wasn’t easily given.

    He wanted to challenge all the players from the 165th to the 1st place while he was at it.

    Of them, there would be ancient species that were forgotten, and the original owner of Bathory’s Vampiric Sword. Also, he could see the old Nine Kings who he was planning on battling, so it was a chance Yeon-woo couldn’t miss.

    Everything else aside, his heart beat faster at the thought of meeting someone he couldn’t anymore, although they were only an illusion.


    [Is that friend the one to take the place of Abyss Turtle?]

    He could hear Krrung in his head.

    For half a year, he had been sleeping inside the Philosopher’s Stone. Was he awake now because he felt a familiar energy?

    [Hehe. Master, I’m up too.]

    Then, he heard Chirpy’s voice. It seemed he was done with preparing himself. The process might’ve been sped up when he saw the Legendary Beast.

    Whatever the reason, Yeon-woo felt received.

    While he was on the 20th floor training, it was okay because he had Shanon and Hanryeong. But he was still worried because they only slept inside the stone.

    Their thoughts that were being delivered to him seemed pretty satisfied.

    ‘How are you feeling?’

    [Tooootallly good. I wanna fly around!]

    [Sooo good. I wanna fly around!]

    ‘I’ll let you do that later, so wait a bit.’


    ‘What about Krrung?’

    [I said not to call me that! Have you still not decided on a name for me?]

    ‘I couldn’t think of a good name.’

    Krrung groaned like he was really frustrated.

    Yeon-woo subconsciously laughed. He was a bit similar to Henova’s personality.

    Also, his brother had also gotten angry like this sometimes. He thought everyone’s personalities were similar to his brother.

    [How can you laugh in this situation!]

    Yeon-woo stifled his laughter looking at Krrng. It seemed like he would become really upset if he teased him anymore. And they weren’t formally contracted to each other yet.



    ‘Your name. How’s that?’


    Krrung was silent for a moment.

    He seemed to be thinking. Then, he slowly spoke up.

    [It’s a god’s name.]

    Nemesis was a being of Olympus that dealt with revenge. Compared to the 12 Olympians like Zeus, he wasn’t as powerful, or as well known.

    But a god was still a god. Using their name meant that you would borrow their authority, but it could also be something that smeared their name.

    So players tended to avoid their names, and even changed the names if they overlapped.

    But Yeon-woo didn’t seem to care a bit.

    [The gods and demons on the 98th floor are debating about something.]

    [A few gods don’t like it.]

    [Hermes is convincing them.]

    [A few demons are looking at you with interested gazes.]

    Messages about the gods and demons popped up again.

    But Yeon-woo ignored them this time as well. If he was going to feel happy or sad with every message, he’d rather just not speak.

    Also, there was something Yeon-woo was aiming for.

    The name of a god has power by itself. That’s because it was a blessing that had the authority, character, and the position of the god.

    So if you used the name of a god, you would receive such a blessing.

    But most of them ended in curses because they couldn’t control the power. Because even though the gods were trapped on the 98th floor, they could still use some of their powers on the lower floors.

    On the other hand, if you were liked by the god, it could be a great strength to you.

    This was what Yeon-woo was aiming for.

    To borrow the name of a god and for the Mythical Beasts to receive their blessing.

    Although they might be cursed.

    ‘I’m a bit different though.’

    Yeon-woo had already shown achievements that the gods and demons were interested in.

    And he was sure he could continue to show that side of himself in the future.

    Especially if he did things that didn’t cross the lines of the god’s reputation, and do justice to the god’s name. He had no reason not to do it.

    Yeon-woo would raise their fame, and they would bless his Mythical Beasts.

    It was a deal of a sort.

    [Nemesis, you say.]

    Krrung couldn’t easily answer because it was the name of a god.

    But he thought that Yeon-woo’s idea wasn’t that bad.

    No, he liked it.

    It was a perfect name for what they were trying to do. However, the fact that he might cause the god to become angry continued to make him uncomfortable.

    ‘If you don’t like it, we’ll have to go with Krrung.’

    […..I think you always take things to the extreme. Were you aware?]

    ‘I know. So. Your answer?’

    [Let’s go with that.]



    [The name of the Demonic Dragon has been changed from ‘Krrung’ to ‘Nemesis.’ According to the new name, the Mythical Beast will change accordingly.] [TN: Magical Dragon → Demonic Dragon, magical and demonic are the same in Korean, but I think demonic is better.]

    [Nemesis(Demonic Dragon) has acknowledged you as his owner.]

    [A new Mythical Beast that has not ever existed in the Tower has been born.]

    [You have achieved an accomplishment not easily achieved. You are being given additional Karma and rewards.]

    [You earned 5,000 Karma.]

    [You have earned an additional 3,000 Karma.]

    [You are receiving an additional reward.]

    [Health increases by 5.]

    [Magic Power increases by 7.]


    [Warning! You have borrowed a god’s name. The god Nemesis has decided to remain neutral for this case. The god Nemesis will have their eye’s on you. Be careful not you dirty the god’s name.]

    [Hermes looks at you with a strange gaze.]


    He couldn’t see it himself because Krrung, no, Nemesis, was inside the Philosopher’s Stone, but he could feel that his foundation had changed quite a bit.

    It was heavier and darker. Like he was holding a black darkness.

    Nemesis howled lightly with a ‘krrrung’ like he liked his name.

    That was how he called him Krrung. Yeon-woo thought about that for a moment but didn’t say it.

    But it was a relief.

    He had been worrying about what to name him, because he didn’t have any creativity naming things.

    Then he met apostles like Hepburn and Rebecca, and he thought of it. If he was gonna change the name, he should just give the additional effects that came with it.

    And Nemesis would probably work harder to avoid the anger of the god.

    In the diary, he was as prideful as he was strong.


    [Then what about me! Me, me? Hm?]

    Chirpy suddenly appeared and fluttered his wings in front of Yeon-woo.

    He was a bit bigger than before, but his expectantly shining eyes were still as innocent as ever.

    ‘How about Nike?’


    It was the name of the goddess of victory.